Estoy en una etapa de mi vida donde menos es más, especialmente si hablamos de las cosas tangibles y tomando en cuenta que en los últimos 4 años he estado en 4 departamentos diferentes (el actual en Barcelona no supera los 60 m2), por lo que almacenar objetos no es un capricho sostenible. Sin embargo y con la maldición de haber estudiado diseño a mis espaldas, surge la necesidad de buscar no siempre lo funcional, sino también lo estéticamente agradable… como si tener una vida de Pinterest fuera una resolución que haga las paces con las finanzas sanas, pero no./ I’m in a phase of my life where less is more, especially if we talk about tangible things and taking into account that in the last 4 years I have been in 4 different apartments (the current one in Barcelona does not exceed 60 m2, so storing objects is not a sustainable whim. However, with the curse of having studied design behind my back, there is a need to look not always for functional things, but also aesthetically pleasing, and if that includes a nice packaging you got me! But having a Pinterest life is not a good resolution if you want to take care of your wallet.

En un impulso meramente capitalista justificado por mi elección de profesión, me di cuenta que algunas de mis compras se basaban meramente en el diseño de empaque (#ShameOnMe), pero todo en esta aparentemente frívola lista representa una hermosa experiencia visual./ In a purely capitalist impulse justified by my choice of profession, I realized that some of my purchases were based purely on packaging design (#ShameOnMe), but everything on this seemingly frivolous list represents a beautiful visual experience.


Las tipografías y yo tenemos una historia de pasión narrada a través de documentales y pulsaciones de terror cada que veo el uso de la fuente Papyrus o Comic-Sans. El empaque de esta pasta de dientes italiana tiene una tipografía tan bonita que casi me hipnotiza para gastar 13 €… he dicho casi./ Typographies and I have a passion story told through documentaries and pulsations of terror every time I see the use of Papyrus or Comic-Sans. The packaging of this Italian toothpaste has such a nice typography that almost hypnotize me to spend 13 €…. I said almost.z


Tengo una obsesión insana por los cuadernos, agendas y material de oficina. Probablemente tengo más cuadernos de los que usaré en el año, pero esto si es justificable porque mi agenda y yo somos inseparables. ¿Las más bonitas y divertidas? Diría que las de Shop.Bando./ I have an insane obsession with notebooks, diaries and office supplies. I probably have more notebooks than goals in life, but this is just justifiable because my agenda and I are inseparable. I would say the cooler agendas in town are designed by Shop.Bando.


Estas tijeras han sido el accesorio estrella de algunas de mis fotos de Instagram, porque seamos honestos, ¿quién en su sano juicio tendría unas tijeras planas pudiendo tener estas? Al final me he tenido que comprar la copia en Tiger por 4 € en lugar de 15 €, pero lo bonitas que son…/ These scissors have been the star accessory of some of my Instagram photos, because let’s be honest, who would have normal scissors when you can have this? In the end I had to buy the copy in Tiger for 4 € instead of 15 €.


Si ustedes supieran la cantidad de revistas bonitas de diseño que quiero tener en mis repisas (aunque luego se me olvide leerlas). De vez en cuando alguna cae, pero pagar 20,00 € – 25,00 € por algunas puede ser una amenaza para las finanzas sanas./ If you knew how many beautiful design magazines I want to have on my shelves (although sometimes I forget to read them). Every once in a while I try to buy a few editions, but paying 20 € to 25 € sometimes could be a threat to healthy finances.


Han pasado unos meses desde que el rosa millennial se adjudicó las motivaciones de una generación a la que no le importa pagar 5 dólares por un café (llevo tiempo intentando no sucumbir más, lo juro). Y fue precisamente Glossier, una marca de belleza con sede en Nueva York, la que con este color ha decidido hacer la experiencia de cuidado de la piel algo visualmente placentera./ It has been a few months since the millennial pink was awarded as the motivation of a generation that doesn’t mind paying $ 5 for a coffee (I won’t fail anymore, I swear). And it was precisely Glossier, a beauty brand based in New York, which with this color has decided to make the experience of skin care something visually pleasant.


Estos vasos en forma de cactus han estado persiguiéndome por semanas y me estoy resistiendo porque sé que puedo sobrevivir perfectamente con la versión low cost que ya tengo en casa./ These cactus-shaped glasses have been chasing me for weeks and I’m resisting because I know I can survive perfectly with the low cost version I already have at home.


A pesar de tratarse de velas, Diptyque fue una marca que me entró por los ojos, con ilustraciones y animaciones en su cuenta de Instagram (@diptyque) que casi me provocan síndrome de Stendhal que fue evitado después de ver el precio. Por ahora sigo esperando a darme el capricho./ Yes, Diptyque is a brand that sells candles, but it conquered me through the eyes, with illustrations and animations on its Instagram account (@diptyque) that almost caused me Stendhal syndrome that was avoided after seeing the prices. For now I’m still waiting to indulge.


Son ese tipo de libros que terminan funcionando más como un ornamento decorativo, y que por su peso, bien podrían servir para aniquilar a alguien. Los libros son algunos de los objetos en los que más se me va el dinero./ The kind of books that end up functioning more like a decorative ornament. Yes, a large part of my monthly payment goes away to me to buy books and thus it will be until the end of the times.

¿Consumismo desmedido? Sí, pero afortunadamente -o más bien, desafortunadamente-, mi cartera no alcanza a cubrir todo esto. ¿Y tú, tienes alguna obsesión por algún empaque o producto bonito en particular? Si es así juro añadirla en mi lista de frivolidades./ Excessive consumerism? Yes, but fortunately -or rather, unfortunately – my bank account is not able to buy all of this. And what about you, do you have an obsession with a particular packaging design or nice product? I swear to add it to my list of frivolities.

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  • What a fun idea for a post!! Hahah I got you on the Marvis toothpaste haha. Years ago I saw that they had a cinnamon flavor (haha love cinnamon candy) and then I saw how expensive the toothpaste was, so I’m currently having an image of the Marvis cinnamon downloaded on my computer as a promise to buy myself a tube when I’ve succeeded . Hahah, no designer bags to reward myself but toothpaste – haha I know. Well well, anyways, I love the cactus glasses too, what a fun idea. And coffee table books are always a good idea! Have a lovely weekend Pablo! Xx

    • Thanks for the feedback! I know right? The design of the Marvis toothpaste is too cool to ignore and as you said they have a lot of uncommon flavors that I really want to try 😉

      All the best from Barcelona and I’m sure you have many good fashion books to recommend!

  • I have a weakness for pretty books, especially fancy editions of classics and that sorts of things. Coffee books are no exception, I would buy them all if I could. I have a few coffee books and I love browsing through them. Books are definitely a danger to my budget, but since I invested in membership in 3 good libraries, I’ve kept my book expenses to minimal.

    I loved reading this post. I agree that the retro script on that toothpaste looks amazing. It is tempting to buy a product just because of the design. Sometimes it is a worthy investment, if it makes us happy that is, but if the package is disposable, like in the case of a toothpaste, perhaps it is better to resist the temptation.

    Those golden scissors are amazing btw! I need to get myself a pair ha ha…or maybe do a DIY project? I actually have quite a few scissors laying around the house, it might be a good idea to paint over some so that I have a fancy decor item….I’m obsessed with painting over everything ha ha ha.

    I love pretty stationary too!

    Design magazines are definitely tempting but I remind myself (over and over again) that most of these magazines have online versions. We can always browse the internet to find amazing architecture and inner decor inspiration….Plus, most coffee places I visit regularly have those kind of magazines so I just browse them while I’m drinking coffee….and now that I think of it, maybe I visit those cafes precisely because they have those kind of magazines…you see how clever the owners are!!!

    I avoid buying magazines in general because they don’t look as nice as book when they are placed on a bookshelf….and most of the pretty ones are terribly pricey…and I’m annoyed that they are filled with commercials but still cost so much! I’m worried if I start buying all those pretty magazines out there that soon I won’t know where to place them, if you know what I mean.

    • Hello Ivana, first of all thank you for taking the time to write a comment, I read them all and they really help me to look at my content from a different perspective 🙂

      And as you I am a book worm, I have a weakness too for pretty books, my favorite topics are fashion, architecture and graphic design and I like to keep my library pretty, even tho my wallet isn’t happy about it, because face it, this kind of books are super expensive but worth every single nickle.

      And yes, depending on the product I decide to take the risk, because as you said some of them are just a thing to use and throw away but in other cases the boxes, containers, etc can be used again.

      And if you’re looking for magazines without ads I would recommend you to try on Apartamento, it is pretty good looking and it doesn’t contains many ads, also Drift which is focused on coffee culture, you would enjoy it for sure!


  • Oh so true about good design it makes all the difference. But so under appreciated in some ways. You speak of the curse of studying design. I hear you, I went to school for graphics and honestly wished I had not. I should have followed my heart and went to the fashion school, but I was living in Seattle at the time and it did not seem practical. I thought I needed to learn computer skills. But there are two problems with this 1) The software you have to know keeps changing and the list of applications gets longer and wider until your expected to know 8 software apps, 3 coding languages, motion graphics, video shooting and editing, and hand design skills. 2) Because of all the advances in technology now it seems that graphics people get the job b/c they know how to use the software and you are just there to manipulate the software and produce somebody else’s ideas. What a former coworker of mine called “pixel pushers”

    But your design chops are evident in you blog and website so well done!! 🙂

    Allie of ALLIENYC

    • Hello Allie! Hope you’re doing great and thanks for your comment! Yes, I’m sad that good design sometimes doesn’t get the place it deserves, but if we take a look at our environment everything is designed, from the chair we’re using at the office to the coffee table we use at home.

      And couldn’t agree more with you about “pixels pushers” (didn’t know this term but I’m writing it down) because many job offers related with graphic design are just seeking for people who know how to use the program and at the end design is not only about knowing Photoshop but to learn how to tell stories into concepts. Thank you so much for your inspiring vision as usual!


  • hahaha… me encanta! A mi me pasa igual que a ti con las revistas! Muchas veces las compro y ni me las alcanzo a leer completas! Ay esta vida millennial! Yo trato de no caer en cosas así, pero es que a veces un caprichito no le hace daño a nadie… bueno, excepto a nuestra cuenta bancaria, hehehe!
    Un abrazo gran Pablo!

    • Gracias por pasarte Paz jaja, me pasaba lo mismo con las revistas pero ahora trato de leerlas porque algunas son carísimas y luego me da una tristeza! Estoy tratando de gastar menos en este tipo de cosas pero de repente un capricho si que cae 😀

  • Pero es que es normal al final lo que te llama es a primera vista y quien diga lo contrario miente ah jajaja. En mi caso se podría decir que son los perfumes,no sé qué me pasa con ellos que es que me encantan y cuando acaban no los puedo tirar…los dejo ahí bien colocados que en verdad luego se llenan de polvo pero oye ahí están. Un fuerte abrazo querido Pablo

    • Jajaja sí, la verdad es que por algo es importante el diseño. Los perfumes también me llama la atención pero es curioso que primero me entra el amor por los ojos antes de olerlos!

      Gracias siempre por tus comentarios ❤️

  • Hey Fungi!

    Ohh yeah the packaging of anything is so important… it can either catch your attention right away or make you not even notice it. I feel like I don’t own any “cool packaging things” except some fashion magazines. I’m loving your awesome scissors, they’re the coolest, really picture perfect.

    Thank you lots for everything. I appreciate every sweet comment you have written on my blog.
    Have a happy new week!

    • Hello Radi!

      It is not always a matter of frivolity, but when a brand invest in packaging I get a different perception because I guess they are not afraid to invest in graphic design 🙂

      Thanks for your visit and for your support ❤️

  • What a curious theme! I feel you! I stop myself sometimes from buying some items, like notebooks and magazines, because… I stop and I think “but am I going to use it?”. And most of the times the answer is no! I just want them because the packaging and the cover are attractive to me, and they will look good on my photos… If it’s something that you buy occasionaly, I don’t see anything wrong to buy it anyway. But if it’s something that happens too often, then we need to stop the addiction! 😀

    • Hi Lorna, I think you got confused (I do not want to think you did not even read it because that would be rude from me and I do not think you’re too rude to spam me… or do you?!) This wasn’t a post about packing but thanks for stopping anyway HAHAHAHA

    • Hi Miriam, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I have an obsession with beautiful stationery since I am a child haha! You should check Rifle Paper too, they sell great recipe notebooks 😀

  • Wonderful post, Fungi!
    Your scissors are so beautiful and it doesn’t look copy although I don’t know real one.
    I also love graphic design and beautiful products. I continue to buy CR fashion book, and I can’t stop it…
    But your blog make me happy:)

    • Hello Akiko, it is an honor to have you as a reader on Hey Fungi 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by and gonna visit your site too!

  • Such an amazing post Pablo. Love how you tackled a relevant issue on consumerism here. I love products with great designs as well, but just like you, I’m now limiting much of my bills in buying what I need. I no longer buy stuffs because they are cute but because they are functional. Most of my cash are spent on food and experiences such as travels. hehe
    I do indulge a little sometimes with things that set my soul on fire. 😀 More posts like this soon Pablo! Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

    love lots,

    • Hello Tin, I’m glad you liked this post 🙂 At least let’s face consumerism in a nice way don’t you think? But as you I’m trying to take care of my money because let’s be honest it is difficult to earn it and we must try to be conscious but from time to time I can have a certain pleasure 😉

      Have a wonderful day and really appreciate your opinion as always 😀


  • Hola Pablo! How are you? I hope that you’re fine, my dear. I also love fancy things and I totally agree with you – having Pinterest life won’t be good and wise idea for the wallet. Personally I have weakness for things, which are in tropical prints/have tropical theme and everything, what is conected with kitchen and cooking, so if I see something pretty and sometimes – unfortunately not enough practical – I ended up with buying this stuff, I just can’t resist if it has lovely packaging. Btw, Tiger is terrific store, these scissors are great! 🙂
    Have an amazing evening, Pablo 😉

    • Hola Ivonne, thanks for stopping by, so nice to hear from you again 🙂

      I used to be have an obsession for tropical prints a few months ago (specially if palm trees were involved in haha), but as you said sometimes many of this stuff is cool but not practical as we wish to make the splurge 🙁

      And yes, Tiger is good and back because all my 1 €, 2 € coins go there 🙁


  • Love the desk area! It”s so cool! Always love inspirational quotes and nothing better than Diptyque candles. You must try the Feu de Bois scent. It”s smells like a fireplace heavenly!

    • Dying to try Diptyque products but they’re kind of expensive but I’m preparing my wallet to do the splurge! Thanks, I’ll try your recommendation 😉

  • ¡Hola acabas de describir mi vida!
    Pablo todas esas compras de verdad que las he analizado pero sinceramente tener un espacio habitable y bonito no es nada barato como dices, pero siento que es necesario estar en un ambiente que nos inspire (tal vez si es la profesión).
    La verdad es que en mi último viaje a Europa ¡dios mío! solo porque tengo derecho a 40 kg si no traería medio Tiger conmigo.
    Da gracias que todos objetos que “pineas” existen en Barcelona y se pueden comprar aquí en México me quedó con muchísimas ganas de varias cosas.

    En fin sigamos “pineando” cosas para el hogar, rezando que nuestro bolsillo no sufra mientras al mismo tiempo disfrutamos nuestro hogar.

    Besos y abrazos.

    • Stef gracias por tu visita y por comentar, veo que somos bastante parecidos, jaja.

      Creo que todo esto se debe a nuestra profesión, y no es que me compre todo de marca o de diseñador pero de vez en cuando si trato de invertir en algunas cosas que me dejen vivir en un ambiente no solo bonito, sino que también me mantiene inspirado porque al final de eso vivimos, del diseño jaja. Pero a veces es una maldición.

      Y te entiendo con lo de Tiger, la verdad es que no puedo evitar salir con alguna cosa cada que entro, aunque ahora estoy tratando de cuidar un poquito más el dinero para hacer mejores inversiones para mi casa o viajes 😀

      Un beso desde Barcelona y vuelve pronto!