No soy la persona más viajera del mundo, pero llenar mi pasaporte de sellos siempre me ha parecido un propósito bonito y aspiro a viajar tanto como mi cuenta bancaria me lo permita. Pero no todo es miel sobre hojuelas y antes de llegar a tu destino será necesario sobrevivir al aeropuerto, lo que implica desnudarse en el control de seguridad, pagar lo equivalente a una cena en Beverly Hills para recibir un combo de McDonald’s y lidiar con uno que otro personaje peculiar que hará del tiempo muerto en el aeropuerto algo un poco más divertido./ I am not the most traveling person in the world, but filling my passport with different stamps has always seemed a nice purpose and I aspire to travel as much as my bank account allows. But not everything is hunky-dory and before arriving at your destination it will be necessary to survive the airport part, which implies getting undressed at the security checkpoint, paying the equivalent of a dinner in Beverly Hills to receive a McDonald’s combo and deal with some peculiar characters that will make the dead time at the airport something fun


In this artwork: 1) Balenciaga Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear2) Dior Homme Fall 2018, 3) Gucci Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear./ Edits by Hey Fungi, Photos via Vogue Runway


Home Alone 2 nos enseño que una mala gestión de tiempo puede hacer que tú o un miembro de tu familia termine en Nueva York en vez de Florida, provocando una serie de desgracias peores que las de Macaulay Culkin en la vida real. Definitivamente no soy este personaje y espero que tú tampoco o recibirás el aplauso (y las miradas de odio) de la tripulación al abordar en el último minuto./ Home Alone 2 taught us that bad time management can cause you or a family member to end up in New York instead of Florida, causing a series of misfortunes worse than the superstar dramas lived by Macaulay Culkin in real  life. I’m definitely not this character and I hope that you either or get ready to receive an applause (and the hateful looks) from the crew when boarding at the last minute.


Camisetas idénticas, gritos ensordecedores y posiblemente alguna alusión sexual en forma de diadema. Sólo queda rezar para no abordar el mismo vuelo que ellos./ Matching t-shirts, deafening screams and possibly some sexual allusion in the form of a diadem. You won’t want to board the same flight as them.


No hay peor sensación que tener que esperar horas para tu vuelo (peor si es un retraso) y no tener a la mano una fuente de ocio. Entonces recuerdas que tu móvil se ha quedado sin batería y descubres que los enchufes han sido tomados por el guardián de la electricidad, quien ha decidido cargar su teléfono, laptop, game boy, baterías portátiles, alisadora de pelo y otros gadgets de vital importancia./ There’s no worse feeling than having to wait at the airport for hours (worse if your flight is delay) and not having a source of leisure. Then you remember that your phone has run out of battery and you discover that the plugs have been taken by the electricity guard, who has decided to charge everything at the same time: phone, laptop, game boy, portable batteries, hair straightener and other gadgets of crucial importance.

In this artwork: 1) Acne Studios Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear, 2) Acne Studios Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear/ Edits by Hey Fungi, Photos via Vogue Runway


Traje sastre y un par de zapatos Louboutin más caros que todo mi equipaje. El hombre o mujer de negocios se pasea por el aeropuerto con sutileza porque posiblemente conoce este sitio mejor que su propia casa. Habla por teléfono (smartphone de última generación) dando detalles de cuentas bancarias y otros asuntos de trascendencia financiera. PS: Afortunadamente abordará primero que tú ya que es miembro honorario de una de esas tarjetas de puntos platinadas, así que no lo verás demasiado./ Tailor suit and a pair of Louboutin shoes more expensive than all my luggage. The businessperson walks around the airport with subtlety because he/she probably knows this place better than his/her own house. This person tends to speak loud on the phone, giving details of bank accounts and other matters of financial importance. PS: Fortunately, this person will board first than you, since he/she is an honorary member of one of those platinum point cards.


Mochilas gigantescas, un itinerario en blanco y municiones suficientes para ser la versión 2.0 de Tom Hanks en La Terminal./ Gigantic backpacks, a blank itinerary and enough ammunitions to be a version 2.0 of Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

In this artwork: 1) Prada Fall 2018/ Edits by Hey Fungi, Photos via Vogue Runway


Hay personas que no entienden muy bien como funcionan los aeropuertos (no incluidos aquellos que por primera vez usan un aeropuerto ya que eso siempre abruma). Desde los que se equivocan de terminal o de puerta, sin olvidar nombrar a los que hacen del control de seguridad una odisea llevando botas hasta la rodilla o un bote de crema para manos en su versión familiar./ People who don’t understand very well how an airport work (not including first time visitors). From those who are in the wrong terminal or gate, and those who make an odyssey out of the security checkpoint, wearing thigh boots or carrying a jumbo/family size shampoo.


Incluiremos todo tipo de necedades aquí, pero el personaje más representativo de esta categoría es el obstinado en meter una maleta de 30 kilos como equipaje de cabina y están dispuestos a indignarse si se les niega lo contrario./ All kind of stubborn people is included here, but the most representative character in this category is that obstinate person who wants to board the airplane with a giant suitcase as a cabin luggage.

¿Te has topado con alguno de estos personajes en alguno de tus viajes? O tal has sido uno de ellos, pero no te culpo, los aeropuertos pueden sacar lo peor de cualquiera de nosotros y tal vez por eso se dice que muchas veces lo más interesante no es el destino sino el trayecto./ Have you met any of these characters in any of your trips? Or have you been? I won’t blame you, an airport can get the worst of any of us and maybe that’s why it’s often said that the most interesting thing is not the destination but the journey.

In main picture: J.W. Anderson Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear, Edit by Hey Fungi, Photo via Vogue Runway

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  • Ahaha, so true! When I went to London the other year, I have to say that I was the plug one! I needed batery and I was crazy looking of a way to charge my phone! But it was because I really needed batery so I could talk to my parents about my arrival! That’s my excuse x’D

  • hahaha this is so fascinating Pablo! I’m not always in airports and I somewhat have this love and hate relationship with them. You know the love when you look forward to new adventures somewhere you’ve never been and the hate of leaving a place behind? haha You know, it was just last year that I rode in an airplane. haha. That was one of the best things so far. I haven’t met some of those people but I pretty much saw some “guardians of the plug” lmao. I hope you’ll travel in our country soon. teehee

    love lots,

  • Hey Fungi!

    This was such a fun post to read because it made me picture every single passenger you described. I haven’t traveled in a while, but I know I’m the one who likes to be there an hour early because I love being at an airport and just taking everything in. I find people watching interesting… I try to guess where each one might be headed and what they might work just by looking at their appearance.

    Thank you so much for your latest comment on my post. Means so much!
    Have a nice day!


  • You’re so funny and this is so true. I hate those business people who are always so loud…. and how come they are never worried about giving all those business details away?? Have they never heard of industrial espionage? Besides, isn’t it just politeness to avoid talking loudly when someone is right next to you???

    Those who bring enormous baggage and try to get it into the cabin can be the worst….and when they somehow manage to get it through check up and bring into the plane…once some guys brought in some crazy big lamps (on a flight from Ibiza) and naturally they couldn’t fit them anywhere….since the plane was already late and we had no time to ask someone to take them down and put them where they should have been, we had to lock those insane lamps in the toilet during take off and landing, it was the only way.

    I could tell you stories….I worked as a ground personal at airport Split for one Summer and then when the Summer was over (they only hired new workers for the season), I join an air travel company and then I worked as a flight attendant for a year and something, so I can say I have met all of these people and some more.

  • Pues he de confesar que en uno de mis viajes el año pasado de Birmingham>Alicante (viajo bastante para allá) tuvieron que esperar, era yo la última llamada. Y es que fui con el tiempo justo y para colmo en los controles me pararon para revisarme la maleta,mira eh pensaba que me iba a dar algo. Menos mal que al subir al avión iba justo en la parte principal jajajajajaj (No me ha vuelto a pasar)

    Un abrazo querido


  • He decir que por muy hater que suene, creo que los pasajeros que más mal me caen son los niños mal portados… hahaha, que asco de persona soy! Eso junto a despedidas de soltero son los que más me he topado y los que más detesto!
    Una vez más Pablo, tus post me dejan enamorada… que manera de crear cosas bellas! Además escribes que da gusto leerte!
    Besos! Que sea una linda semana!

  • Hahah what a fun idea for a post, love it (and love the collage too!). I fly more than I’d like to admit, and feel terribly guilty about it – but with that said though, I can relate to parts of these people. I sigh when people have no idea how things works or when they’re late or when they need to speak with the manager. I mostly stand alone in the corner with head phones on in a semi-fashionable/comfortable outfit (haha it’s a compromise) and either read or work on my phone and never cause any problem or draws attention if you ask me hahah. If you just have your ticket, you have time and you listen to what they say – your flight can be pretty smooth and people will leave you alone hahah! Have a lovely week Pablo! Xx


    • Hi there, thanks for your nice feedback about the article and the collages.

      A comfortable and fashionable outfit is also a compromise for me, actually you can have the best of both worlds in just one attire right?

      Have a great weekend ahead!

  • Haha, I love this post! Well done, Pablo. All of these types are so true. The ones who are always clueless are the worst ones and quite annoying. However, I tend to be a mix of all of these types when at airport, haha.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Hahaha you make flying sound like a dream. But yes is is challenging. When I flew back from Paris the guy sitting next to me drank A LOT. Though he more or less left me alone. He talked to the crew a lot and knew one of them thank God so spent most of his time with them.

    Though on the flight there I met a very nice young woman and we took the metro in to Paris together.

  • Bravo, Pablo! Me encantó este post! Sólo he sido testigo de tres de estos tipos de personas en el aeropuerto: la persona de negocios, los supervivientes, y la persona despistada. No creo que esté en esta lista, aunque he tenido algunas llamadas cercanas con llegar tarde. Pero, normalmente viajo solo, así que me hago amigo de otros que viajan solos también y siempre encuentro gente MUY interesante en los aviones. Una vez conocí a vieja mujer británica que estaba teniendo un poco de ansiedad de estar en el avión, lo que no ayudó a mi ansiedad tampoco jajaj! Y me preguntó si podía aferrarse a mi brazo….la dejé hacerlo…

    Un abrazo gran Pablo!

    Stacey, thebambieyes.com

    • Hello Stacey, muchas gracias por pasarte por el blog, siempre me da alegría leer tus comentarios 🙂

      También he estado en tu situación cuando viajo solo, en especial en esos viajes largos para ir de España a México en los que tienes que convivir con la misma persona por 11 horas o más jaja, así que trato de ir con actitud amigable 🙂

  • HAHAHAHA me he muerto de risa con todo esto. Sorry, yo soy quien se aprovecha de que la electricidad en el aeropuerto es gratis y conecto todo (me enchufaría el chocho si lo necesitase). Hay que exprimir el costo de los vuelos hahaha.