Haré una confesión, algunas de mis compras (bueno, tal vez muchas) han sido impulsadas por Instagram, pero una vez que tengo el producto con packaging bonito en casa me quedo pensando si no hubiera sido mejor pasar a la opción más barata que cumpliera la función de ese producto. En fin, supongo que los likes han hecho que el pequeño capricho valiera la pena: fotos bonitas, cuenta de ahorros triste…./I’lI will make a confession, some of my purchases (well, maybe a lot) have been driven by Instagram, but once I have the product with nice packaging at home I am left wondering if it hadn’t been better to move to the cheapest option just to comply the function of that product. Anyway, I suppose likes have made that little whim worthwhile: nice photos, sad savings account….



Como diseñador soy un amante de un buen packaging. Me fascina que un producto me cuente una historia y que la experiencia vaya más allá de la obviedad. Y creo que es algo que cada vez apreciamos más, sobre todo al comprar por internet, donde el factor sorpresa también se manifiesta en forma de una carta escrita a mano por el dueño de la tienda, un pequeño regalo extra o un papel bonito./ As a designer I love a good packaging. It fascinates me when a product tells me a story and when the experience goes beyond the obvious. And I think it is something that we increasingly appreciate, especially when shopping online, where the surprise factor also manifests itself in the form of a handwritten letter from the store owner, a small extra gift or a nice piece of paper.

Pero en muchas ocasiones las compras me han terminado decepcionando, porque más allá del packaging hay cosas que seguro puedo seguir comprando por un tercio del precio y nada malo pasaría./ But on many occasions the purchases have ended up disappointing me, because beyond the packaging there are things that I can surely continue to buy for a third of the price and nothing bad would happen.

La water cream de Tatcha o su dupe por un tercio del precio? ¿Un limpiador con empaque precioso de Dr. Barbara Sturm de 55 € o la opción de Cerave con el doble de tamaño por 15 €? Sí, sé que hay miles de factores involucrados, por ejemplo nunca se podrá comparar una marca joven e independiente con una trasnacional, los ingredientes también son un factor importante. Sin embargo me he planteado una pequeña guía para tomar decisiones que me proporcionen experiencias estéticas, pero sin dejar mi cuenta bancaria temblando./ Tatcha’s water cream or its dupe for a third of the price? A precious Dr. Barbara Sturm cleanser for € 55 or the option of Cerave with double the size for € 15? Yes, I know that there are thousands of factors involved, for example a young and independent brand can never be compared with a transnational one, ingredientes are also an important factor. However, I have considered a small guide to make decisions that provide me with aesthetic experiences, but without leaving my bank account shaking.


Si cumple función + un buen packaging, es un candidato a ser mi capricho mensual (a veces es capricho semanal, debo trabajar en mi auto control)./ If it fulfills a function + a good packaging, it is a candidate to be my monthly whim (sometimes it is a weekly whim, I must work on my self-control).

La duración es otro factor clave. Pasó un buen tiempo para que me decidiera a probar por ejemplo, una vela de Diptyque o mi primer desodorante sin aluminio de Malin & Goetz. Una vez probados estos artículos, no hubo vuelta atrás, pero me duran mucho más que otras opciones más baratas./ Duration is another key factor. It was a long time before I decided to try, for example, a Diptyque candle or my first aluminum-free deodorant from Malin & Goetz. After testing these items, there was no going back, but they last me a lot longer than cheaper options.

Si sacas cuentas por mes o por horas de beneficio/placer, puedes salir ganando la ecuación. O al menos es una forma que encontré para justificar algunas de mis compras./ Do a calculation by month or by hours of benefit/pleasure, so you can win the equation. Or at least it’s a way I found to justify some of my purchases.


Al menos en el tema de belleza, siempre podemos pedir una pequeña prueba y pensar antes de comprar./ At least when it comes to beauty, we can always ask for a little sample and think before purchasing.

Me ha ocurrido con muchos productos que son una bomba en Instagram y que al probarlos no ocurrió nada más allá de la experiencia estética, ni me cambiaron la vida y termino arrepentido./ It has happened to me with many products that are a bomb on Instagram and that when I tried them nothing happened beyond the aesthetic experience, nor did they change my life and I end up regretting.

Así mismo hay cosas que son de gabinete y que no cambiaría porque la relación calidad-precio es buenísima, y aunque siempre estoy probando algo nuevo, he encontrado ciertas objetos en los que puedo ahorrar, para gastarme un poco más de dinero en otras opciones, haciendo una balanza./ Likewise, there are things that are from the cabinet and that I would not change because the value for money is very good, and although I am always trying something new, I have found certain objects that I can save on, to spend a little more money on other options, making a scale.

Por último preguntarte el verdadero motivo de tu deseo. ¿Es para darle uso y saciarte personalmente o sólo para un bodegón bonito para tus redes?/ Finally, ask yourself the true reason for your desire. Is it to use and satisfy you personally or just for a nice still life for your social media?

Caras vemos, cuentas bancarias no sabemos…. pero es que ese jabón de Aesop de 31 euros luce tan bonito en el baño, de eso no hay duda./ We see pretty instagram accounts, but bank accounts are a mystery…. But that 31 euro Aesop soap looks so pretty in the bathroom, that’s a fact.


💸 👛 👀 💵


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  • So true, sometimes we buy products just for packaging or hype and we end up regretting our purchase. I think it is important to ask ourselves do we really need something or are we just buying it for the sake of newness or popularity. If something really contributes to our happiness or well being, then it is worth buying…..but if it doesn’t then we need to think about it. Wonderful art and illustrations. I love how you always ask relevant questions on your blog.

    • Hello dear Ivana,

      I’ve been trying to be a more conscious consumer since I moved to Spain and apartments are smaller here, so for me it is crucial to have just the things i really want!

      Thanks as usual :)!

  • This is so true I too being a designer are a sucker for the packaging. But yes sometimes the product inside does disappoint. I remember working for publisher and they would have sample sales and I could get very expensive creams for $5 but there was one eye cream that retailed for $170 and the packaging was over the top you would think you were buying a crystal vase and it did nada.

    But often the more expensive products are better and they do have nice packaging but not always. And thank you for the kind words on my blog.

    Allie of

    • Hey Allie,

      i totally agree with you and for good or for bad social media influence us to believe that some options are better than others just for the look and feel.

      The best option is to do a research and be conscious about our purchase habits!

      Take care and thanks!

  • Hey Pablo, how you doin’?
    Hope that you’re (less or more) enjoing the Xmas atmosphere there in Barcelona, despite everything.
    This period is pretty strange for me since I was used to see the Xmas lights and go to malls for shopping, while this year I’m doing all my shopping online and spend a lot of time at home….
    Anyway I’m dedicating more time to decorate home, so it’s still ok! ^^

    About the topic of the day: I totally feel you!
    It happened to me too many time: buying a product charmed by its packaging and then finding it not good as I tought… so disappointing (Instax camera for example)!
    But somehow seems that I really can’t resist to a nice packaging since I keep on doing the same error.
    The dupe thing is really a great solution, I remember that some times ago I had a moment in what I was always looking for the best dupe of a certain product (usually they were designer clothing or make up products), but really that needed many time, so I slowly let it go and back to my old (bad ) habits….
    I guess that the only thing to do would be trying to have more awarness of the real effect of the popularity on yourself (and mybe spending less time on IG) and try not to buy anything on impulse!

    As usual, super interesting and smart post!
    Be safe and take care, my friend!

    • Hello Silvia! Thanks for your words.

      The Christmas season was really weird here but I least I managed to get an intimate dinner with a few persons in Barcelona, nothing too fancy but a chance to get tons of food and laughs 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your experiences about this topic with me, trying to control our impulses is really difficult in this era where Instragram is the biggest social media!

      See you soon and thanks for your constant support 🙂

  • Once upon a time, I was really all about the utility of a product. I didn’t require fancy packaging. Strong scents have been almost always avoided due to allergies. But since marrying my husband 4.5 years ago, he has shown me that it’s okay to splurge a little if something makes us happy. So I think trying new products over time – and within your budget – until you find your favorite is totally justifiable.


  • I absolutely love the collages and illustrations in this post (and pretty much every post of yours – let’s be real!).

    I am with you on the whole packaging vs. quality issue. This is one of the reasons I got into blogging to begin with, I have purchased far too many “pretty” products that were in fact uber disappointing. Even now I fall into this trap every once in a while, but thankfully with so much candid information online and experience, it doesn’t happen as often.

    But isn’t it the best feeling in the world when an expensive, aesthetically pleasing product actually is worth every penny and it brings you joy whenever you use it? I have two (off the top of my head) that I have discovered this year and they are: Aesop face toner (fantastic) and Gucci bronzer (it just does all the work for you). Both will last me a very long time, that’s for sure and are better than say something from the drugstore for a cheaper price.

    I would like to hear more about the products with great packaging and appeal, that have actually worked well for you too Pablo! Could be a great idea for one of your upcoming posts 😉 xx


    • Hey Naya,

      Thank you so much! I wanted you to read this blog post since you are a beauty/skincare lover and consumer and you know how important is to have a good packaging when it comes to get a successful product.

      As you I think this is one of the best feelings in the world, when you find these two best features in one product, but sometimes this task could be tricky and research is mandatory to spend our money in the best way 🙂

      I’ll be posting more about this topic for sure!

      Keep safe!

  • Hahah ohhh love this post! Such an interesting topic indeed. It’s actually kind of crazy the effect packages and design has on us. How something really expensive can look cheap af with the wrong design, and the other way around! I mean, says who actually? But anyway, it’s fascinating because there’s so much psychology behind it. And I think, especially, when it comes to skincare that it’s often more about the luxury feeling than the actual product. I mean, of course there are some more expensive brands with better ingredients, but what I love is that youtubers such as Hyram and Susan Yara are all about the ingredient lists. And they don’t care about how cheap or expensive it is, it’s just about what it does for you! But yes, perhaps CeraVe doesn’t look as exciting as La Mer, but who cares if the former is better? I do think one of the successes behind The Ordinary is that they look kind of professional and luxurious with the “medicine” appearance and still have cheap options. Well, this comment is all over the place – but you definitely raised some interesting questions! Have a lovely week Pablo! Xx

    • Hey Mia, thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

      Totally! The psychology and process behind this kind of product is really exhaustive and everything is set and done to conquer us from the visual stymulus. I also love the way Hyram talks about beauty and skincare products, the most important is to break the ingredients (in the case of beauty products) and analyze why are we paying such a high price.

      The best for 2021!

  • Hey Fungi,

    Ohh I like that sentence “we see pretty ig accounts but the bank account is a mystery”. This is so so true.
    Yes, the packaging has a lot of power. It can completely call your name and the next minute you’re at the counter buying it. Many times it’s so hard to resist.

    Hope you have a happy weekend! Talk soon!

  • Oh I’m the same way. I’m always pretty “weak” when I see a cute package even if the products may be not that amazing. Sometimes the package made it just so worth it.
    Especially when they make special Disney collection haha.
    And I found your guide really useful. Duration is definitely the factor I always look forward especially for candles.

    • Hahaha I know! It is difficult to resist, but sometimes the best is to keep the phone away and try to think about that purchase with a “cold mind”

      Happy new year by the way :)!

  • Hey Fungi! I hope you are having lovely time around your favorite items!

    I am exciting your doodles! So cute!!
    Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Chanel fragrance although I really love the package design.
    To be honest, I nearly got it, but I could stop to buy it, hahaha
    I am a big fan of Aesop aroma, so I would love to get the soap you recommended!
    Thank you so much, Fungi<3


    • Hey dear Akiko!

      Thank you so much for your support during the year!

      Hope to share more blog post with you during 2021 🙂

  • Oh my goodness this has come at the perfect time for me! My girlfriend and I are planning to start up our own tea business next year, but our main hurdle at the moment is trying to sort out the branding! We have such a big idea so it’s really hard to figure out how to create our own packaging to truly reflect our message and what we’re trying to do and the product itself. I just hope that whoever buys our tea is excited by the packaging and not then disappointed by the product itself!

    • Glad to hear from you! I hope you had a good holiday break and happy to see that you’re launching a brand soon! all the best and hope you get a good result *_*

      Keep safe

  • first of all, i’m always fall for the packaging, especially when buying gifts! I always gravitate products with aesthetic design, but this post is a great reminder for me. Then again, there are some products that i wouldn’t trade for a cheaper option like skincare. I guess the other things that can still be replaced and are only “desire”, i can pass.
    I really love your collage Fungi! it describes the entire article very well

    • Thanks for visiting 🙂

      As you I agree with this, but sometimes I have to do a research in order to get a good purchase 🙂 But of course we can make replacements and get cheaper options for other categories!

      All the best!

  • Wao. Tienes mucha razón, yo cuando veo algo dejo pasar un tiempo y sí después sigo queriéndolo (como a mi crush que no me pela) o sí realmente va a tener una funcionalidad en mi vida entonces decido comprarlo. :/ Mi última compra iba a ser el Vinil de MADONNA (álbum) ya que es de mis discos favoritos de ella además de que me inspira mucho por ser el debut y el que comenzó todo pero… apliqué mi técnica, dejé pasar unos días y finalmente me di cuenta de que no tengo un tocadiscos. ¿Así que para qué quiero un vinilo?

    Saludos, tqm!

    • Qué lindo verte de vuelta por aquí! Gracias por visitarme.

      La verdad es que muy difícil resistirse a esas tentaciones! Jajaja pues totalmente, el vinilo puede esperar en esos casos, también he estado a dos de caer en cosas que luego van a estar tiradas por la casa.

      Un abrazo!