La vorágine de noticias sobre Fashion Week me emociona, pero a la vez me deja exhausto y nunca logro consultar y digerir toda la información. Hoy en día y con la impaciencia como factor decisivo en el proceso “ve ahora-consume-vuelve a consumir-pasemos a la siguiente tendencia”, las propuestas se evaporan, pero las que se quedan valen cada esfuerzo de los equipos creativos más allá de Fashion Week./ The pile of news about fashion week excites me, but at the same time leaves me exhausted and I never get to consult and digest all the information. Today and with the impatience as a decisive factor in the process “see now-consume-go and consume again-let’s move to the next trend”, proposals evaporate, but those that remain are worth every effort of the creative teams beyond Fashion Week.


Hablar de tendencias supone involucrar la palabra tiempo como el recurso más apreciado. La meta de cada show de Fashion Week es que se quede en nuestra memoria el mayor tiempo posible para trasladar esas propuestas al asfalto real y a nuestro estilo con posibilidades inagotables./ Talking about trends implies involving the word time as the most appreciated resource. The goal of each Fashion Week show is to stay in our memory as long as possible to transfer those proposals to the real world and to our style in endless possibilities.

En este post haré un resumen muy breve -repito, muy MUY breve- de las propuestas más representativas de Fashion Week Otoño Invierno 2018. Viajaremos de Nueva York a Londres y de Milán a París en pocos flashes y de una manera muy breve y sustanciosa, pero sobre todo visual. ¿Listos? ¡Aquí vamos!/ In this post I will make a very brief summary -I repeat, very VERY brief- of the most representative proposals of Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018. We will travel from New York to London and from Milan to Paris in a few flashes and in a very brief and substantial way, but mostly visual. Ready? Here we go!…

N E W  Y O R K 🗽

“New York, state of mind.”

L O N D O N ☎

“London, how could one ear be tired of it?”

M I L A N 🍝

“Milan. What a beautiful place to die.”

P A R I S 🎠

“Paris is always a good idea.”

¿Cuál fue su colección preferida?, ¿cuál añadirían a la lista de destacados?. Por cierto, ¿se dieron cuenta de que Kaia Gerber ha desfilado en el 90% de los shows? You’re killing it girl!/ What was your favorite collection? What would you add to the list of highlights? By the way, did you notice that Kaia Gerber has been walking in 90% of the shows? You’re killing it girl!

All edits by Hey Fungi. Photos via Vogue Runway 

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  • Pablo! These collages are wonderful. Perhaps a brief recap of the fashion week as you said, but an artsy, fun and inspiring one, love it! I write so much that I think it’s refreshing when people summarizes a collection with only a few words and some images done in a chic way. And yes to the fact that you bring up Stella McCartney and her work with sustainable fashion. It’s just the best and I hope that more brands will follow soon! Xx

    • Thanks for the feedback Amy! I would like to mage a longer summary but sometimes the amount of information is too much and I got stressed! I always love to spot the highlights at the end of every season!

      Thanks again for your constant support!

  • I feel the exactly the same way, like we don’t have enough time to process anything anymore. When it comes to fashion shows I always need a bit of extra time to form my opinion. I like to let my impressions settle down. I like to think about the collections for a bit. I don’t have a reason to hurry anyway.

    I’m a bit of a fashion geek. I like to look at clothes and figure them out. I like to wonder how they were made and what was the inspiration behind them. If someone would let me maybe I would even take apart some items to see how they are made.

    I think I liked Versaci, LOEWE and Balenciaga the most. I need extra time to process Gucci ha ha ha…but there were some really extraordinary designs in that Gucci collection, and I don’t mean the shock elements. I love these collages you created, they are stunning. Such a lovely visual recap of fashion week! gorgeous!!!

    To be honest I haven’t seen Stella’s collection yet but I applaud her for making her brand 100 % sustainable. That’s pretty amazing! I still have some shows to see.

    Kaia is rising to be a star like her mother. She certainly has what it takes to be a model.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog! I’m glad you like the direction I’m taking, I like the direction you’re taking with your blog as well. It looks very polished, plus the design is very recognizable.

    • Ivanna, THANK SO MUCH for your comment and for always bring new ways of seeing things to my mind! I totally agree with you and I feel like lately everything (especially the things related to art and creativity) is happening just too fast and it is almost impossible to process all the information!

      Best from Barcelona!

  • ¿Uno solo? Me flipa mucho Balenciaga, Versace, Burbery y Roksanda al final son con los que más me siento identificada (en un modo low cost importante jajaja). Por cierto,darte la enhorabuena por la maravilla de collage que haces tanto aquí como por instagram…son una maravilla.

    Un fuerte abrazo

    • Cata, creo que Versace y Roksanda te quedarían increíbles, y sí, yo también tengo que adaptar todo al modo low cost porque pues, muchos euros jaja! Muchísimas gracias por tu cariño y buena vibra ❤️

  • Hey Fungi!

    This is incredible! I’m sure it took you some time to make these collages, but so worth it because they’re truly so inspiring. I must say my favorite is London Fashion Week for the bold colors, but of course I love the other designers as well like Fendi and Versage.

    I can’t believe fashion week is already over. I felt like it passed by in a flash. Now the excitement is even more real because we get to buy and experiment with all these trends.

    Hope you have an amazing day! <3 Radi

    • Hey Radi! As usual, thanks for stopping by and for leaving such an inspiring feedback 😉 Let’s see how we adapt and interpret these trends in our real lives!

  • Pucha que amo estos posts jiji porque obvio amo la moda :p Me encantaa que esta temporada esté plegada de colores vibrantes por donde se la mire, cierto? es difícil decidirse por una Pablo porque de toditas me gustó alguito jajajajaj
    Un beso!!!!

    • Muchas gracias Clau! Ya veremos que nos compramos esta temporada, por mi me compraba muchas cosas pero pues muchos euros €€€€€€ haha!

  • ME MUERO! Me encanta! Este recap es maravilloso, estoy casi casi por imprimirmelo! Muy fan!
    Es que es el resumen perfecto de todo!
    Yo sin duda me quedo con Rejina Pyo, la amo de aquí al infinito… quiero todo! Awww y tambien Balenciaga, por qué no? hehehe!
    Un abrazo muy grande Pablo, y gracias este recap!

    • Muchas gracias Paz! JAJA, oye pues seguro que te funciona para el trabajo este resumen, me alegra muchísimo 😀

  • This fashion week gave us such a breath of fresh air in regards to fashion, I have so far loved every one of the pieces I have seen both on the catwalk and on the streets. The colours and patterns this time around have really been second to none.

    Wandering Everywhere

  • Hola Pablo! Personally I really like your very brief from each fashion week – in my opinion these collages are great to show the spirit of particular collection, well done 🙂 Backing to fashion week, I really like collections from LFW – especially Del Pozo and Erdem delighted me because of vivid, not very “wintery” colors and prints. What’s more, Del Pozo used here the most trendy and spunky combination of colors, i.e. pink+red. The last, but not the least thing I want to add is the fact I always admire collection of Dolce&Gabbana -their aesthetics have always been close to my heart <3
    Take care, Pablo and have a lovely day! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and for leaving such a cheerful message, Ivonne! I would say LFW was my favorite too, is full of artsy and not so commercial options that are always refreshing!

  • Que maravillosa, Pablo! Me encanta tu post, sobre todo el collage! Había demasiados programas de moda funcionando a la vez, así que no pude ocparme de todos en el dia. Básicamente la moda está en repetición, pero es agradable experimentarlo todo de nuevo jejej, de tus fotos me gusta mucho Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford y Balenciaga – muy bonitos!

    Un beso!


    • Gracias por tu comentario Stacey ❤️ Pff, a mi también me pasa igual, hay tantas noticias sucediendo en la semana de la moda que es imposible ponerle atención a todo jaja, así que trato de resumir! Victoria también me encanta por su simplicidad 🙂

      Besos hasta Canadá!

  • ¡Qué maravilla de colecciones y de collages! Me encantan todas pero, sin ninguna duda, mi favorita es Versace. ¡Adoro los cuadros y ese traje es increíble!

    Ayy, pero qué genial sería estar presente en alguno de esos desfiles, sería una de mis grandes experiencias de la vida 🙂

    ¡Gracias por este pequeño resumen!

    Un besote Pablo,
    Melania |

    • Muchas gracias por pasarte, Melania! Se te echaba de menos por aquí. No te miento que a mi también me gustaría mucho asistir a un Fashion Week alguna vez en la vida 😉 Versace también es una de mis favoritas porque veo que le dio una muy buena vuelta de tuerca.

      Besos hasta Asturias!

  • Amazing post, Fungi!!!

    Your collages are so fantastic and cool!
    I am so inspired by them!
    I would love to make my outfit like Tom Ford for a business meetings or a party,
    and like StellaMcCartney for a lazy day!!


  • omg, I feel like I’m drooling reading this post of yours Pablo!
    Personally, I haven’t been to any fashion week so I feel like this is for me! hahaha
    While Filipinos adore art and are now becoming more fashion-conscious, Fashion week isn’t something that is often brought up by conversations in our place. I love your art, always! I always think that I am reading an online magazine when I’m in your blog! Super love the creations of J.W Anderson! I’ve googled him after reading your blog haha

    love lots,