La segunda ola de c*rona virus (he decidido no colgarme del SEO con el término), el estrés pre navideño (¿hay navidad este año?) y una serie de retos que hacen que el armario de la temporada otoño invierno 20-21 plantee preguntas diferentes./ The second wave of c * rona virus (I have decided to don’t use that term, since everybody is using it to benefit the SEO), the pre-Christmas stress (is there Christmas this year?) and a series of very different challenges for this fall-winter 20-21 season.


Creo que una de las cosas que más he pensado este año es que NO necesito tanta ropa, y que por más que amé la moda, no hay realmente una justificación para salir de compras cada fin de semana (si puedes hacerlo te felicito por tu cuenta bancaria), así que he decidido gastar más en cosas de casa y bienestar./ I think one of the things that I have thought the most this year is that I do NOT need so many clothes, and that as much as I love fashion, there is really no justification to go shopping every weekend (if you can do that, congrats for your bank account), so this fall-winter I have decided to spend more on things related to house and self-care.

Pero hay una serie de objetos y prendas que he visto rondando por ahí, y al decir “por ahí” me refiero a Instagram, blogs y otros medios digitales, ya que por ahora no he tenido oportunidad de apreciar demasiado street style o recolectar inspiración real a pie de calle. Aquí una guía ilustrada y muy veloz con algunas prendas y accesorios que no sólo serán útiles este otoño invierno 20-21, sino mucho más tiempo./ But there are a number of objects and garments that I have seen around there, and when I say “there” I mean Instagram, blogs and other digital media, since for now I haven’t had the opportunity to appreciate too much street style. Here’s an illustrated and very fast guide with some clothes and accessories that will not only be useful this fall-winter 20-21, but much longer.

In this picture: Ganni Knit Vest + Dr.Martens Boots + Paradised cotton-gauzed jacket


Botas de combate, con suelas altas y toscas. Un calzado que parece óptimo para librar una lucha Apocalíptica, pero con estilo./ Combat boots, with high and rough soles. A shoe that seems optimal to fight an apocalyptic battle, but with style.


Está en todos lados, pero antes de comprar echa un vistazo a tu armario de la infancia./ It is everywhere, but before buying one, look for it in your childhood closet.


El 2020 podría ser definido con un pantone gris opaco, pero la dosis de colores pastel en Instagram no lo permitirá por ahora./ 2020 could be defined with a dull gray pantone, but the dose of pastel colors on Instagram will not allow it for now.

In this picture: ABS Objects S70 Mug + Staud Poplin Masks + Arket Checked Wool Scarf 


El estilo preppy reaparece, y sospecho que es por la nostalgia de tener clases presenciales (las conversaciones por zoom han alcanzado un límite). De otoño-invierno 20-21, sí, pero también lo suficientemente eterno./ The preppy style makes a comeback, and I suspect it’s nostalgia for face-to-face classes (zoom conversations have reached a limit). Ideal for fall-winter 20-21, yes, but also classical enough.


Un gesto responsable que también puede ser un componente estético…. y probablemente no sólo durante otoño-invierno 20-21./ A responsible gesture that can also be an aesthetic component…. and probably not only during fall-winter 20-21.


Por si las dudas…. un libro de horror, una taza, una manta y una dosis de carbohidratos./ Just in case…. a horror book, a mug, a blanket and a hoards of carbs.

¿Qué otra cosa añadirías a los destacados de la temporada?/ What else would you add to the highlights of this fall-winter season?

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  • Your illustrations are so beautiful. You illustrated doctor Martens boots with such detail, they look so real but still they are drawn in your signature style. I love it. Your Autumn/Winter fashion list is fabulous, love the cotton gauzed jacket so much, the scarf and obviously the combat boot. Interesting that you say that the combat boot is appropriate for meeting apocalyptical scenarios with style. I think you’re absolutely right because the world does seem apocalyptic somehow these days, especially when one sees empty streets and what not. The other list (to enjoy at home) is just as amazing. I do dig your home list: a horror book, a mug, a blanket and a hoards of carbs.:) Perfect for me. I rarely read pure modern horror as a genre but I love horror mixed with other genres, for example gothic novels or other novels from the past with horror elements, horror SF and thrillers and so on.

    • Hello dear Ivana, I hope you’re doing great!

      As usual thank you for the love about my work and my posts, this means the world to me 😀

      I’m glad you liked these options and hope you find a good gothic novel. During lockdown I read Frankenstein for the first time and it blew my mind!

      Stay safe!

  • I just invested in my first Doc Martens. I’ll be prepared for the apocalypse! No, I don’t need much. In fact, I’ve reached the point where I’m not adding to my wardrobe unless something goes out first. Our condo is small, so I have to keep my interest in fashion under control.

    Stay safe Pablo!

    • Hahaha I want to buy some Doc Martens!

      But as you I have to keep an eye of the amount of stuff I bring home, since my apartment is not big, as yours 🙂


  • Hey Pablo, how you doin? I’m happy to hear that there in Barcelona the situation is not as crazy as in other countries! You are, less or more, like we are here in Italy: many restrictions but not a total lock down -and really, on these times, it is a lot –
    But I have to say that, spending almost all my time at home, I don’t feel so much the Christmas mood this year…. and that doesn’t even make me sad, it’s just a fact (a strange fact since I’ve always been a Xmas lover).

    Anyway about your post ( and your wonderful illustrations: OMG those Dr Marten’s *_*): do you know that even I realized that really don’t need to constantly run after the latest trends doing shopping on shopping?!
    Maybe is because my social life has dramatically shrunk in the latest months, but while I was doing the seasonal change of wardrobe and have came out that I’ve got 13 coats, I realized that’s almost impossible to wear them all (at least this year)!
    Anyway, like you, I’m still a fashion lover, but wanna be less fashion victim, from now on I’ve decided to buy more carefully (well, except my last Sailor Moon x Bershka order ^^’) .
    Your autumn fashion list is just perfect: clean, simple and useful, with that touch of trendy that makes it charming and up-to-date! Vest, pastels, checks and a good pair of Dr. Martens is all you need to walk in fashion until at least february!

    Take care and stay safe, my friend!

    • Hello dear Silvia,

      Thank you so much for stopping to leave your feedback, I really value that and I’m happy to know you’re good (despite all the madness in the world). But as you I am not feeling the Christmas mood haha…. this is a really strange December.

      And i am glad you like this post, but as you I’m trying to take advantage of all my old clothes, obviously checking the trends to know how I can adapt my existing pieces.

      But I am going to think about those Dr. Martens!


  • Hi Pablo!!
    Thank you for all the love on my blog!! It means so much! I will say, growing up I did feed into the “I need to go shopping” wheel whenever there was an event or some sort of occasion. I look back on it now and think of how much money I could have saved by just wearing something from my closet (because I’m sure I had several things that would work.) But now that I’m older I find myself really trying to limit my clothes shopping and only buy pieces that I know I can wear the heck out of.
    I totally agree with you that a pair of combat boots are a MUST in anyone’s wardrobe! I also think a versatile, yet statement, jacket would be a great highlight this fall/winter.

    Hope things are going okay on your end! Have a great weekend!!

    Des |

    • Hello Des!

      Good to know you’re reading my comments! Thanks too for supporting my project 🙂

      And that is such a good tip to save money and take advantage of the pieces we already have at home 🙂 I have limited my shopping habits this year (at least clothes shopping) and that is helping me to build a more personal style 🙂


  • Ah yes this is a difficult fall to be sure. And I can not believe people are using the virus to improve their SEO, that is horrible. Yes it seems there are two camps: those that are shopping more in the pandemic and those who can not afford to shop. But this pandemic really highlights the divide in the world. We really are living in trying times. And don’t worry about the donation. I raised all the funds I needed with the help of my uncle and his faith. He is a Bahai and is congregation made some very generous donations. Thank your kind words and thoughts and wanting to help. Hopefully one day we will meet in Paris!

    Allie of

    • Hello Allie,

      I have seen a lot of posts and articles where the C*Vid word is all over the place but then the content is sh*t haha.

      And I totally get your point! I have limited my shopping habits a lot (at least when it comes to clothes), but knowing my style is helping to save some money and take advantage of my current clothes.

      PS: Good to know that you got the needed amount,
      sending you my best wishes!

  • Hi Pablo, I hope you are doing well. Glad to know that things are getting better in Spain.
    I really love all of the items in the illustration ! Looking at them always make me happy! Totally love the combat boots and pastel trends at the moment. I totally agree with you as our social / going out time is not as much, I don’t feel like shopping as much as well. Nevertheless one or two items for the holiday won’t hurt. I agree with you that I would be getting more of the home items this year such as candles and new table cloth. Apart from that i would probably recycle last year’s christmas decoration.

    • Thank you! At least we are able to go out, that’s a big benefit 🙂

      And than you for your lovely comment, wish I could go out more and wear some of my favorite clothes, but as you I’m trying to don’t buy a lot of clothes, just the necessary 🙂

  • Lately I’m also buying more house items like books, puzzles etc.. especially for the holidays.
    Since we’re stuck at home I’m trying to have a lot of things to do in the house.
    I think I’m being a little more reasonable with clothes but not so much haha. Even I try to make more and buy less.
    I love all the trends you shared here. I’m a huge lover of checks and combat shoes since forever.
    But I must admit I’m not so in love with the vest trend.
    Your article is well written like always and I’m loving your illustrations so much !

    • Hello Margot!

      Thank you for stopping by and I am totally like you, trying to buy more stuff to make my home feels a little more cozy since I am spending a lot of time here.

      But I have to confess I got myself a pair of garments in pastels, but that’s all!

      Thank you!

  • Hey Fungi,

    Me too…have completely shifted my perspective and have stayed away from buying new clothes. This is a nice change even though I love looking at new trends and style inspo.

    One of my favorites on here are the combat boots. I love the cool edge they add to an outfit.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. Hope you have a great week!

    • Hey dear Radi,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am in your same situation, changing my shopping habits but always looking and trends to see what is possible to adapt from my existing clothes.


  • Such lovely illustrations here, Pablo!

    I absolutely love combat boots. I know they look rather big or “too masculine” on a woman, but they are one of my favorite styles hence I do not care what other people think when I sport mine. I cannot wait for the weather to get really cold here in the desert, so I can reach out for my sweaters and hoodies more often.

    I would not mind a good horror/detective book! So if you have any recommendations, do let me know. Hope you are doing great! xx


    • Hey Naya, thank you so much for all your compliments and for your constant support!

      Excited about this cold weather too! Let me know if you get some cozy items and I can recommoend you some horror or detective books via Instagram….


  • Hey Fungi! I hope you are fine:)

    Thank you for sharing the trend with your lovely illustration! I really love the styling those combat boots with the coat and the vest in pastel color. I don’ have combat boots although I would love them, so I will style my biker boots with clothes in pastel colors!

    I was interested in that book, “The Lottery”, and I just found a Japanese review about the book. It seems very scary and humorous 🙂 If I read it, I will post instagram story! Have a lovely day, Fungi <3


    • Hello Akiko, I love to see your comments on my blog, your support means a lot to me 🙂

      I’m glad you liked these illustrations, let me know if you mix up your pastel garments with these biker boots.