En un mundo ideal todos los procesos creativos se parecerían a lo que me enseñaron en la escuela de diseño, donde cada paso forma parte de una escalera en la que todos los peldaños importan y están ahí por algo. En el mundo real hay momentos donde este proceso se vuelve un poco atropellado y algunos pasos son esquivados y otros se mezclan entre sí… y en muchos casos hay que correr porque las cosas “eran para ayer”. Dejar de acelerar el proceso y parar para disfrutarlo es toda una declaración de intenciones en este mundo rápido./ In an ideal world, all creative processes would remind me of the things I was taught in design school, where each step is part of a ladder where every rung matter and are there for a reason. In the real world there are times when this process becomes a bit hasty and some steps are dodged and others get mixed up… and in many cases you have to run because things “were for yesterday”. Stop rushing the creative process and have fun in the process is quite a statement of intentions in today’s fast paced world. 


El proceso creativo es como una comida que debe ser marinada. No importa si se trata del desarrollo de una marca o emprendimiento, de clases de arte o de cualquier otro proyecto creativo (aunque sea personal). Hay un tiempo de incubación que va a asegurar una calidad ligada a un mensaje y a un propósito, aunque desafortunadamente en el mundo de hoy que va a 1000 x hora, muchas personas están más preocupadas por el típico “cantidad sobre calidad”. Y de esto también hablé en este post sobre la creatividad en tiempos de redes sociales. / The creative process is like a meal that must be marinated. It doesn’t matter if it is the development of a brand or a new business, an art class or any other creative project (even if it is personal). There is an incubation time that will ensure quality is linked to a message and a purpose, although unfortunately in today’s fast paced world, many people are more concerned with the typical “quantity over quality”. And I talked about in this blog post “creativity in times of social media”.

He estado trabajando en algunos proyectos personales en los últimos meses y este tema me ha estado dando vueltas en la cabeza. Me gusta compartir cosas online (blog, Instagram y TikTok) porque me ofrece una conexión con otras personas sobre todo cuando muchos de mis trabajos los hago sin tener mucho feedback o hay pensamientos que se quedan haciendo ruido solamente en mi cabeza… de esta forma puedo compartir algunas cosas y encontrar puntos en común y retroalimentación con gente real. Al ser alguien que vive de la creatividad a veces me encuentro solamente pensando en el resultado final del proyecto: “¿cómo se verá?”, “¿cómo será recibido?”, “ya quiero acabar esto y pasar a otra cosa”… pero me he olvido de disfrutar esos pequeños pasos donde ocurren las cosas./ This has been on my mind as I’ve been working on some personal projects in the last few months. I really do love to share things online (blog, Instagram and TikTok) because it offers me a connection with other people, especially when I do a lot of my work without much feedback or there are thoughts that just stay making noise in my head… this way I can share some things and find common ground and feedback with real people. As someone who creates for a living, I have found myself often fixated on the final resolution of the project… and then I forget about the idea of stop rushing the creative process and try to enjoy all those small steps where things actually happen.

Correr hacía el resultado final puede terminar en un resbalón. Y si quieres que tu creación tenga un impacto profundo y que se trate de algo contra lo que una I.A. no puede competir, este consejo es para ti: dejar de acelerar el proceso para disfrutarlo y así muchos de sus elementos surgirán de manera más orgánica./ Running towards the final result can end in a slip. And if you want your creation to have a profound impact and to be something an A.I. cannot compete, this advice is for you: stop rushing the creative process to enjoy it and then you’l see how many elements will emerge in a more organic way.

Al dejar de acelerar el proceso para disfrutarlo te das cuentas de que las cosas cambian y que nuevos elementos son descubiertos. Muchas veces, una ruta totalmente nueva aparece durante el proceso creativo y si seguimos acelerando para llegar al final, no alcanzamos a ver esas alternativas./ When you stop rushing the creative process and decide to enjoy it, you realize that things change and that new elements are discovered. Many times, a totally new route appears during the creative process and if we keep accelerating to reach the result, we fail to see those alternatives.

Antes solía pensar que el lanzamiento final era la mejor parte del proceso. Ver como algo en lo que trabajaste desde tu escritorio cobra vida definitivamente es satisfactorio, pero a veces me quedaba con ganas de más. Después me di cuenta de que lo el corazón del proyecto estaba en el proceso. El acto de crear algo desde cero, ver como evoluciona del lápiz y el papel a otro formato… ahí estaba la respuesta. Y ese sentimiento es el que quiero intentar encontrar en cada proyecto que trabajo, ya sea para mí o para otras personas, por más mínimo que sea ese paso pero romanizarlo./ Early on, I thought the final outcome was the best part of the process. Seeing something you worked on at your des come to life is definitely satisfying, but it always left me wanting more. Later I realized that the core of it all was in the process. The act of creating something from scratch, seeing how it evolves from pencil and paper to another format… there was the answer. And that feeling is what I want to try to find in every project I work on, whether for myself or for other people, no matter how small that step may be, but to romanticize it.

El proceso es algo que nadie podrá quitarte. Tal vez te puedan copiar el resultado (imagen, vídeo, outfit, etc.) pero nadie puede quitarte las vivencias con las que llegaste a ese resultado y las sensaciones que experimentaste al crear esa pieza…. y esa es precisamente la esencia que se imprime en el trabajo y que hace que todo valga la pena./ The process is something that no one can take away from you. Perhaps they can copy the result (image, video, outfit, etc.) but no one can take away from you the experiences and sensations you collected while arriving at that result… and that is precisely the essence that is printed in the work and that part makes everything worthwhile.

Atrapa la idea, investiga, lee y busca recursos fuera de Pinterest o de Instagram, deja que tu cerebro se aburra y sal a caminar cuando la idea no llega. Esto es la creatividad trabajando y a veces toma tiempo, pero los resultados se cosechan y disfrutar el proceso es como el fertilizante para que esa planta crezca más fuerte./ Catch the idea, read and search for resources outside of Pinterest or Instagram, let your brain get bored and go for a walk when the idea get stuck. This is creativity at work and sometimes it takes time, but the results are harvested and above stop rushing the creative process to enjoy every step, that’s like fertilizer for that plant to grow stronger.

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  • I couldn’t agree with you more.
    We have to learn how to enjoy the process.
    The end result isn’t everything.
    It’s important but so is the process.
    I love what you said here:
    “The process is something that no one can take away from you. Perhaps they can copy the result (image, video, outfit, etc.) but no one can take away from you the experiences and sensations you collected while arriving at that result… and that is precisely the essence that is printed in the work and that part makes everything worthwhile.”
    A lot of people (not to mention big companies and AI) steal art nowadays.
    However, nobody can steal what we have inside, what we expressed through form.
    I will remember your post….
    …and try to remember that enjoying the expression is just as imporant.

    I love your art in this post.

  • Yes when you actually work in the creative field for a living in can take all the joy out it due to the turn around times. I worked in the publishing industry the turn around times were insane like a factory. But it did teach time management and discipline which is helpful in other areas of ones life.

    Allie of

  • Hola Pablo! How you doin in the sunny Barcelona with this heat?
    Here finally arrived some “fresh” air after a month of bloody hell hot temperatures (it was like 45°C in the middle of the day) and unbearable humidity (and this is the real problem to me)
    Can’t wait to go on vacation: I really need beach and sea all day long!

    But lets pass to the topic of the day.
    First of all: your pics are truly AMAZING!!!! The cololrs, the composition… wow!
    About enjoying the process and not thinking only the result, well, I guess that this is a thing we should apply in many fields of our lives (even if it worth much more for the creative process).
    Unlukily we live in a society tha tend only to the reult, and you have even to get it as quick as possible, and then, after it, have another goal and get it quicker and so on forever…. Only the result count!
    But, in my opinion, a result achieved so quickly is soulless and even forgettable equally quickly, and this is the worst thing especially for the work of a creative/artist….
    Plus, if you don’t enjoy the process you’ll eventually end to loose the major part of your life on just working as crazy for a result that last few seconds and then pass to the next… pretty terrifying prospective, dont you think?

    A very deep and interesting post, as usual, my friend!
    Stay cool an stay hydratated! ^^

  • Hola Pablo,

    Hope summer in Barcelona is treating you well my friend. This is such an insightful and helpful post on a topic that is quite meaningful to me. I’m always interested in how fellow creator manage their creative processes and navigate through ruts. Your point about not rushing the process and remembering to enjoy it is such an important reminder. Because the world can be so fast paced, sometimes we just get caught up focusing on the final product and lose sight of the importance of the process that will get us there. I know this has definitely happened to me before especially when I have multiple deadlines looming. I also love your perspective about the process as something that can’t take away from you as this goes to show how valuable it is when it comes to our creations. I really needed to hear this and I’m going to make a point to take it slow and appreciate the process more. I feel like I’ve gotten away from this with everything going on and it would serve me well to step back. Thank you for that. Your self portraits with the flowers are just wonderful by the way! And your hair looks really good ;D

    As always, I appreciate your visits and your comments. The Karl Lagerfeld exhibition was really excellent and I did actually quite enjoy how it highlighted his creative process as well as his creations. The workmanship on the garments was so impressive to see up close. I know my photos couldn’t do them justice. If you ever visit NYC, again, you really need to visit The Met. Even as a NYer, I find new aspects to appreciate about the place even though I’ve been there many times.

    Summer in NYC has actually not been so bad so far up until this week. We are currently in the midst of a heat wave which is quite gross and makes me want to stay indoors. If I didn’t didn’t have physical therapy today, I would’ve opted not to go out at all. Thankfully i’s supposed to break over the weekend and we will get back to more tolerable temperatures. I’ve been spending more time outdoors this summer, except for when there have been issues with air quality. We have to enjoy summer while we can because it will probably be cold before we know it. Be well and stay cool amigo!

  • Rushing a creative process never works – I’ve seen it on my own example so many times. Although it often frustrates me that I have creative blocks I find that I feel the best when I just stop overthinking and let myself enjoy my everyday life – that’s how I get my best ideas. <3

  • ¡Hola Pablo! Qué bello post <3 qué bonito leerte y pensar en tus creaciones a través de tus palabras.
    Resonó muchísimo conmigo cómo me he sentido estos últimos meses, el no querer acelerar el resultado para disfrutar el proceso.. tristemente tengo que admitir que yo peco de desidia y procrastinación, y muchas veces me quedo a medias con mis proyectos, lo lindo es conocer tu proceso y la forma en que me inspiras a tumbarme de rollo (por enésima vez jeje) para crear y disfrutar.
    Por otro lado, eso de buscar ideas fuera del mundo digital también me hizo mucho clic. Estoy súper feliz porque este mes pasado me dio por leer otra vez, y el desconecte no planeado que ha surgido a raíz de eso, wow… ya era hora de encontrar otra forma de inspiración.
    Te mando un abrazo fuerte y cómo siempre, gracias por compartir tus reflexiones <3
    Xo, Sandra

  • Hey Fungi!

    How are you? I hope everything is going well with you!
    Your blog is always inspiring, mow I am so moved!

    I had been rushing for a long time, but I started trying to enjoy the process lately.
    Your article is really perfect, and I will see it again when I forget to enjoy:)

    All your artworks are great! In particular, the first image!
    The book, Hamnet (I have never read it), flowers, edition, outfit, and your hair style!
    I bet you set it with the Barbie cream collaborated with Kiko!!

    Thank you for a lot of inspirations<3


  • Hey Fungi,

    This is so true…when you don’t rush the process there is so much joy in it just like life. That is something that I have to work on because I get very inpatient with things.
    The process can’t be pinpointed to a specific time. I guess that’s the beauty of it.

    Hope you’re having a good day!

  • Es tan cierto lo que dices friend, a veces me da nostalgia cuando recuerdo como hacia mis procesos creativos con todo el tiempo del mundo y ahora hasta la motivacion me cuesta… sera que estoy pasando por un vacío o falta de creatividad.. ay es un tema complejo porque a la vez se me ocurren muchas ideas que quiero concretar ahora ya y a la vez nada… Gran post como siempre, extrañaba leerte <3

  • El único Rush que podemos permitir es el de Troye Sivan…

    Pero volviendo al tema central, se antojan y son necesarias las pausas en el camino creativo, a veces se disfruta más el proceso que el resultado final (independientemente de si gusta o no, me thinks).

  • It was great to read your thoughts on the process of creating. I truly enjoy the process, but I have to admit that I am not the best at time management. I find that I work best under pressure and it’s when I do my best work. It’s something that excites me and getting in the zone of creating becomes my whole world for that moment in time. When it’s over I feel a sense of accomplishment that nothing else can give me. It’s such a thrill! Do you find that you work best under pressure also? I’m curious to know! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far.

  • Hi Pablo! You have not posted in a while and I hope that all is well with you, and you had a good Christmas and New years. I miss your thoughtful posts and comments.

  • Totally agree with this post
    Sometimes we need to learn to enjoy the process to learn more about the things we do and all the feelings and experiences in between.

    Loving the photos too as usual!

  • Hi Pablo! How are you in chilly Barcelona? Hope the Spring is feeling more like your usual Spring? It’s rained again here today with great humidity in the air before that. I had to make a dash to the mall to run away from the rain because it was pouring like cats and dogs, literally. LOL I thought I had left a comment here but it turns out that I didn’t so I’m delighted to write you a new one as April is about to end in 2024 on a post that is dated last year. LOL.

    I agree with Ivana on her comment and the lines that spoke to her because it’s true. There is a journey in the creative process that is frankly therapeutic and authentic to the one that is actively involved and engaged in it. With AI and other automatic ways to rushing straight into the ‘results’ oftentimes there’s something vital lost in the process and in the interaction between the artist and the appreciator of the art.

    I think it’s great that you share your thoughts here on the blog as I feel it’s a sacred place to ponder! Yup, the blog – it’s still something I cherish. I know lots of people have moved away from the platform but I love stories and will keep coming to visit blogs that still keep that art intact 😉

    See you soon in the next one!
    Your tropical friend,

  • Hey Pablo, this is so true! I catch myself often not enjoying the process of creating anymore because I compare myself to other authors, who write faster or artists, who have more years of experience in painting. The funny thing is, that the chapters I write without any pressure and just out of enjoying writing are always so much more beautifully written. So it really doesn´t make any sense to “push” the creating process, otherwise, you end with more products or faster, but the pieces don´t have any soul or meaning.
    have a great weekend,