La falsa ilusión del tiempo en redes. Si trabajas creando contenido o en cualquier área creativa, seguro has experimentado la sensación de tener que producir más, y no sólo más, sino más rápido. Las redes son una cosa increíble para quienes tenemos un trabajo relacionado con la creatividad, pero también una trampa en cuanto a tiempos ajustados a la realidad. Producir creatividad en tiempo de redes sociales es vivir en un chute de adrenalina constante./ The false illusion of time in social media. If you work creating content or in any creative area, you have surely experienced the feeling of having to produce more, and not just more, but faster. Social media is an incredible thing for those of us who have a job related to creativity, but also a trap in terms of time adjusted to reality. Producing creativity in times of social media is living on a constant adrenaline rush.


Todo va rápido: el gusto de haber terminado una serie dura solo unas horas, las historias de Instagram corren como la pólvora y las canciones de 3 minutos son consideradas una pieza de larga duración. Es como un buffet donde no has terminado el primer plato y ya quieres pescar uno nuevo sin haber hecho la digestión./ Everything goes fast: and creativity in times of social media is a whirlwind: the pleasure of having finished a series lasts only a few hours, Instagram stories run like wildfire and 3-minute songs are considered a long-lasting piece. It’s like a buffet restaurant where you haven’t finished the first course and you want to catch a new one without having done the digestion.

En mi caso particular (no sé en otras áreas creativas) veo ilustradores que comparten creaciones (a veces más de una) a diario, pero si lo pienso fríamente tampoco sé sus condiciones, sus tiempos y sus estilos de vida; tampoco sé si tienen a alguien ayudándoles con los temas más engorrosos y ellxs sólo se dedican a crear./ In my particular case (I don’t know in other creative areas) I see illustrators who share creations (sometimes more than one) on a daily basis, but if I think about it coldly, I don’t know their conditions, their times and their lifestyles either; I also don’t know if they have someone helping them with the most cumbersome issues and they only dedicate themselves to create.

Ya con la mente fría me pongo a pensar que no todo tiene que producirse TAN rápido, de por si la vida cotidiana está llena de urgencias para encima tener como una preocupación más el tener que estar 24/7 en redes, no sólo creando sino haciendo todo lo demás (historias, interactuar, reels, videos, contestar mensajes, etc.). Dibujar es parte de mi trabajo, pero no quiero olvidar que una parte de mí empezó esto no para complacer a un algoritmo feroz, sino porque verdaderamente lo disfrutaba./ With a cold mind, I start to think that not everything has to happen SO fast. Daily life is already full of urgencies to have as one more concern having to be 24/7 in social media, not only creating but doing everything else (stories, interacting, reels, videos, answering messages, etc.). Drawing is part of my job, but I don’t want to forget that a part of me started this not to please a fierce algorithm, but because I truly enjoyed it.

Sé que como creador hay temas que te perjudican, los algoritmos son una criatura feroz (en mi mente son como un pequeño monstruo con muchas patas); pero viéndolo con la cabeza fría al final las redes son una empresa que vive por y para la publicidad y no una monja caritativa a la que le preocupan mis visualizaciones. Los tiempos cambian y puedes adaptarte e idear ciertos trucos para trabajar tu contenido más rápido (yo tengo algunas plantillas per-diseñadas), pero a veces ciertas piezas creativas toman determinado tiempo y esos plazos son así./ Creativity in times of social media also has to fight with algorithms, a ferocious creature (in my mind they are like a little monster with many legs); but looking at it with a cool head, social media are companies that lives by and for advertising, they’re not a charitable nun concerned about my visualizations. Times change and you can adapt and come up with certain tricks to work faster on your content (I have some custom-designed templates), but sometimes some creative pieces take a certain time and those deadlines are like that.

Muchas personas opinamos que las redes ya no son lo que eran, aunque en realidad siempre han sido una fuente de ansiedad cuando parecía que el mundo tenía vidas más plenas y trabajos estimulantes y muy bien pagados. Entre la insistencia de consumo y reels de gente que no pedimos seguir, el internet trata de recuperar gestos de tiempos en que todo era un poco más sencillo: blogs personales, newsletters y cuentas de nicho con temas muy específicos./ Many of us believe that some apps are not what they were, although in reality they have always been a source of anxiety: it seems the rest of the world is having fuller lives and stimulating and high-paying jobs. Between the insistence of consumption and reels of people who you didn’t want to follow in the first place, the internet tries to recover features of those times when everything was a little simpler: personal blogs, newsletters and niche accounts with very specific topics.

¿Borrarse las redes? No, porque también generan conexiones y trabajos para muchos. Tal vez apostar por un consumo de redes que se acerque más a lo minimalista, siguiendo las cuentas que verdaderamente nos entusiasman, nos inspiren o con las que podemos conectar y aprender un poco más al final del día. Sé que suena complicado, sobre todo en tiempos donde la publicidad aparece hasta cuando te quieres tomar un descanso y sólo ver memes. Recuerda eres un ser humano y una persona con fallos, no una máquina de producir./ Delete your social media? No, because they also generate connections and jobs for many. Perhaps betting on a consumption that is closer to minimalism, following the accounts that truly excite us, inspire us or with which we can connect and learn a little more. I know it sounds complicated, especially in times where advertising appears even when you want to take a break and only see memes. Remember you are a human being and a flawed person, not a production machine.

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  • So true, with so much new content being shared around the internet on daily basis it’s getting harder and harder to keep your audience amused with uniqueness and amount of content. That’s why it’s hard for me to imagine working full time with social media and I rather just keep it as my side entertainment where I can express myself.


    • Hello Satanja,

      Thank you so much for checking out the blog post! I couldn’t work 100% of my time for social media, but one way or another a big percentage of my work end up there.

      All the best!

  • It seems to me the creative person who is fortunate enough to make a living at it really needs someone to handle their social media for them. It really is a full time job!

    My interaction with social media is to meet fellow creatives – I’m not trying to make a living at it. But even I felt myself get sucked into this feeling that I must do more, that I had to keep up. Since I am retired, I put limits on my social media, including deleting my account with Instagram. As a fashion blogger I follow put it, Instagram feels so transactional. I get my inspiration from Pinterest now.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, Michelle!

      Pinterest is such a good way to reconnect with inspiration from another point of view! I’m addicted to this social media too, but in a good way! Sometimes Instagram can feel a little bit tiring for me too.

  • Hola Pablo! Come estàs?
    Qué tiempo hace en Barcelona? (and here stops my ability to make sentences in Spanish… ^^)
    But I guess that on this period is warm and sunny there: everytime I went in Bareelona was May or June and the wather was perfect to enjoy daily and night life.
    Even with all the restrictions I hope that you can still enjoy this beaituful period of the year!

    Anyway, as usual you’ve nailed the point: you’ve reaised a problem that’s so common but nobody speaks about!
    Really keep up with socials trends ( and not only) is becoming harder and harder: ant it makes you stay in a constant state of anxiety.
    I guess that many people organize they content before and have outside help : but even in this case, where they found all this time???? Sometimes I feel myself pretty sick of all this “rush and never get the goal” and I try to loose with socials a bit just to not being overwhelmed, but I don’t hide you that I do it with a slightly sense of inadequacy…
    Anyway I guess that all this can’t last long, so things have to change, in my opinion, in only 2 ways: or all the social media workers gonna be teams of professionals, or the trend will change another time and people gonna choose quality over quality… who knows?
    Anyway for now, to me, keeping your boudaries and the right distance from socials is the only way to survive.

    And now, leave me compliment for your photos, illustrations and , above all, your woderful collection of vintage design things! Totally love your taste and skills!!!!
    Take care, my friend!

    • Hola Silvia! Todo bien e tu come stai? 🙂

      I am here enjoying the nice days before the really hot weather that will strike us in July-August, not my favorite season but I love this spring days and take a walk with the sun but nothing too strong 🙂

      Thank you so much for your detailed opinion and feedback! I needed to read it because I know you create a lot (and really good content by the way), but the truth is that nobody can survive the race without a short pause.

      I totally agree with you with the fact that it will have to stop, or at least it will be modified one way or another!

      All the best and thanks for your words ❤️

  • Its funny but a blogger who I have been following for years now, just did a long post on IG. Much of what she said I also said in a post I did on IG about a year ago. Then a few days later another blogger asked me if I was going to post to IG anymore as I have not been posting much, mostly sharing TT videos. Then at lunch the other day a friend asked me if I thought IG was dead. Well, maybe not be dead, but I think it is going to become less relevant. TBH I HATE it. There is really nothing I like about it. I prefer blogs and YT. At least with YT the videos are longer and you can get more out of it: be it a makeup tutorial, the latest finds in fashion, or how improve your photography, to learning technology, to documentaries to following peoples lives, at least there is some substance, unlike IG which is just people posting pix of themselves, or their hawking a product, or it is a straight up AD. I am over it and kind of just use as an address book lol. I use my blog and YT channel to communicate and create and I enjoy it otherwise I would not do it. Not looking to get rich. If that is the reason you are IG throw in the towel that ship has sailed…

    Allie of

    • Hey Allie, thank you for your meaningful opinion about this compelx topic!

      I totally get your point, I still prefer blogs for many kind of contents, and I hate that Instagram is going at the speed of light and everything is created just for a few seconds! As you I still prefer youtube and blogs for things that can remain for longer!

  • Wow, I love that quote about a production machine, it resonates with me on so many levels!

    Anyhow, hola Pablo! Que tal? 🙂
    There is so much food for thought here. I am guilty of assuming that others have more exciting jobs than I do, that they are more productive as well. Which then leads me to feeling guilty if I need to push pause and give my cerebro a break. Comparison is a thief of joy – we hear it all the time, yet it is easy to fall into old, negative thought patterns. Reminders like this post are quite helpful!

    After all social media has become a collection of everyday life highlights, best moments, happiest experiences. People do not share what happens with them behind the scenes and we should remember that xx


    • Hey Naya,

      Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’re doing well!

      I really wanted to know your thoughts about this topic, you’re one of the creators I admire the most I know photos and articles take a lot of time, specially when you can see the quality!

      And your last words are really interesting! People don’t share what is going on behind the curtain, so Instagram is just a small part of the picture, right?

      Best, xx

  • When it comes to artists, I think many are too concerned with the number of followers and like. I feel like many artists and illustrators think this digital advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram is the only way to make it in the art world. Daily posting puts a lot of pressure on artists. In many cases, it’s completely unrealistic. Nobody can create complex art on daily basis and be that creative non stop while also trying to please a complex algorithm. If a painting or an illustration is more complex, it probably takes more time to paint it…not to say anything of the time one needs for creative thinking and planning.

    People don’t always buy what they like and besides I’m staring to realize that the art market is a very complex place. I’m sure you know more about this than me. I’m not a professional artist but only paintings that I have ever sold had absolutely nothing to do with social media or the Internet. Only people who saw my art in person ever wanted to buy it or commissioned me to paint something for them. So, for me having an art account has done absolutely nothing for me in the terms of having art business. Even trying to sell on those printing sites has proven to be a waste of time…but I suppose that is why everyone needs to try different things and see what works for them. I’m still not sure whether to keep an Instagram account or not. I had one connected with my blog and deleted it long time ago….and I only created those I have now because I needed to apply to some printing company I never sold anything on anyway. What I like about Instagram is the ability to connect with other artists. Most artists don’t have blogs so I cannot connect with them via blogs. That’s one advantage of Instagram, you can learn a lot from other artists. If one really doesn’t care about the likes, then there is less pleasure…but still there are some other issues one can raise. Once you put your art on Instagram, it basically becomes the property of Instagram. I see a lot of newspaper articles that use Instagram ad to show art or photos. They no longer need to ask the creator for permission or pay them, all they need to do is link it up to Instagram. That’s not very fair on creative workers, is it? On the other hand, some creative people have absolutely found good opportunities with the help of Instagram. So, I guess my opinion is that it is not for everyone- and even for those who are happy to use this app, there are still some hidden dangers one needs to be aware of, such as privacy issues and an increased risk of depression that comes with spending time on social media apps.

    • Hola Ivana,

      I really appreciate that you took the time to write this interesting comments. Your feedback always help to grow up and to learn a bit more about the topic, specially when we are talking about creation and inspiration in this chaotic world full of stimuli.

      As you well said posting daily is a lot of pressure, sometimes life happens and sometimes it is difficult to look at the phone or you have to take just a quick view in order to keep up with the reality of your day.

      But as you well said the good thing about Instagram is the connection and of course the idea of taking it slowly or don’t care a lot about the likes, they are just a number and a number can’t define your whole essence right?

      Take care ❤️

  • Hey Fungi! How are you? Thank you for always sharing your great article!
    I totally agree with you! “Like a little monster with many legs” is so cute and humorous:)
    It is true that Mr. Algorithms lives by advertising! I feel that from those exciting images with the red telephone!
    It takes me long time to create, too. You always show us you and teach us how to create. The last paragraph is really encourages me!Thank you so much again<3


    • Hey Akiko, doing good! Thank you for checking it out!

      Mr. Algorithm haha I like how you named the fierce altoritmth!

  • Good advice! I have noticed I felt that I always hard to try post or share or interact on Instagram each day and I’ve really questioned that so for now I’ve stopped the posting so often and locked down my account for a bit, a break is a good idea! We need to focus on what truly brings us joy and not worry about trying to keep up with everything, it gets too overwhelming otherwise!

    Hope you are having a nice week 🙂

    • Thanks for checking it out Mica!

      And thanks for that advice too, focusing on what truly brings us joy is the best we can do in order to appreciate our passions 🙂

  • Wow Pablo thank you for writing this post. I am struggling with this idea so much especially today so I can’t tell you how much this post means to me. I am constantly comparing myself and my work to other creators. It is definitely so difficult to constantly come up with new content and have fresh creative ideas that inspire us. We truly need to break free of the algorithm because you’re right, some creations take time, thought, and love.


    • Hey Jill,

      Can’t thank you enough for your love in this post! Thnk you also for sharing it on your Instagram Stories! It means the world to me 🙂


  • Hey Fungi,

    Oh social media…everyone has an opinion about it. It gets lots of love or hate. I like it and try to see the good in it. Honestly so many of my friendships are made through social media and that’s how I connect with everyone around the world. Also, there is always so much inspiration floating around on social media which helps keep me inspired as well.

    Happy weekend Fungi!

    • Hey Radi,

      Yes! It is a topic that can be discussed in many different ways!

      In this case I was not talking just about the hate for social media, I totally love how I can connect with people with the same hobbies and passions and with those that are interested in my illustrations and work. I was refering to the pressure involved in creating content, have you experienced it as a content creator?


  • “I start to think that not everything has to happen SO fast.” Super true! Especially when we see very curated timelines across many social media sites, it can be daunting to catch up with it all. It’s okay to slow down and set your own pace!

  • Ay este post me llega tanto friend (lo habia leido ya pero me quería dar el tiempo de comentar bien) en mi caso tengo una especie de relación amor/odio hoy con las redes sobre todo instagram….
    Para los que estamos ahí hace años nos damos cuenta que ya no es lo mismo y hoy es como una carrera en la cual si no vas a la para de los demás te quedas atrás o estás out y lo encuentro horrible porque hay tanta gente talentosa!!! Para mi desde que Facebook compró IG todo empeoro y se volvio muy comercial, antes era un lugar casi casi como pinterest.
    Como bien dices las redes también tienen lo positivo pero extraño tanto como era la cosa antes 🙁
    yo no me complico mas, público cuando puedo y lo bueno de historias es que te permite compartir cosas más random por así decirlo sin tanta producción.
    Un abrazo friend, amo que tu blog siga vigente y aportando estos posts tan interesantes. se que no es fácil y requiere tiempo (yo ya no pude con el mío como bien sabes 🙁 )
    Big hug <3

    • Cher, muchísimas gracias por compartirme tu experiencia.

      Es curioso ver como tenemos esa relación de odio/amor con Instagram, al final si me pongo a pensarlo tiene tantas cosas maravillosas y prefiero enfocarme en eso, pero es verdad que a veces uno se deja llevar por likes, posicionamiento y todas esas cosas.

      Al igual que tú extraño ese old Instagram, de hecho ahí nos conocimos y es lo mejor! También me estoy tomando todo con más calma y más relax, compartiendo cuando pueda y cuando me sienta realmente inspirado sabes? 🙂

      Un abrazo y gracias por confiar en mi desde el comienzo ❤️