Para bien o para mal soy una persona de mañanas. En cuanto termino mi descanso de comida (2 pm) sé que mis niveles de productividad descenderán y que el sofá me llamará para hacer un descanso con la amenaza de convertirse en una siesta de 1 hora. Sí, terrible, pero por eso intento aprovechar mis mañanas y al menos hacer las actividades que sé que me exigirán más concentración./ I am a morning person, for better or for worse. As soon as I finish my meal break (2pm) I know that my productivity levels will drop and that the couch will call me to take a break with the threat of turning this short rest into a 1 hour nap. Yes, terrible, but that’s why I try to take advantage of my mornings and at least do the activities that I know will require more concentration.


Sin embargo esto no siempre fue así. Durante el primer año de universidad me costaba muchísimo levantarme, tanto que desarrollé el terrible hábito de desvelarme haciendo los deberes para no tener que lidiar con el despertador. Después comprendí que si quería rendir en la escuela, tenía que exigirme un descanso y 10 años después aquí me tienen con el título honorario (aunque odiado por muchos) de “morning person”./ However, this was not always like that. During my first year of university I had a hard time waking up and I developed a terrible habit of staying up doing my homework so I wouldn’t have to deal with the alarm. Later I understood that if I wanted to yield at school, I had to take breaks. Here I am 10 years later  with the honorary title (although hated by many) of “morning person”.

Madrugar mucho no significa que tendrás un mejor día. De hecho en ESTE POST  ya escribí sobre la obsesión con las rutinas de mañana y como se intenta emular el hábito de levantarse a las 5 de la mañana, practicado por lo que los medios consideran “personas exitosas” (CEO’s, influencias, celebridades y jóvenes entrepreneurs)./ Waking up early doesn’t mean you’ll have a better day. In fact, in THIS POST  I already wrote about the obsession with morning routines and how people try to emulate the habit of getting up at 5 in the morning, practiced by what the media consider “successful people” (CEO’s, influences, celebrities and young entrepreneurs).

Los estilos de vida de cada persona son tan diferentes, así que adoptar un plan ideado por alguien que vive con muchas más comodidades que yo, puede hacer que termine odiando la vida. Aquí una serie de consejos aplicables a cualquier estilo de vida y que te pueden hacer odiar un poquito menos las mañanas:/ Everyone’s lifestyles is different, so if I adopt a plan devised by someone who lives with far more comforts than I do, I might end up hating life. Here are a series of tips that can be applied to any lifestyle and that can make you hate mornings a little less:

1. La rutina de mañana empieza por las noches 🌃 / The morning routine starts at night 🌃

Preparar tu rutina de noche para arrancar bien las mañanas es crucial. Ponte las cosas lo más fácil posible para arrancar el día sin una complicación extra: tener una lista de cosas que hacer para el día siguiente o la ropa de hacer deporte. También en este punto se incluyen cosas como cenar ligero para descansar mejor y obviedades similares que la cruel vida adulta ha hecho que olvidemos./ Preparing your night routine to get off to a good start by morning is crucial. Make things as easy as possible to start the day without an extra complication: having a list of things to do for the next day or your sports clothes ready to be used. I’d also include things like a light dinner to rest better and similar truisms that cruel adult life has made us forget.

2. Haz algo que realmente disfrutes por las mañanas 💙 / Do something you really enjoy during your mornings 💙

Levantarse por la mañana con la idea de hacer algo que suena a obligación ya es un buen pretexto para quedarse en la cama 5 minutos más. Busca un pequeño premio entre todas esas obligaciones que seguro tienes que afrontar. Mi motivación principal es el desayuno (me encanta desayunar y un día antes me aseguro de comprar pan recién hecho), hacer un poco de journaling, ver un video de Youtube o leer un artículo interesante mientras bebes el café./ Getting up in the morning with the idea of doing something by obligation is already torturous enough to remain 5 extra minutes holding your pillow. Look for a small prize among all those obligations that you surely have to face. My main motivation is breakfast (I love having breakfast and the day before I make sure to buy fresh bread), do a bit of journaling, watch a YouTube video or read an interesting article while drinking coffee.

3. Tu hora perfecta ⏲ / Your perfect hour

Encontrar esa hora que va mejor con tu estilo de vida, con tus hábitos y con tus objetivos. Hay modas que hacen que me ponga de malas (como lo de levantarse a las 5 am porque a la editora de Vogue le funciona). Quizás para ti levantarte a las 9 o a las 10 ya es un gran progreso, pero la clave es experimentar y encontrar ese ritmo que A TI te funcione. Quizás necesitas 2 horas para tu rutina de mañana, tal vez sólo 30 minutos, pero lo más importante es encontrar un balance entre las obligaciones y algún pequeño hábito que te guste./ Find the schedule that suits your lifestyle, your habits and your goals. There are some trends that make me sick (like waking up at 5 am because it works for Vogue editor). Maybe for you, getting up at 9 or 10 is already a great progress, but the key is to experiment and find that rhythm that works FOR YOU. Maybe you need 2 hours for your morning routine, maybe only 30 minutes, but the most important thing is to find a balance between obligations and a little habit that you like to enjoy during your mornings.

4. Planificar las mañanas ✏️ / Plan your mornings ✏️

Intentar planificar y ten una lista confiable para saber por donde empezar al día siguiente. Sí, esto no siempre es posible porque las sorpresas de la vida contemporánea pueden derrumbar hasta el plan más certero como si se tratara de una casa de naipes. Pero al menos intenta tener tu prioridad del día bien establecida./ Try to plan and have a reliable list to know where to start the next day. Yes, this is not always possible because surprises of contemporary life can bring down even the most accurate plan as if it were a house of cards. But at least try to establish your priority for the day so you can have clearer mornings.

5. Ten un propósito para levantarse temprano ⛳️ / Have a purpose to get up early ⛳️

Y no vale decir “es que estaré muy ocupado”. ¿Qué se conseguirá con ese tiempo extra que vas a ganar? A mí a veces, despertarme 10 minutos antes ya me cambia el mood del día y tampoco se sacrifica demasiado./ And it is not worth saying “I will be very busy.” What will be achieved with that extra time that you are going to win? Sometimes waking up 10 minutes earlier already changes the mood of the day.

📑 Extra tip 📑

Encontrar una rutina clara que a tu mente le permita hacer el cambio. A mí me cuesta mucho separarme de las sábanas, pero unos minutos de estiramiento al dejar la cama es idóneo. Puede ser una ducha, un poco de ejercicio, lavarte la cara o hacer la cama para que no te apetezca volverte a dormir./ Find a clear routine that allows your mind to make the change. It is very difficult for me to separate myself from the sheets, but a few minutes of stretching when I get out of bed is ideal. It can be a shower, a little exercise, washing your face, or making your bed so you don’t feel like going back to sleep.


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  • Hey Fungi!

    Omg I am the opposite of a morning person. I only do it whenever I really have to. Since living in Vegas, I have become a night owl and just picture a sunset in my dreams…
    I give it up to anyone who is a morning person.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hey Radi, thanks for stopping by!

      I used to be the opposite too, honestly I like to rest or do the house work during the noon, but we’re always changing moods right?

      All the best, xx

  • These are good tips! I’ve always been a morning person, I find it’s when I’m most productive, but I do have to get up a little earlier than I would like to try get some quiet time before my boys wake up now, haha! I agree you should do what works for you and having a routine and things planned makes it much easier 🙂

    Hope that you are having a good week! Starting to get some autumn weather here at last – nice and cool in the mornings and evenings.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Mica ❤️

      I imagine your boys are your alarm haha!

      Thanks for the good vibes too :)!

  • I am more of a morning person too. My problem is not getting up, but getting to sleep I suffer from chronic insomnia due to hormones and a chemical embalance which runs in my family. So I do better in the mornings also if I push myself and work late it is harder to unwind and even harder to sleep. Everyone has to find their routine. Great tips here!!

    Allie of

    • Hey Allie,

      Sorry to hear this, I hope you can find a middle point between your schedules and this problem 🙁

      Thanks for stopping by

  • Hahah so true! Let’s all stop hating on mornings. I’m more of a night person, but I looove my mornings too. I love getting up, stretching, putting on some music and eat breakfast as I’m either on Pinterest or read the news. I love my cup of tea in the morning too, it’s such a nice and gentle way of waking up. I hate stressful mornings, so I avoid them at every cost. Also, the sun in the morning is absolutely gorgeous. I love opening the windows and let the sun in. The mornings are definitely all about those small details. Love it! Hope you’re having a lovely week Pablo! Xx

    • Hey Mia, how you doing? Thank you for your sharing your opinion with me 🙂

      As you, I do all those little activities before work, specially Pinterest and news before starting. A gentle way of waking up…. really liked that quote, I mean life is already difficult sometimes, so pamper ourselves before starting the day is absolutely the best idea!

  • What a great reminder! I think for me one of the things I underestimate often is that the morning starts on the day before. Last sunday I didn´t sit down with my calendar, which I usually do and enjoy a lot. On the next morning it was so hard for me to get into working mood!! I didn´t realize what the problem was until I was half through the day. I didn´t had a focus or structure for the day and even though I knew I have to keep writing on my manuscript like most days, I was less motivated and productive cause I didn´t plan my day. Whereas when I plan in the evening I`m way more focused and happier the next morning to stand up 🙂
    have a great day,

    • Hey Tiziana, thank you for visiting the blog ❤️

      As you, I used to understimeate the power of writing a list of the priorities of the next day before sleeping. I also try to do a mock up (with post its) of the week every Sunday, just to remind myself the most important things of the week and it doesn’t take me a lot of time.

      Thanks for sharing these useful tips and your experience with me 🙂

  • I love how in your articles you always are indulgent with yourself.
    Like here you’re saying a morning routine don’t have to start at 5 am.
    Who honestly want to wake up that early ?
    I also love the morning but I always feel like there are going too fast.
    Just like you I live for the breakfast in the morning. It’s definitely my favorite meal of the day.
    I love to watch a show when having my breakfast.
    Then the day can start as soon as I get ready 🙂
    Thanks for sharing all theses amazing tips.

    • Hello Margot, thank you so much for your sweet comment 🙂

      Hahaha I like to wake up early but not that early…. I used to have that routine and it is not for me, I mean maybe I could have a job that demands me to wake up at 5 am but at least I can set my own schedules at this specific moment of my life 🙂

      As you, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Enjoying the calm of the morning and catching the first sun beams 🙂

  • Hey Pablo! What’s up there in Barcelona?
    I’m happy to see in you IG stories that, despite everything, you’re managing to enjoy your spring time (safely) with flowers and styling your home! That’s the way! 🙂

    But let’s pass to the topic of the day: I really still don’t know if I’m a morning person or not, the only thing that I know for sure is that I need at least 8 or more hrs sleep at night, then if I wake up early in the morning or at the noon is the same. ^^’
    But (after a lot of time) I know that In the first part of my day my brain is pretty dreamy while my phisical strenght is at max, and after 1pm my head became more and more efficient until, less or more, the 9pm,
    So, I’ve organized my days based on it: in the morning I do a big breackfast and my workout, then, after a good shower, I start to work until evening with just little breaks about every 2 hrs.
    As you well said, I think that everybody is different and needs personalized routines to live at his best.
    For ex: if I have to go to a work in the morning I go to sleep very early the evening before, wake up early (like 6am) and for the moment I have to work I’m well ready, but really it took me years to get this routine, since (like almost everybody, I guess) I like to stay up late at night. ^^

    Your tips are very helpful, I organize too my day less or more like wrote 🙂
    Not ot mention your amazing work on pics: the 1st is so so cool!!!!
    Take care and stay safe, dear!

    • Hello Silvia,

      I hope you’re doing fine! Yes, at least here we can go out but being honest there are not a lot of things you can do outside, but well I prefer this instead of the total lockdown last year.

      And same for me, I need 8 hours of sleep or 7 at least… if not I will be angry for the rest of the day.

      Thanks for sharing these details with me, as you I try to do breaks during all the day, at least two big breaks and then mini breaks for 5 minutes, depending on the amount of work I have that day.

      Thanks as usual for your lovely compliments 🙂

  • Hi Pablo!!

    Hope you’re doing terrific.


    Mornings are the most important parts of the day. They set the tone, for the rest of the day, seriously.
    You start with negativity, you will bring in more negativity. You start with positivity, even if it’s hard, you will bring in more positivity.

    Start with a positive thought “today will be a great day!” and start your day!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    xx Sara

    • Hello Sara,

      Doing well over here! I hope you’re having a nice week so far 🙂

      I totally agree with you, even if you don’t wake up too early, a fresh start is always appreciated and can modify the rest of the day for better or for worse!

      Thanks for your comment!

  • This is good advice for anyone who must face mornings regardless of whether people are morning people or not. Many must face mornings due to job obligations whether they are naturally geared that way or not. So why not make it easier by creating a morning routine?

    I have found since I’ve retired that I usually wake up at 9 or 10 am, still do well to rest a bit in the afternoon, then I’m good to go until about midnight. Mornings I do best with the things that I have to do, whereas evenings are better for creativity. When I was working full time, I did not have the energy or mindset for creativity, so I feel like I’m living in the lap of luxury now to be able to feed this side of me.


    • Hello Michelle and thank you for your nice comment!

      I totally agree with you, life can get tricky (it gets tricky almost everyday) so a fresh start with a little bit of selfcare is always welcome right ?:)

      All the best and hugs,

  • For me it is easier to be a morning person if there is caffeine involved:) But seriously, I agree with you on so many points. I also don’t appreciate the obsession with getting up at 5 just because self-help books says we have to. If a person works 9 to 5 job, then getting up at 5 means he or she will be exhausted by 1 pm (when some other start to be productive).

    I absolutely do not have issues getting up early if I have to, but sometimes it makes sense for me to sleep late and adapt a different schedule. To be honest, I don’t know if I’m a morning or evening person anymore. I love early mornings but I also love staying up late and the peace and quiet of a night. I try not to combine the two for obvious reasons. At different stages of my life, different things worked for me. Typically, when I worked jobs where you had to get to work at a certain time, then I always enjoyed getting up early because it enabled me to have time for myself. If I had to get up really early, I would try to get to sleep early as well. When I was a flight attendant, I often had to get up at 3 am or 4 am or whatever and had no problems with it because that’s how it goes if you have an early flight and I actually really enjoyed getting to see dawns. As a teacher, I would also typically get up early, sometimes at 5 or 6, sometimes a bit later (if school started later). Sometimes I’m a morning person and sometimes I’m a night owl. It really depends on so many factors, from the season to the weather to the job I currently have- or don’t have but am chasing for. Right now, I go to sleep late and I get up late. Maybe not the ideal combination but I’m experimenting. Different activities can dictate our sleep routines as well. For example, I like to paint late into the night- but I can’t imagine doing some translating work or something of the sort that late. I’m sure I wouldn’t have the energy to proof read late at night, but somehow I have the energy to paint at 1am. I’m not sure myself how that works, but that shows how we all different.
    As you say, everyone is different. I think for most people, the defying factor is work because that’s something you have to adjust to. A lot of people end up hating mornings because they stay up late and don’t get enough sleep. I know, staying up late is attractive but we should all remember that we cannot function without sleep. I agree with your tips. Developing a good morning routine might take time, but we should experiment and see what works for us. As you say, sometimes getting up 10 or 15 minutes can make a difference. Listening to a song we like, doing a bit of exercise or self-care…all of those things can make our mornings more enjoyable.

    • Hey Ivana, first of all thanks for your feedback, you know I really value your opinions and that you take the time to share your experiences with me 🙂

      Of course, I totally get your point and somedays it is good to change the daily routine for an extra hour of sleep, specially after a really hard week of work or when you don’t necessarily have to start very early with a specific activity.

      Thanks also for sharing me with you me your experience as a flight attendant, I imagine it could be really hard at the beginning but then you end up adapting all your other daily activities to this lifestyle.

      As you said, developing a good morning routine (or a general routine) takes time, and we should custom it according to our lifestyle and the way we want to enjoy not only work, but life too 🙂

  • Hey Fungi!

    I hope you are having great day with fresh bread!
    The top image is really cute and cool, and I am excited to see bigger size it after seeing it on your instagram. That breakfast illustration is so sweet and gorgeous, too!!

    Occasionally I can’t wake up in the morning when I loose my purpose of my life, but your articles always make me feel uplifted!! Thank you so much, Fungi!
    Your small prize for morning is so lovely, and “Small” is important because I can’t stop to do it until evening if it is big prize, hahaha.

    Have a fantastic day<3


    • Thansk for checking this out Akiko! And also thanks for your lovely comment!

      I must say my breakfast doesn’t look that nice everyday, sometimes I have to run to catch a proper breakfast but I try to enjoy it as much as possible 🙂

      All the best, xx