Aparentemente esto es todo lo que necesito cuando tengo que trabajar fuera de casa, aunque a raíz de la pand*mia dejé de hacer pausas para trabajar en cafés o a la biblioteca, pero poco a poco lo estoy retomando y es verdad que salir de mi entorno usual es algo que me ayuda mucho a echar a andar ideas estancadas. Tal vez son los estímulos, salir de la cotidianidad y resolver ciertos crucigramas mentales al tener que ir caminando a ese sitio (durante los desplazamientos se me ocurren las mejores ideas)./ Say hi to my portable office! Apparently this is all I need when I have to work outside home. Due to the pandemic I stopped taking breaks to work in cafes / library, but little by little I am taking it up again and it is true that leaving my usual environment is something that helps me a lot to come up with ideas. Maybe it’s the stimuli, getting out of everyday life and solving certain mental crossword puzzles when having to walk to that place (the best ideas come to my mind everytime I take a walk).


Como he dicho, no siempre tiene que ser un café que involucra gastar, de hecho la biblioteca también me funciona muy bien, pero hay algunas tareas más complicadas o aburridas que se vuelven más llevaderas si hay una bebida involucrada… y si añadimos pan o pastel la cosa se eleva a un mejor nivel. El beneficio es que siempre me ayuda a cambiar el switch mientras haya una conexión a internet./ As I said, it doesn’t have to be a coffee all the time since it involves spending, in fact the library also works for me, but there are some more complicated or boring tasks that become more bearable if there’s coffee involved… and if we add bread or cake things escalate to a better level. The benefit is that it always helps me change the switch as long as I have my portable office and internet connection.

Hay ciertas actividades más manuales (como dibujar, recortar y preparar paquetes) que involucran otras herramientas, pero para eso prefiero la comodidad de mi hogar./ There are some specific manual activities (such as drawing, cutting and preparing packages) that involve other tools, but for that I prefer the comfort of my home.




MacBook Pro

Mi vida básicamente. Probablemente la herramienta que más utilizo y que ha aguantado como una campeona desde 2016. La utilizo prácticamente para todo lo relacionado con el trabajo: producción, edición, administración, diseño gráfico y ocio./ My life basically. Probably the tool that I use the most and that has held up like a champ since 2016. I use it for practically everything related to work: production, editing, administration, graphic design and entertainment. Probably the most important part of my portable office.

iPad 2018 + Procreate + Apple Pencil

Compré el iPad en el confinamiento de 2020, puede que esa sensación de no saber que iba a pasar al día siguiente influyera, pero la verdad es que llevaba tiempo meditando la compra./ I bought the iPad during the 2020 confinement, that feeling of not knowing what was going to happen the next day may have influenced it, but the truth is that it was a meditated purchase for months.

Tenía un poco de miedo por si me estilo de dibujo cambiaba o no poder adaptarme, pero he logrado darle buen uso. Es verdad que el Apple Pencil es caro (vivo con el miedo de perderlo) y que Procreate no es tan potente como Photoshop, pero es uno de los medio que más utilizo./ I was a little scared that my drawing style would change or I wouldn’t be able to adapt, but I’ve managed to put it to good use. It is true that the Apple Pencil is expensive (I live in fear of losing it) and that Procreate is not as powerful as Photoshop, but it is one of the resources I use the most. Let’s say that the iPad by itself could be a mini portable office.

Wacom Tablet

Que haya comprado un iPad no significa que deje de lado a mi amada Wacom, años con ella y funciona como una bala para dibujar en el ordenador./ Just because I bought an iPad doesn’t mean I’ll abandon my beloved Wacom aside. It has been with me for years and it works like a bullet to draw on the computer.

Papelería / Stationery

El papel (agenda) nunca me abandona. Puedo tomar mis notas digitalmente, pero nada como escribirlo para que la idea se fije en mi mente./ Paper (agenda) never leaves me. I can take my notes digitally, but nothing like writing it down so that the idea sticks in my mind.

Opcional pero apreciado: / Optional but appreciated:

Algo más para dibujar, audífonos para escuchar un podcast, sobre todo cuando dibujo. Y chocolate oscuro y frutos secos por si me da un desmayo./ Something else to draw, headphones to listen to a podcast, especially when I draw. And dark chocolate and nuts in case I faint.


Porque la experiencia no siempre es la misma:/ Because the experience is not always the same:

– “Debí haberme traído unos auriculares”. Esto cuando alguien habla demasiado fuerte. Un tema que se tiene que debatir, pero la experiencia social puede ser un pro o un contra./ – “I should have brought some headphones.” This is when someone talks too loud. A subject that has to be debated, but the social experience can be a pro or a con.

– Si no voy acompañado siempre pienso en con quien puedo dejar mis cosas cuando me esté haciendo pipí…. “¿Desarmo toda la estación de trabajo?”./ – If I am not accompanied I always think about who I can leave my things with when I am peeing…. “Should I take down the entire workstation?”

– “Un segundo café nunca hirió a nadie, pero un segundo croissant quizás no sea lo adecuado”./ – “A second coffee never hurt anyone, but a second croissant may not be adequate.”

– “Por lo menos ahorraré en la factura de la luz”./ – “At least I will save on the electricity bill.”

– ¿Normas de comportamiento? No hay nada escrito, sin embargo supongo que no quiero ser ese cliente que se está 6 horas ocupando la mesa, enchufándose a la luz y chupando wifi y que sólo se ha comprado un cortado./ – Rules of behavior? There is nothing written, however I suppose I do not want to be that customer who spends 6 hours occupying the table, plugging into the light and sucking on Wi-Fi and who has only bought a cortado.

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  • Very interesting topic! I also heard it said that writing or working in cafes, restaurants etc. is good for our creativity. I think it is good to change our scenary. Routine can be depressing. Moreover, new and/ or changing environments can stimulate our minds.

    P.S. Your art is amazing.

    • another P.S. I loved seeing what is in your bag.
      I’m not the most tech savy and have yet to explore digital art programs.
      Your art inspires me.
      I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Have a great Sunday!

      • Thank you very much for checking it out Ivana!

        As you well said routine can be depressing, but just small stimulis can change the whole game!

        Best regards! ❤️

  • It’s lovely seeing your portable office. Another blogger stated she became a better writer by insuring she spent time away from home. I think this is so true, although my natural tendency is to be a hermit. I love my I-ad and Apple Pencil. I am also learning to use Procreate. Although I am no artist, I love it. I used it to make my blog headers. Another program I love that works with Apple Pencil is Penbook. I keep my notes, calendar, journals in it. Fun post, Pablo! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

    • Thanks dear Michelle!

      Yes, that testimony sounds accuarate, I feel like everytime I go out the creative engine works a little bit better.

      Hope you’re having a lovely spring season! xx

  • Hey Fungi!

    This is awesome! I wish i could go into a coffee shop and get things done, but I would never be able to. It would have to be so quiet. I would get distracted right away with people walking in and out. That’s why I just stick to staying home. I definitely see how changing up the scenery can be inspiring and hopefully fill you up with new ideas.

    • Oh I know that feeling too!

      Sometimes if I want to do something that requires concentration I’d rather go to the public library 🙂

      Thanks for checking out the post Radi!

  • I wanted to play around with Procreate but my iPad is too old to support it. My mom had a large newer iPad I was going to have it when she passed but my sister took it lol. Personally I like working at home. I find being in public too distracting. I want to start listening to more pod casts. And as always loving this illustration!

    Allie of

    • Thanks for checking out the post Allie!

      Yes, sadly some iPad versions don’t support this program 🙁

      Thank you for the beautiful compliments!

  • I’ve never taken my work from home setup out to the library or for a coffee before – although I know one of my colleagues who had work done on their house used a library for a bit! I think it would be nice to get some people watching in for the day, but due to some of the things I work with I have strict rules about where I can setup and do some of my work. I do get to visit some of our different offices and have in office days though, so that’s a nice change from home, haha! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good weekend

  • hahah coffee and croissant combo no doubt makes everything bearable, I totally agree Pablo. This is one of your funniest posts ever and as usual, your drawings are very lighthearted and versatile. I enjoyed looking at them and reading your thoughts about your portable office. I find that I’m unable to concentrate in cafes at all hahah. I’ always too distracted by sounds and scents and what the human folk are up to. Plus, cafes can really attract the loud extroverted kinds with voices that kill my brain cells. So far, I’m really glad to just enjoy a cuppa in a cafe while daydreaming and people-watching. One of my fave cafes just closed down and I’m still grieving. I will have to drive out to another town to get my fav hazelnut coffee and choc croissant. Sigh. The little things that make our lives as human more meaningful and like you said, bearable. Wishing you a fantastic weekend ahead and keep drawing! 🙂

    • Hey Shanaz, I hope everything is going well on your side!

      I know right? Coffee and croissants could be the perfect incentive to start working haha.

      Thanks also for the beautiful compliments, friend. They really encourage and inspire me to keep creating things.

      I know that feeling, sometimes noises can disturb me too, specially if I am trying to write or to a very important task that requires concentration, in that case I’d rather go to the public library hehe 🙂

      All the best! XX

  • You make me want to visit a café right now.
    I think I could be more productive outside than inside my house with all the distractions.
    I can’t live without my iPad and my apple pen to draw some clothes and inspirations. And I downloaded Procreate because of your suggestions years ago and I really love this app.

    • Thanks for checking out the post, Margot!

      Exactly, just grab your iPad and your little baby one to go and have a creative session!

      I hope you find an interesting spot in Guam!

  • Hola Pablo! I always find it fascinating to see other people’s work setups especially fellow creatives so I really enjoyed this little peek into your portable office setup Pablo as it gives us some insight into your tools as well as your creative process. And of course we also get treated to your delightful illustrations as well 🙂 Another feature I always enjoy about your posts. Though I generally work from home and like it, I agree with you that sometimes a change in scenery can provide that little boost that we need to especially when we’re in need to new ideas. And fortunately being able to work outside of the home is made possible with portable equipment and high speed internet being readily available at cafes and other places. Like you I also work on Apple products. I have an iMac and an iPad. My husband who is in tech works on a MacBook Pro and an iPad with an Apple Pencil that he uses for notes. He also lives in fear of losing it but we found that keeping it in a carrying case helps to better manage and track it when he has to take it with him to the office. I’m with you on paper and I keep a notebook with me most of the time to write down random observations and inspirations. I find it’s easier for me to to flesh out writing pieces if I actually physically write them down. I also like to write so that the quality of my handwriting doesn’t degrade and sometimes I’ll just practice my hand lettering on the fly. I still haven’t become comfortable with spending time at indoor spaces again since the pandemic so now I take walks outside when I need a creative jolt. Though to be honest, some of my best ideas come to me when I’m doing mundane household chores because my mind just seems to wander all over the place at those times haha ;p Snacks should be mandatory rather than optional if you ask me LOL

    I hope that the spring season is treating you well Pablo. Likewise I always appreciate your thoughtful comments on my posts. we definitely share some similarities in taste on certain things so it’s interesting to get your perspective. I hope you’ll get to try the Kosas sunscreen. I’m also a big fan of their products especially their concealer and brow gel. I have some other sunscreens that i need to finish up before I can get a new one. I can’t believe April is almost over. Time seems to be flying by this year doesn’t it? We did indeed have some unseasonably warm weather this spring but fortunately it has gone back to normal. I’m a little concerned that this means that summer might be unbearably hot and I don’t want to miss out on layering and wearing my cute jackets for the transitional weather. As someone who also appreciates fashion, I’m sure you understand ^_^

    • Hola Rowena,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. As usual I find a lot of inspiration and energy to keep creating in your feedback! I really appreciate that you always take the time to share your vision with me 🙂

      Thanks also for the beautiful compliments, sometimes the tools may vary and right now I am trying to add more “craft” or traditional resources to create some compositions. Always moving haha!

      And I totally get what you mention, some ideas also pop up when I am doing the dishes or when I am taking off the dust! It is crazy right?

      And you’re welcome, I always find a lot of inspiration in every blog post you share!

      Best xx

  • Hola Pablo, how you doin?
    Here in italy we had been a super lucky combo of festive days (5 from Easter, the last one gonna be the 1st of may) and week ends that made this last month the most festive ever! Plus with lots of events around!
    Unluckily right after easter I’ve got an eye infection (still don’t know how…), and just when it started to get better it tooks even the other eye, so for almost 3 weeks my sight was half fogged and hyper sensitive to light (for the curative eye drops) and I couldn’t do almost anthing…. T_T
    Now I’m a lot better but the vacations are almost done and I’ve even got a lot of backlog…

    But stop complaining and let’s pass to the topic of the day!
    It was super interesting to what’s in your bag ( and, as I imagined it’s all ccol and super smart): the fun thing is that your devices, like tha major part of my friends that work in creative fields, are all from Apple, while I’ve got almost every product from Samsung ^^

    I’ve heard and seen people working in libraries or cafè and I’ve always tought it could be nice to try, but, to be honest, I’m more the type to wrk in a quiet and comfy environment since I distract easily and here in Italy everybody tends to socialize a lot ( me too) so I bet I’d ending of not working so much!^^’
    Plus, probably I’d spend a lot in snacks and treats and it wouldn’t be convenient at all!

    Anyway let’s enjoy this season, Pablo: it’s short but it’s the best time of the year, for fashion, travels and… almost everything except work!
    Loved your illustrations, as usual! 😉

    • Hey dear Silvia, so happy to hear from you again!

      Enjoying spring as much as possible in Barcelona! I am happy to know that you have a few free days but sad to hear about your eye infection 🙁 I have been there and there could be hundred reasons, hopefully you managed to have a break but remember to take care as much as possible…. Sending you a big hug 🙂

      And thanks for your lovely compliments! I totally get that feeling too, sometimes cafes could get noisy and in that scenario I prefer to go to the public library, specially if I need to write or to do a task that requieres concentrarion.


  • 100% comprendo esas anécdotas de café! ( soy team freelance tambien! ) Lo peor para mi puede ser olvidar los audífonos y perderme la oportunidad de escuchar música jeje! (De mi parte, te comparto que después de la pandemia he optado por cafés pequeños y más amenos… aunque ya no hay tanto problema con los virus… me acostumbré a cafés de ese tipo! ) Me encantó el post

    • Ay gracias por pasarte a comentar Camila, tú entenderás muy bien todos estos problemas de freelance entonces, al final hay mil trucos que te ayudan a escapar de la rutina 🙂

      Un abrazo!

  • Hey Fungi! How are you?

    Great article, and your portable office’s photos look so cool!
    Today I worked by iPad at a hospital. it was not cool…

    Anyway, I would like to have my portable office soon!
    While I took care of Goro, I couldn’t leave home.
    Thank you for sharing interesting ideas and problems!!
    Your illustrations about tools are really lovely!
    Your fashion illustration, too<3

    Have a wonderful weekend:)