Estaba pensando en que una buena manera de recopilar información importante de tu vida para echar un ojo a la evolución de tu persona es haciendo un registro de diferentes detalles: el primer mueble que te compraste, tus canciones más escuchadas a través de los años o tus viajes significativos. Hoy repasaré los sneakers de mi vida y como volví a abrazar este tipo de zapatos, sobre todo después de haber dejado mi trabajo de oficina en 2015 en el que usaba un calzado más formal./ I was thinking that a good way to collect important information from your life to keep an eye on the evolution of your person is by registering different details: the first piece of furniture you bought, your most listened songs over the years or your most meaningful travels. Today I will review the sneakers of my life and how I embraced this type of shoe again, especially after I left my office job in 2015 in which I wore more formal footwear.


Un modelo práctico que la moda ha recuperado para los adultos. Usar zapatos con 1 año de edad parece más un ornamento que una herramienta indispensable. Eso sí, a veces me gustaría volver a ser un bebé./ A practical model that fashion has recovered for adults. Wearing 1-year-old shoes seems more like an ornament than an indispensable tool. Of course, sometimes I would like to be a baby again.


Una manera de echarle un ojo a las obsesiones de los años 90. ¿Volverán los sneakers con lucecitas para llenar nuestras vidas de fantasía?/ A way to keep an eye on the obsessions of the 90s. Do you think light up sneakers will return to fill our lives with fantasy?


Increíble ver como esas formas rebuscadas y esa suela aparatosa son tan aclamadas desde 2018 cuando alguna vez me avergoncé de ellas. Lo mejor de estos sneakers es que lo mismo servían para la clase de deportes que para ir de expedición escolar/ These gimmicky chapes and bulky soles are so acclaimed since 2018, but I was ever ashamed of use them. The best thing about these sneakers is that they were useful for sports class and also for a school expedition.


O la manera de abrazar un clásico resucitado y la rebeldía. Los asocio con la rebeldía, porque la escuela nos prohibía llevarlos y eso sólo hacía que nos dieran más ganas de usarlos./ Or the way to embrace a resurrected classic and rebellion. I associate them with rebellion, because the school forbade us to wear them and that only made us want to use them more.


No recuerdo sneakers en esta etapa de mi vida, porque las botas estilo Dr Martens abrazaban mi espíritu indócil que me hacía creer que podía pasarme horas sin dormir./ I don’t remember sneakers at this stage in my life, because the Dr Martens style boots embraced my unruly spirit that made me believe that I could go hours without sleep.


El retorno de unas zapatillas que siempre estuvieron en las tiendas, pero que de pronto se hicieron omnipresentes. Phoebe Philo salió a saludar en un desfile de Céline en el 2013 (Céline con acento por favor, no hay día en que no extrañe a Philo como directora creativa de la marca) usando una reedición de las Stan Smith de Adidas, iniciando un discreto regreso de estos sneakers y su incorporación en el guardarropa del día a día. Tras dejar mi trabajo de oficina, me volví a enamorar de los sneakers./ The return of shoes that were always in stores, but suddenly became ubiquitous. Phoebe Philo came out to say hello at a Céline show in 2013 (Céline with an accent please, there’s not a day I don’t tmiss Philo as the brand’s creative director) wearing a reissue of Adidas Stan Smiths, kicking off a low-key comeback of these sneakers and their incorporation into the everyday wardrobe. After quitting my office job, I fell in love with sneakers again.



O la comodidad de unas Superga o del modelo Canvas de Veja. Mi opción para sneakers en el día a día es el modelo que me permita correr para acabar mis tareas y que lo mismo luzcan bien con un traje de dos piezas que con unos shorts deportivos. Mis adentros en este momento de mi vida rechazan los zapatos con formas aparatosas./ Or the comfort of Superga shoes or Veja’s Canvas model. My option for sneakers in the day to day is the model that allows me to run to finish my tasks and that looks good both with a two-piece suit as with sports shorts. My life is currently rejecting shoes with bulky shapes.

In this illustration: VEJA Nova Canvas White Sneakers

¿Cuál ha sido tu historia con los sneakers de tu vida? Estoy seguro que alguno de los modelos mencionados han aparecido en alguna etapa de tu vida./ What has been your story with the sneakers of your life? I am sure that some of the models mentioned have appeared at some stage in your life.

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  • This is a fun way to look back! Converse will always be a staple for me, although I think I wear them and other sneakers a lot more now with my knee injury. I had a lot of years of heels wearing before I hurt my knee, and I love a good ballet flat, but with working from home so much and spending a lot of time running around with the kids it’s sneakers almost all the time now for me!

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend 🙂

    • Hello Mica and thank you for checking out the post!

      I imagine kids have really changed the way you move around and sneakers are mandatory when it comes to stay comfortable while running errands 🙂

      Best, xx

  • Your illustrations of different sneakers are so perfect. I love how you captured the essence of every sneaker model in your closet. Beautiful illustrationsNaturally, I also enjoyed reading about them. It is fun to reexamine the relationship we have with our sneakers.

    I have a pair of white ugly sneakers that I bought for running and ended up wearing for a decade. Sure they were comfortable, but I guess the fact they were trending for years inspired or encouraged me to wear them more. The Converse model is a classic but so ridiculously overpriced I never bought the original. The favourite pair of sneakers in my closet is from Startas, a Croatian brand. This brand has really cute designs. If you ever come to Croatia, I’m taking you to their store.

    • Hello dear Ivana, so happy to see you here and thanks for your lovely comment about the illustrations!

      I also have some white ugly sneakers that I use to exercise, they have been with me since 2013! Can’t believe that but sometimes they could be a good investment.

      And thanks for introducing me to Startas, will be checking out some models and I’m sure I’ll have to get a pair when I visit Croatia *_*

  • I relate to this post so much! It took me a while to be on board with the ugly sneakers trend, but it’s actually not that bad. I think what I won’t like is when running shoes become “fashionable” though, they’re just…not! In my opinion anyway. Thanks for this cool post, was nice getting to know your sneaker journey too!

    • Thank for checking it out and for sharing your opinion with me!

      I think the same about “fashionable” running shoes, that trend is not just my thing haha!

  • Hola Pablo! Welcome back from your trip!
    I hope you had a lot of fun in Zaragoza (but I guees so, seeing your photos on IG stories)!^^
    This is the perfect time to trips and travels, since it’s even pretty sunny and warm but no so much like full summer, isn’t it? I went to a quick Tuscany getaway too last week end and it was super relaxing and nice!

    But now I wonder: how do you think to this kind of topics??? That’s totally surprising and super cool at the same time!
    As huge sneakers lover, I can totally relate with this post, and I have to say that the first 2 sneakers were the same to me (OMG, those light up sneakers, I loooooved so much them! You had really unlocked a memory ^^) maybe the only difference was just that mine were all pink/glittery, then, around middle school-first years of High School I was all about a peculiar type of ugly sneackers that were the most trendy for teens at that time here in Italy: the Fornarina Zone- strictly in pastel/iridescent colors, of course- (I don’t know if you know them…)! They’re probably the ugliest sneakers you can ever see, and were even pretty expensive- and I wore them for years!
    Then in the last High school years I passed to the Nike Air Max ( luckily, it really was a great step ahead in fashion), then around 20yo I’ve started to like Converse (still among my fav shoes) and, like you, to the stan smith and Superstar (still love even both them).
    In that period, and at the same time, for summer, I’ve started to appreciate much more the Superga canvas sneackers as well.
    In the middle I had a moment of appreciation even for Vans, but, despite the fact that they’re super comfy, they’ve never stole my heart…
    Now my feeling toward sneakers are a mix: since I really can’t like (again) ugly sneakers, I keep on loving Converse and Stan Smith above all… waiting for the next crush!^^

    Totally looooooved the illustrations here, you’ve caught the essence of sneakers with few signs, so so good!
    Have an amazing week ahead, Pablo!

    • Hola Silvia,

      Thank you so much for your warm message and for checking bits from the trips through Instagram! I hope you enjoyed your mini trip to Tuscany, a small break can really boost your mood 🙂

      And thanks as usual for reading out the post and for your compliments. I feel that we are a bit of sneakres twins since we like the same styles and I see on your blog that you tend to use Superga a lot (for me those are comfortable, stylish and timeless).

      I also have some Vans with me, a blue pair that I’ve been wearing a lot recently!

      All the best and thanks for the love and support 🙂

  • Ha! What a fun post Pablo! I had sneakers in my childhood, but I don’t remember any particular brand. You have a good memory. My go to sneakers at the moment is Yes We Vibe – sneakers decorated with peace signs and mandalas in an array of colors. I’ve never had a big name expensive sneakers.

    Hope your week is going well!


  • Hey Fungi!

    I hope you are having a lovely Sunday! Monday is coming to Tokyo soon.
    Thank you for sharing your sneaker life with great illustrations!
    You know about sneakers well, and I love your humorous writing:)
    21 years old is so lovely<3

    My favorite sneakers brand is converse, but I have wanted to tried Veja for a long time.
    Anyway, your illustrations are really more beautiful than real shoes, Fungi<3


    • Hey Akiko,

      As usual thank for you for checking out my blog post! 🙂 I always end up with a smile on my face after reading your meaningful comments!

      Let me know if you try Veja! I am currently looking for some new skeakers from this brand 🙂


  • Such a fun retrospective.
    The illustrations are beautiful. And I love sneakers. I’m a big sneakers lovers haha. It’s just my go to pair of shoes.
    I must admit my favorite pair of shoes here is the Fila.
    and just like around 15 years old I was wearing Converse. But I can’t believe you’re not allowed to wear those in school. This is so weird !
    I need a new pair of converse by the way.
    My first pair of shoes was I think a pair of Kickers. I recently saw some in Asos and now I want a new pair of kickers haha.

    • Hey Margot, thanks for checking out the post and for sharing your thoughts about the topic with me!

      And about converse in schools…. yes, that’s weird but schools in Latin America tends to be very strict in comparisson with schools in Europe haha.

      Let me know if you find new interesting sneakers in the upcoming months!

  • Hey Fungi,

    This is such an awesome blog post idea. Love seeing the evolution of your sneakers throughout the years. It reminds me how I had only one pair of sneakers for school and wore them until they would tear up. Now having a variety choice in shoes really makes me appreciate them and that I can switch up the styles.

    Hope you’re having a great start to October. Talk soon!

    • Hey Radi,

      Really happy to see you back over here! Thanks for checking out the latest blog post and I know you love sneakers too!

      All the best!

  • Okay I am absolutely obsessed with this post because it reminded me of wearing converse as a kid. I even remember having a personalized pair in elementary school where I chose the colors online haha. Let’s just say they were very eccentric looking lol! I am currently in the adidas sneakers phase of my life


    • Thank you for checking it out Jill!

      I also have a pair of Adidas that I still use, they’re a little bit old but the comfort is on another level!

  • Me encantó leer un poco más sobre tu vida en sneakers! Se me hizo muy curioso ver que has asociado los converse con la rebeldía. Yo me compré un par de converse high tops cuando me salí de la casa de mis papás. Jaja. Muy rebelde yo! Gracias por compartir!
    PerlaGiselle |

    • Gracias por leerlo, Perlita 🙂 Me dio mucho gusto ver tu comment por aquí jaja.

      Siento que los Converse siempre van a tener un lugar en mi corazón por ese motivo jaja!