Muchas veces el verano parece más idílico en las películas. Vivir en un verano idealizado donde suene Sufjan Stevens de fondo y las tardes se vuelvan infinitas mientras rellenas tu vaso de tu bebida favorita en un destino idílico no ha sido posible este año para mí, entre olas de calor y con la inflación por las nubes./ Summer often seems more idyllic in the movies. Living in an idealized summer where Sufjan Stevens plays in the background and the afternoons become infinite while you refill your glass with your favorite drink at an idyllic destination has not been possible this year for me, between heat waves and inflation hitting hard.

Eso no me ha impedido buscar pequeños gestos para crearme una versión más estética del verano, donde los recursos que tengo a la mano puedan ser vistos desde otro prisma y así romantizar mi vida sin necesidad de viajar a una isla griega./ That hasn’t stopped me from looking for small gestures to create a more aesthetic version of summer, where the resources I have at hand can be seen from another perspective and thus romanticize my life without having to travel to a Greek island.

¿Cómo es tu versión idealizada del verano?/ What would your idealized summer be like?



¿En qué colores piensas cuando oyes la palabra VERANO? Probablemente el amarillo por el sol y el azul por el mar, pero haciendo combinaciones de colores a partir de unas fotos que tomé en Mallorca, di con esta paleta que me recuerda a un verano idealizado y tranquilo, pero con emociones vibrantes./ What colors do you think of when you hear the word SUMMER? Probably yellow because of the sun and blue because of the sea. I was making some color combinations from photos I took in Mallorca and I found this palette that reminds me of an idealized and calm summer, but with vibrant emotions.


Cuando las temperaturas suben, queremos vestir solamente lo necesario. ¿Por qué no hacer lo mismo con nuestras mesas?/ When temperature rises, we don’t want to wear anything unnecessary. So why whould our tables be any different? An idealized summer should include our favorite snacks.


Un moodboard para una tarde floja, donde alguna película ligera pueda ser acompañada con un tinto de verano y con uno de esos snack que recuerden a la infancia./ A moodboard for a lazy afternoon, where a light movie can be accompanied with a “tinto de verano” and one of those snacks that remind us of childhood.

La llegada de lo que mucha gente conoce como “buen tiempo” nunca me ha entusiasmado. En el verano mi piel enloquece con el calor y el sol, mientras que en invierno me basa con un limpiador suave y una crema hidratante, pero en cuanto sube la temperatura mi cutis se convierte en la peor versión de sí mismo./ The arrival of what many people know as “good weather” has never excited me. My skin goes crazy during summer with the heat and sun, while in the winter I base myself with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer, but as soon as the temperature rises my complexion turns into the worst version of itself.

El agua termal de Avène, tanto como antes como para después de exponerme al sol así como el limpiador de impurezas de Caudalié son mis salvadores./ My saviours? Avène thermal water, both before and after exposing myself to the sun, as well as Caudalié’s impurity cleanser.

Otros elementos que me he encontrado en estos meses para ayudarme a redondear la experiencia estival:  tal vez los claveles, porque son económicos y duran una barbaridad a pesar del calor./ Other elements that I have found in these months to help me round off the summer experience: perhaps the carnations, because they are cheap and last a lot despite the heat.

In this moodboard: The Talented Mr Ripley (1999) + “Free Yourself” x Jessie Ware + Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarine + Uniqlo Rounded Bag + Caudalié Vino Pure Puryfing Cleanser Gel + Ferm Living Ripple Glasses 


Y el look para verano en colores pastel y en lino para estar siempre fresquito. Con eso de que los veranos cada vez son más largos, planeo comprarme más cosas de lino en los siguientes años./ And the outfit for summer in pastel colors and in linen to stay as fresh as possible. With summers getting longer, I plan on buying more linen items in the years to come.

In this illustration: Avène Eau Thermale + Nike Air in Pastels + COS Bag

Con todo eso, creo que crear un verano idealizado es posible y todo tiene su encanto. Par así es el momento perfecto para cambiar la rutina de colores, texturas y los básicos./ With all that, I believe that creating an idealized summer is possible and everything has its charm. This is the perfect time to change the routine of colors, textures and basics.

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  • I love the idea of summer, but the reality is that it’s always been hard on me. I’ve never tolerated the heat well, and without a lot of sunscreen, I burn. But I love the idea of creating a bit of idealized summer in your environment and clothing. Cool post! Have a fabulous weekend!


    • Thanks for stopping by Michelle!

      Same over here, I like the summer vibes but not the extreme heat.

      Hope you’re having a lovely month so far!

  • Hey Fungi!

    Omg these summer illustrations are everything! And I love the caudalie brand. A bit sad that summer is coming to an end, but will definitely get excited for a bit of fall fashion.

    Always thankful for your support. Hope you’re doing well and talk again very soon.

    • Hello Radi!

      I hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer! Caudalié is oen of my favorite beauty brands.

      Thanks for your support 🙂

  • Ah I agree summer heat and humidity can be very challenging. In the heat of summer I can only be one of two places: inside in air conditioning or at the beach sitting a few feet from the water. I live near a Trader Joe’s now and they have super affordable flowers I can get 5 sunflowers for $4.99. I try to enjoy each season and indeed summer is getting longer for sure.

    Allie of

    • Yes Allie! I have heard that summer is very challenging in New York too!

      And so good that you live close to a Trader Joe’s! I miss this space so much, specially for the good deals when talking about flowers 🙂


  • Hey Fungi!

    I hope everything is going id going well for you! Thank you for those great ideas for summer with your lovely illustrations and collage works!

    Cute cherries and snail wearing cool sunglasses!
    Relaxing two men, perfect color palette, beautiful Tablescape, carnations with summer items, and summer Fungi<3
    I have never seen such a beautiful carnation arrangement! I have to get carnations soon.

    Anyway, inflation is hitting me in Japan, too, hahaha. I hope you enjoy the rest of summer<3


    • Hey Akiko,

      Thank you so much for your compliments,it is always nice to have your comment and visit over here 🙂

      I love summer vibes too, not precisely the heat but there are a lot of nice items or flowers you can get for summer.


  • Well this blog post is definitely a vibe! I’m all about this romanticized view on summer and just making everything idyllic and charming. I agree that you want to keep it simple and colorful when it’s way too warm, probably why I’ve spent half my summer in colorful dresses. I have a pink dress in specific that’s so light to wear, that I’ve probably worn it twice per week this summer. I’ve worn it with my pink bag and purple shoes, ahah minimalism but make it colorful. I love your yellow/purple outfit, that color combination is such a gem. So fresh with your light sneakers too. Wishing you a lovely week Pablo! Xx

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Mia ❤️ This made my day!

      You know…. it is all about romanticizing the little simple details of life 🙂

      Your outfit idea sounds super cool, those colors are my favorite for this season.

      Hope you’re having a nice September so far!

  • Ah Pablo, your concept of an idealized summer definitely sounds better than the real thing. I say this as NYC is in another heatwave with sweltering temperatures. I usually like summer as I don’t enjoy the cold and I like the longer days of light but it’s been such a scorcher this year that I’m almost ready for it to be over. Notice how I said almost ;p I still want to wear my summer dresses and sit out on my terrace for longer. Sometimes when I’m out there I like to pretend that I’m somewhere more exotic haha. Your mood board and proposals all sound lovely and you look really nice in your pastel outfit. I love your Nike trainers. My skin tends to go a little crazy during the summer as well. I find that using clay based and calming type facial treatments to be really helpful. Also if you have any skin irritations, using a chilled watermelon rind compress on it will do wonders. Enjoy the rest of your summer XO

    • Hey Rowena, thank you so much for your lovely comments.

      Yes, it sounds better than the real thing, I actually tend to romanticize summer a lot, the truth is that I like summer vibes but not the horrible heat and humidity of the season. But yes, longer days are probably my favorite thing about the season, and of course the colorful fashion that you can find 🙂

  • Hola Pablo! I live for these kinds of posts from you. As always, a romanticized version as illustrated by words and visual imagery by you is very much appreciated and enjoyed. The seashell with a happy face is so cute and two guys just relaxing by the shoreline with one keeping himself hydrated – all’s just such a mood for an idealized summer moodboard. I love it! The minimalist summer snack illustration too. I can just look at these kinds of drawings and feel super relaxed! It’s true, though, the reality of summer with heavy humidity is challenging. I do love the thermal water by Avene! It’s been rainy here since last week, I really do wish some of this rain will carry itself to Barcelona! For now, Malaysia’s all moody and drenched and perhaps, a romanticized version of it is this: me drinking a hot beverage staying warm at home with my cat napping and the humans I love relaxing in their fav snuggly spots. I hope by the time this comment reaches you the sun is finally ready to take a break there!

    Wishing you a splendid week ahead.
    PS: Inflation’s rough here too :/

    • Thanks Shanaz! I would like to bring more similar posts in the future!

      I am super happy to read that you enjoyed this summer blog post 🙂 I imagine Malaysia weather is a bit similar to the one we have here, specially for the humidity. For now we still have a lot of sunny days, I am really eager for fall season *_*

  • I just cannot get enough of your art. Your illustrations, your palette and your collages are so gorgeous. I love how you blend photography and art. I love the art you create so much.
    My summer was a working one with a hardly any day off but I wouldn’t have changed it as I feel I have really learned a lot.
    Your summer palette is dreamy. Love that beach illustration.
    Your home always look so chic. I like how you managed to find a flower that survives the summer head, I need to take a hint from you and get some for myself.
    The outfit you illustrated is wonderful. Great shorts, shirt and sneakers combo.

  • P.S. I also love what you wrote about creating our own version of idealized summer.
    I think Summer is like any holiday- sometimes people expect perfection and get disappointment.
    No season is a guarantee for happiness. As always we must adapt.
    A lot of people get depressed during the Christmas period because they are made to believe they must feel perfectly happy. The truth is that life never stops and is never perfect.
    ….but we can create little moments of meanings for ourselves.
    ….we can take something from the magic of every season.

    • Oooh thank you very much for checking out this blos post, Ivana! You know it is a real pleasure to have you over my site 🙂

      Your compliments really motivate me to keep creating!

      And I like to hear that you had a good summer despite this heat. And totally agree with you, sometimes our expectations are too high and we feel bad if we don’t complete a certain checklist of the season, but the important part is to appreciate the small tiny details and the magical things in every season.

      Take care!

  • Hola Pablo! How’s going?
    I’m (finally) back from my vacations: really I wonder why goodtimes seem always so short, they pass always too quick! T_T

    Anyway I totally loved this post; really, I’m for romanticize everything, everywhere, everytime, so I couldn’t appreciate more this kind of topic!
    But I have to say that I’d prefer to have read this post before, maybe at the start of summer (maybe 2 years ago…) since is full of great inspirations and ideas that now i feel too late to try ….

    To be honest, to me me this summer was pretty good (even if I’ve even had the Covid…^^’): I mean, the heatwaves were terrible, but I went to a real family vacation after 2 year and that’s enough for me to make the whole summer! I’ve traveled a lot all my life long and thos 2 years of “staycations” were been pretty hard….
    Even if my fav season is spring, I have to admit that I love Summer: I love looong days, I can stand the heat much better than the cold, and I love to spend time outside….
    Of course the heat of this year was insane, but to be honest here in Rome every summer is wet and hot as hell, so I’m pretty used to it (in fact I’m using Thermal water since years).
    Anyway I really don’t know where you get that idea of summer palettes, but let me say that’s just genial! And those shades are so perfect: among modern and nostalgic (summer has always that kind of nostalgic side – that I love-don’t you think?) – totally love the vibes!
    And then: summer snacks, linen and carnations… everything scream summer in the most aesthetic way!
    Plus, your illustrations are masterpieces, especially the 2nd: just genial!!!!

    Have a great week, my friend,

    • Hey Silvia, so happy to see you here once again.

      I also took the time for a short break, specially with the horrible heat in Barcelona.

      And I know, holidays go maybe too fast, but at least you had a lovely time! You know it is all about romanticizing the small details. Sometimes I do this kind of posts for the other seasons tho.

      And I am super happy to read that this was a nice summer for you! Unfortunately I couldn’t go out of Barcelona but at least I did a lot of activities in the city, this time it felt normal after 2 years.

      Take care friend 🙂