No hace falta que les cuente que mi escritorio y yo somos casi uno mismo, especialmente después de los meses de confinamiento. Mi agenda de trabajo, facturas, pegatinas, muchos bolígrafos sin tinta y de vez en cuando una flor bonita. Mi escritorio es actualmente uno de mis lugares favoritos en casa y el lugar de creación del 80% de mis trabajos, el otro 20% se divide entre mi pequeño balcón, el comedor y alguno que otro café bonito de Barcelona./ Needless to say, my desk and I are almost one, especially after the lockdown. My work schedule, invoices, stickers, lots of pens without ink and occasionally a pretty flower. My desk is currently one of my favorite corners at home and the place where 80% of my work is created, the other 20% is divided between my small balcony, the dining room and occasionally in a nice café in Barcelona.


No voy a pretender que mi escritorio permanece impoluto siempre, ¿pero podría ponerle una personalidad? Si fuera así, sería una mezcla de funcionalidad con toques de color y alguno que otro detalle bonito que pueda ver antes de rendirme con mi declaración de impuestos. No hay un exceso de decoración pero hay ciertos detalles que van cambiando: plantas, tazas de café (en plural), recortes en el moodboard y un libro que ver para despistar al bloqueo creativo./ I’m not going to pretend that my desk is always spotless, but could I give it a personality? If so, it would be a mix of functionality with a pop of color and some nice details to contemplate before I give up on my tax presentation. There is not an excess of decoration but there are certain details that are changing: plants, coffee cups (in plural), cutouts on the moodboard and a book to see in case I experience a creative block.

¿Cuál es la personalidad de tu escritorio o espacio designado de trabajo? Por cierto, la cama no es un lugar válido para trabajar, de hecho es zona peligrosa, así que mi mejor consejo es designar lo mejor posible tu espacio de trabajo. 3, 2, 1… Elige tu escritorio:/ What is the personality of your desk or designated workspace? By the way, the bed is not a valid place to work, in fact it is a dangerous area, so my best advice is to designate a specific desk or a small workspace. 3, 2, 1 … Choose your desk:


Un espacio que cuenta con los elementos necesarios para no saturar aún más la agenda de la vida adulta. Mobiliario en tonos neutros, papelería monocromática (y por papelería quiero decir una sola libreta, no como yo), un par de bolígrafos y algún acento de diseño que haga un contraste con tu ordenador: una silla estilo Vitra, aroma terapia via Aesop o un flexo de Hay Design./ A desk that has the necessary elements to avoid saturating the agenda of adult life. Furniture in neutral tones, monochromatic stationery (and by stationery I mean a single notebook, not like me), a pair of pens and some design accent that makes a contrast with your computer: a Vitra style chair, aroma therapy via Aesop or a lamp by Hay Design.


Este es el mío, aunque también me decanto un poco por el artístico. Es un espacio práctico y que apuesta por la comodidad, pero sin renunciar a algunos elementos divertidos o inspiradores y a toques de color que puedan ser modificados con el tiempo. Moodboards que van siendo reemplazados según las tareas a resolver, amor por la papelería (hacer listas de trabajo y scrapbook supone un placer) y un florero o el vaso de una vela de Diptyque para almacenar cosas no tan bonitas, pero necesarias: como recibos y facturas./ This is my desk, although I also prefer a bit of the artistic desk. It is a practical space that bets on comfort, but without giving up some fun or inspiring elements and touches of color that can be modified over time. Moodboards that are being replaced according to the tasks to be solved, love for stationery (making lists and scrapbook is a pleasure) and a Diptyque vase or candle glass to store things that are not so beautiful, but necessary: such as receipts and invoices.


Es un espacio de cambio constante, el trabajo o tarea a resolver se apodera del escritorio y muta con el: un día puede parecer el gabinete de un ilustrador de los años 60 y al siguiente una revolución de las máquinas donde conviven discos duros, una cámara, una tablet y una maraña de cables que se mezclan con nuevas creaciones y varias frustraciones para llegar a ellas./ It is a space of constant change, the work or task to be solved takes over the desk and mutates with it: one day it may look like the cabinet of an illustrator from the 60s and the next a revolution of machines among hard drives, a camera, a tablet and a tangle of cables that coexist with new creations and the frustrations to reach them.


No hace falta hacer una descripción muy detallada, el espacio muta cada día y la distribución de sus elementos nunca será la misma. Puede que no sea el marco para la foto perfecta de Instagram, pero es un espacio que siente vivido./ It is not necessary to make a very detailed description, this desk changes every day and the distribution of its elements will never be the same. It may not be the frame for the perfect Instagram photo, but it’s a space that feels vivid.

¿Pasas mucho tiempo en tu escritorio o prefieres otra zona de trabajo? Confieso que para mí es difícil comenzar la jornada si todo está desordenado, así que prefiero empezar mi día limpiando el escritorio, acumulando todos mis cachivaches en los cajones y diciéndole adiós al escritorio minimalista, porque sé que eso al final del día no es posible para mí./ Do you spend a lot of time at your desk or do you prefer another work area? I confess that it is difficult for me to start the day if everything is messy, so I prefer to begin by cleaning the desk, accumulating all my junk in the drawers and saying goodbye to the minimalist desk, because I know that at the end of the day, that option is not possible for me.


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  • Oh yes I spend A TON of time at my desk. And yes even more so with lockdown. And because of this it should be a special place and well organized and an enjoyable place to be. My current desk is kind of old. I want to get a new one at some point. The screws for the legs loosen over time and then it starts squeaking lol. But is it is big which is nice.

    Allie of

    • Thanks Allie! I actually love your workspace, the one where you record your videos right? I think the old-vintage touch is so cozy!

  • First of all, I love your art and illustrations. They are so cool! Secondly, you made me giggle with that ‘I find order in chaos’ thing because that’s such a Taurus thing to do. They say Taurus personalities always have their desk full of stuff but they also know where everything is. It is a creative mess, one could say. Taurus is an Earth style so we like to be organized and have things under control, but we also cling to things and that sometimes gets reflected to our living space.
    Work desk is such an important place, isn’t it? I totally agree with you in saying we shouldn’t work from our bed. I have a work desk in my home and I miss it when I’m away. It is nice to have a place to sit down and get work done. Even if we can’t afford a home office, we can still set up a working station of some kind, preferably with a work desk.

    • Dear Ivana, thank you so much for your lovely words! As you I am a Taurus and I can relate to your words!

      My desk is almost like my sanctuary, specially in my little apartment so I try to have it as tidy and beuay as I can!

  • Hello Pablo, how you doin? I tought of you in these passed days when I’ve heard that the Covid situation in Spain is getting worse again… Let’s hope that there is no need of another lockdown: during summer would be crazy!
    Anyway i was relieved from the fact that I saw that you were pretty active on Ig, so I tought that after all you were sound and safe (I know, it sounds like an old anuntie speaking)! ^^

    Anyway, the topic of this week is very fun and I tought well before to decide what’s my desk: really it’s pretty fluid since depending the days or the activities I can easily shift from minimal to “I find order in chaos”!
    But you can say that generally my desk is “functional but with a pop of color”, with my colored pens, devices, lavender flowers, mini cactus and vanilla scented candle, but if I have a project on run it becames more like “the artistic”.
    At the end I guess that working on it almost all day long it kinda reflect the mood and the needs of the moment, isn’t it?

    This apart, in loooove with your illustrations! I think that you really worth success in that field, you ‘re very talented for style and trends!

    Take care and stay safe, my friend!

    • Hello dear Silvia, thanks for taking the time to write…. Fortunately I’m fine, but wouldn’t like to have a second lockdown haha, hope the situation in Italy is better than the one we’re living in Spain, but I mean no big deal if you go out with all the safe precautions ❤️

      Thanks, actually I remember your desk when you shared my IG story template, a lot of color and little details like your scented candle and lavender, that’s totally your touch!

  • You always find the best topic in your articles.
    I also spend a lot of times on my desk which is actually composed of 2 desks.
    One side with my computer, camera and the other side with all my sewing materials.
    I really didn’t invest in so many decorations yet ! Hopefully one day.
    I just purchased the chair I wanted : A fluffy one. But for real this is not a comfy chair haha.
    So I’ll say my desk is more an artistic one especially when I have a sewing project in progress.

    • Hey Margot! thank you so much for taking the time to read 🙂

      I could imagine you are the artistic one, specially for all the amazing clothes you create!

  • Hey Fungi,

    Me too…I’m almost always glued to my desk. hahaha At least its got personality…crazy and sometimes neat hahaha.

    Actually this weekend I’m going to go look for a new desk. Got rid of the old one. Can’t wait!

    Hope you have a happy Friday!

    • Hahaha hey Radi gimme five…. me too! That’s why I try to keep it as nice as possible!

      Happy weekend 🙂

  • Haha such a fun article!! I think I’m a combination of minimalist and artistic. Mainly because I share my desk, I can’t go too messy. But at the same time, I definitely have random piles of papers and post-its that are moving around constantly. Haha maybe the next big Pinterest trend will be how to style your desk?! Xx

    • Hello Mia! Thanks for stoping by!

      As you I don’t like to go messy, I prefer to keep everything under control as much as I can!

      That Pinterest trend sounds interesting!

  • Hey Fungi!

    I hope you are having a nice day!
    Your lovely illustrations about desks are so great, and they motivate me to keep to clean the desk!
    “an illustrator from the 60s” is so funny, and my desk is often like that because I am not good at wireless, hahaha.

    The lamp by Hay design is so you! Have you gotten it? Beautiful products help us to work:)
    It is great idea that you use Diptyque vase for receipts and invoices!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful article, Fungi <3


    • Hey dear Akiko, thanks for checking out this blog post 🙂 Seeing your comments always make me happy.

      Don’t worry I am not good at wireless too haha!

      Don’t have this HAY design lamp but check out their website, they have tons of pretty office products *_*

  • I love every single illustration here! They are so nice, Pablo

    Hah, I do spend a lot of time at my desk. I would describe it as a mix of functional and artistic. I really like adding bright accents, like colored candle jars, stationary or even beauty products with fun (maybe not practical) packaging. I try to keep it as neat as possible, but it can look very “busy” at times with lots of work related stuff laying around.

    BTW you reminded to look up some new fun coffee mugs! That is another obsession hah xx


    • Thank you so much dear Naya!

      I’m basically glued to my desk in this season, but I won’t complain…. as you I like to have those deatils (specially the candle jar and pretty stationary) 🙂

  • OMG first of all, THE IMAGES IN THIS POST . You’re so talented! My desk started out as The Minimal but kind of turned into the Functional w/ a Pop of Color lol. You’re right, your bed shouldn’t be your workspace but I am guilty of doing a little work on the couch with something on tv in the background lol.
    I hope your summer is going well Pablo! Hopefully things are getting back to normal where you are?
    Take care!!

    Des |

    • Des, I was so happy to see you here, thanks for taking the time to comment :D!

      Summer is good but we’re having a really odd one since co vid cases are increasing 🙁 but at least we don’t have a lockdown again


  • First of all I love all of these illustrations of yours! I’m the minimalist desk because I can’t concentrate well if my space has a lot of things hahaha but I love to make use of old things like Dyptique candle holders as chocolate candy containers and old cold brew coffee bottle as a vase.