Los acontecimientos recientes nos están haciendo afrontar los problemas maneras insospechadas. Hace algunos días tuve antojo de tarta de queso, pero me fue imposible encontrar los ingredientes necesarios en el supermercado. Días después me di cuenta que la escasez tal vez estaba relacionada con la agenda digital recomendando la repostería como el mejor escape, aunque tal vez para muchos se trató de re descubrir una pasión que el frenesí de la vida cotidiana se había encargado de enterrar./ Recent events are making us deal with problems in unsuspected ways. A few days ago, while drinking my coffee, I had a craving for cheesecake, but I was unable to find the necessary ingredients in the supermarket. Days later I realized that the shortage was perhaps related to the digital agenda, with people recommending baking as the best escape, but perhaps for many it was a matter of rediscovering a passion that the frenzy of everyday life buried deep down.


El deseo de esa tarta para beneficio de mi dieta, se quedó en eso, en un deseo. ¿O fue solamente un antojo que confundí con aburrimiento? Ya no lo sé… Lo único que me queda y el placer que no dejo escapar es el café, una de esas cosas pequeñitas que me aíslan totalmente de los problemas del mundo./ Luckily for my diet, the craving for that cake was just that, a craving. Or was it just a craving that I mistaken for boredom? I don’t know… The only thing I have left and the pleasure that I need everyday is my coffee, one of those little things that totally isolate me from the problems of the world.

Desde que llegué a España me acostumbré a que la hora del café es sagrada en esta tierra, es un break que se respeta y no ves a la gente corriendo con un vaso de café como en América. Por cierto, ¿por qué no vas por un café antes de seguir leyendo esto? Gana si añades un croissant o una galleta para recuperar la energía que perdiste con tu clase online de fitness./ Since I came to Spain, I got used to the fact that coffee time is sacred here, it is a break that is respected and you don’t see people running with a cup of coffee like in America. By the way, why don’t you go for a coffee before you finish reading this? It is better if you add a croissant or a cookie to regain the energy you lost with your online fitness class.


¿Y tú cómo tomas tu café por la mañana? (o el de la tarde, da igual). Una pregunta que te ayuda a conocer mejor a tu círculo social y de paso cuestionarte si es tiempo de pasarte al Dalgona Café o es mejor apegarte a tu perfil de café de toda la vida. Las opciones son infinitas, pero me aproximaré a dibujar tu estilo personal y tu perfil en internet dependiendo de tu elección de café, aunque recordemos que lo hermoso de esta vida es probar, equivocarse, volver a probar y tal vez descubrir un nuevo favorito:/ So how do you take your morning coffee? This question will help you to know better your social circle and ask yourself if it’s time to move to Dalgona coffee or if is it better to stick to your coffee profile of a lifetime. Options are endless, but I’ll approach drawing your personal style and your profile on the Internet depending on your coffee choice, although it is important to point that the most beautiful thing in this life is to try, make mistakes, try again and maybe discover a new favorite:


El minimalismo como forma de vida en tu café y en tu consumo de redes sociales. ¿A cuántas cuentas sigues? A las necesarias para hacer un balanza entre cotilleo personal, inspiración creativa, tips de fitness y un poquito de moda para saber si te arriesgas con un color inesperado en la próxima temporada./ Minimalism as a way of life in your coffee and in your consumption of social media. How many accounts do you follow? Just the necessary to make a balance between personal gossip, creative inspiration, fitness tips and a little bit of fashion to know if you want to risk with an unexpected color in the upcoming season.


La ecuación perfecta: espresso con un toque de leche para aquellos a quienes les gusta mantener el control de las situaciones, la ropa bien combinada e impoluta y una agenda súper organizada. Por ejemplo, es mi elección cuando el lugar no tiene leche vegetal, así no me arriesgo con mi intolerancia a la lactosa./ The perfect equation: espresso with a touch of milk for those who like to keep the situation under control, clean and well-matched clothes and a super organized agenda. For example, it is my choice when the coffee place doesn’t have plant-based milks, so I do not risk my lactose intolerance.


Un café para las personas que saben enfocarse en su rutina laboral, precedida por un workout de Youtube llamado “Effective cardio for busy people” y aderezada por frases inspiradoras y tips de emprendimiento y liderazgo./ A coffee for people who know how to focus on their work routine, preceded by a YouTube workout called “Effective cardio for busy people” and seasoned with inspirational quotes and tips for entrepreneurship and leadership.


Un café que se asocia con buscar el comfort en todas las situaciones. Tu outfit está compuesto por piezas que te hacen sentir cómodo, pero sin sacrificar el estilo. Tus cuentas, blogs y canales preferidos son aquellos con los que puedes interactuar de manera pacífica y que te dejan una sonrisa en el rostro./ A coffee that is associated with seeking comfort in every situation. Your outfit is made up of pieces that make you feel comfortable, but without sacrificing style. Your preferred accounts, blogs and channels are those with which you can interact peacefully and that leave a smile on your face.

*Yo soy éste la mayor parte del tiempo/ *I’m this one most of the time


Una personalidad romántica, introvertida e inquieta. Apuestas por las tendencias pero tu estilo personal siempre ha incluido colores y texturas./ A romantic, introverted and restless personality. You bet on trends but your personal style has always included colors and textures.


Estás aquí para apostarlo todo, tu personalidad inquieta no te deja ni terminar ese tutorial de Youtube y ya estás pensando en el siguiente. Cualquier tendencia es merecedora de ser probada, ¿pero por cuánto tiempo?/ Estás aquí para apostarlo todo, tu personalidad inquieta no te deja ni termina ese tutorial de YouTube y ya estás pensando en el siguiente. Cualquier tendencia merece ser probada, pero ¿por cuánto tiempo?

Coffee definitions via Dauntless Jaunter

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  • LOL this was go too funny! I like both Macchiato and an Americano I like my coffee strong with a touch of cream : ) and love the illos too, as usual. Yes all the bakeries here are closed. And they were not at the start of the outbreak they are considered essential, but I think it is b/c they can not get flour and maybe even sugar…

    Allie of

    • Hey Allie, how you doing good! A touch of cream is always welcomed!

      Hope the situation in NY is getting a little better 🙂

  • Haha, omg Pablo you are a genius! No lie. This was such a lovely article (with the cutest illustrations).
    When I read your description of espresso, I recognized my mother instantly, which was so hilarious. I personally drink Americano, but with a bit of lacto-free milk (hah, wonder how that would alter the original description?). I also wonder if you have tried the latest coffee craze – dalgona? Have you tried it? It has literally infested my feed worse than C-19 (and I thought #quarantinequeen together with various couple exercises were bad). Maybe I should try it before I judge it though 😀

    Sending lots of positivity your way, hope you are doing ok! xx

    • Haha thank you Naya! That’s a very nice compliment! I am glad you enjoyed this post 🙂

      I haven’t tried the Dalgona cafe, but if this lockdown gets too long I’ll probably doo!

      Stay safe and creative 🙂

  • Hey Pablo, how you doin?
    Are you started to became used to the lockdown? I really hope this isn’t hard for you, but I’m even sure that you gonna find the way to cope with it, you’re a very resourceful personin my opinion!
    Ok this could sound pretty odd since I’m Italian (and even here in Italy the “coffee moment” is sacred) but…. I don’t like coffe! Never liked and never drunk in my whole life, despite the fact that my parents and my brother (especially my mum) are all coffee lovers! ( And the same is with beer, I really don’t like it despite everyone around seems to love it: I love wine and cocktails and like spirits and boozes, but can’t stand beer).
    Plus here in Italy the most common way to drink coffee is espresso (here people drink caffè latte only in the morning for brakfast) that is the more bitter! And Americano isn’t even consiedred coffe at all, you can found it almost only in Starbucks and people tends even to look down to you if you drink it!
    Once I’ve drunk a Mocaccino (that is almost a cappuccino with chocolate) and it wasn’t so bad, but really not even something I’d choose to enjoy a moment of relax: definitely I prefer a glass of good wine!^^
    Very fun and interesting post anyway, I really enjoyed reading it trying to mentally associate people I know with the coffees!
    Plus the illustrations are SUPER!
    Take care and stay safe, my friend!

    • Hey Silvia! Everything is OK in this side, at least I’m staying safe and creative and I must say I haven’t feel very bored, luckily I can do many work things from home so everything is OK in that area 🙂 I hope you and your beloved ones are doing ok!

      Haha I didn’t know you don’t like coffee, sounds strange taking into account that you’re Italian, but it is something that reminds me of Mexicans that do not like avocado or spicy stuff…. totally normal!

      All the best and thanks for stopping by!

  • I always drink Turkish coffee in the morning. I don’t know why we call it Turkish since they drink tea than coffee (not as much anyway) in Turkey, but I think you know what I mean. It is also sometimes called Greek coffee. I even heard expressions like Bosnian coffee (and some people from Bosnia and Herzegovina will get offended if you say Turkish coffee is the same thing because they are slight differences such as adding boiling water later in the process). Preparing it is a little art in itself. There are small differences in the way coffee is prepared in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (and other countries), it can also depend on the region but generally speaking it is an unique coffee experience. 🙂
    The cafe shops are closed right now but when they are opened I also enjoy a cup of Italian espresso. I typically never drink coffee with milk but I might add almond milk sometimes.

    • Hey dear Ivana, thanks for stopping by and sharing your coffee habits with me 🙂

      I haven’t tried Turkish coffee, but I’ve heard the flavor is really strong and deep. Funny to know what Bosnian think about this situation haha.

      Hope we can enjoy that Italian espresso in the upcoming months!

      Stay safe and creative!

  • Hey Fungi!

    I’m a 100% coffee lover so seeing this post made me extra happy. I drink around 2-3 cups a day. And a little secret: I make the best coffee! haha Just ask my sister!

    My favorite mornings are when I have my coffee with a croissant. Dream!

    • Hey Radi! Thanks for stopping by! Sometimes I drink 3 cups per day too…. oops, but I know I’m cutting coffee just to 2 cups per day haha

      And I adore when I have the chance to get croissants 🙂

  • Such a fun article to read Pablo! Haha, loved the illustrations, as stylish as always. I don’t really drink coffee, I’m more of a tea person – or definitely a tea person. But I do enjoy ice coffee that’s sweetened with caramel or vanilla or with a hint of chocolate flavour, lots of ice too of course haha. But I don’t drink it too often either, so it doesn’t really count. With that said though, my prefered style of tea is some flavoured green tea or a spicy infusion. I always drink my tea with some plant based milk, but I keep my infusions clean. Anyways, haha random information. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy! Xx

    • Hey Mia, hope you’re doing good!

      Tea is also something I have in my kitchen, there are many types that you can always try something new and that’s fantastic too!

  • Oh this is so fun and creative !
    I love love your coffee cups with expressions. It’s super cute !
    Unfortunately I don’t do coffee. It makes my heartbeats goes crazy.
    And I don’t like coffee but I really love sweat Starbucks. I’m more into hot chocolate so what does it say ? Haha.

    • Ooow thanks for your compliment! I didn’t know you don’t like coffee, but hot chocolate is also a nice beverage to have 😉

  • Hey Fungi!!

    Your great article about coffee makes me so happy because I really love coffee!
    Those illustrations are lovely<3 In particular, Americano and latte.
    I am a big fan of latte, and that Mr. Americano is so handsome!

    I always Cafe au lait at home because I don't have espresso machine.
    I grind beans and pour hot water, and coffee aroma is relaxing.
    It is difficult to use stove top espresso maker for me, so I want a machine from Delonghi!

    Anyway, it is beautiful phrases about try, make mistakes, try, then discover new things in the first paragraph 🙂


    • Hey Akiko!

      Good to know that you like coffee! One colleague went to Japan and she told me there are many interesting coffee places in Tokyo 🙂

      Thanks for your compliments about the illustrations, it means a lot cause it comes from an inspirational creative just like you!

  • This is so cool! I’m not actually a big coffee drinker myself. I used to be but when I was 18 I went to Europe for 6 weeks and spent all that time drinking espresso’s that I got over it quick-smart! You’re right, Europeans do take their coffee breaks seriously. They also enjoy them several times a day hahaha! I usually opt for a latte or mocha. So I lovvvve the latte definition. I really feel like that sums me up perfectly!


    • Hahaha yes Sonia, coffee time is sacred here, despite that I like the idea of taking a conscious break 🙂

      Hope you’re staying safe and creative!

  • Yo soy de americano, no me representa mucho quizá la descripción hehe, pero si que lo tomo por que siento que me despierta mucho más! Además, no soporto la leche heheh
    Me ha encantado este post, las ilustraciones de los cafés son lo más mono que he visto en años!!
    Un abrazo gran Pablo!

    • Ah no sabía que eras intolerante a la lactosa jaja! Entonces definitivamente es el café perfecto para ti!

      Muchos abrazos de vuelta!

  • I’m latte, flat white & eccentricities. Jajaja. But when it comes to drink it at home, I like just a simple ‘café con leche’ and if I want a bit of diferent flavor, just add almond milk or vanilla escence or even peanut butter. Jajajaa.

  • this is so cute! I’m a latte hahaha
    i really love the drawing and this fun activity Pablo, thank you!
    Also I miss on going out to do cafe hopping, but will wait until the situation gets better
    Hope you are well

    style frontier

    • Hahaha that’s a good one Des! I also love my coffee with ice, specially in the summer 🙂

  • Can I be a macchiato and Americano mixed in one.
    Both with a lot of cream.
    To be honest, I’m not really a coffee drinker but I love frappacinos if that counts for anything. Hahaha
    Your illustrations are lovely.
    Keep shining mate!