¿Cómo hacer un interior otoñal acogedor? Esperaba el otoño con ansias después de haber vivido un verano bastante sofocante. Mis épocas favoritas son aquellas de término medio, primavera y otoño. Aunque con el cambio climático, lo de las estaciones a veces es una mera formalidad. Pero a mí, me basta que haga un poco de frío para pedirme otra bebida caliente y disfrutar de una revista o un libro, romantizando la vida./ Now’s time to pick a few autumnal details for cozy interiors. I was looking forward for autumn after going through a rather sweltering summer. My favorite seasons are those of medium term, spring and autumn. Although with climate change, seasons are sometimes a mere formality. But for me, a bit of cold is enough to order another hot drink and enjoy a magazine or a book, romanticizing life.

La verdad es que el clima de Barcelona sigue siendo bastante agradable durante otoño, pero también me encanta pasar tiempo en casa haciendo algunos rituales y tener un espacio bonito y acogedor me emociona mucho. Aquí algunos gestos para lograr un interior otoñal acogedor que te permita hacer todos esos planes relevantes./ The truth is that the weather in Barcelona is still quite pleasant during autumn, but I also love spending time at home doing some rituals and having a nice and cozy space excites me a lot. Here are some autumnal details for cozy interiors so you can enjoy all those relevant plans.



Reservar el color para primavera y verano es una ley que no sigo. Si bien me encanta rodearme de tonos un poco más cálidos y neutros en otoño, siempre me gusta añadir ese puntito de color. Textiles que permitan añadir juego cromático o alguna vajilla con un puntito de color para contrastar./ Reserving color for spring and summer is a rule that I like to break. While I love to surround myself with slightly warmer, neutral tones during autumn, I always like to add that little pop of color. Textiles that allow adding color play or some crockery with a dot of color to make contrasts.

Los colores neutros son los favoritos por su versatilidad, pero no me gusta dejar de lado ese toque personal para ir creando contrastes acertados. Verdes, desde su variedad más pastel hasta el tono más ocre que recuerde a un bosque en otoño./ Neutral colors are the favorites because of their versatility, but I don’t like leaving aside that personal touch to create interesting contrasts. Greens, from its most pastel variety to the most ocher tone reminiscent of a forest in autumn.



El otoño me encanta porque al fin puedo encender mis velas y los aromas me ponen de buen humor y ayudan a redondear un concepto o una situación, es como ponerle la banda sonora a una película: añades personalidad a un espacio. Me encanta lo perecedero (flores, perfumas y velas) porque construyen un instante. Notas picantes, amaderadas y especiadas son mis favoritas para alcanzar un interior otoñal acogedor./ I love autumn because I can finally light my candles and the aromas put me in a good mood. They help to round off a concept or a situation, it’s like putting the soundtrack to a movie: you add personality to a space. I love perishable things (flowers, perfumes and candles) because they build an instant. Spicy, woody and spicy notes are great autumnal details for cozy interiors


La luz es ese aspecto crucial que a veces olvidamos, y en el otoño se vuelve un factor aún más importante conforme los días se acortan. ¿Un conjuro fácil? Añadir una pequeña lámpara (puede ser portable para irla moviendo por casa) a ese rincón especial donde pasarás más tiempo. No lo subestimes, para que no, pero una dosis extra de luz hace mucha diferencia./ Light is that crucial aspect that sometimes is forgotten, and during autumn it becomes an even more important factor as days are shorter. An easy spell? Add a small lamp (it can be a portable lamp so you can move it around the house) to that special corner where you will spend more time. Don’t underestimate it, an extra dose of light makes a lot of difference.


Si bien me gustaría vivir la fantasía de decorar mi casa de Halloween como en las películas estadounidenses, hay ocasiones en las que no puedes gastar en tanta decoración otoñal o de Halloween. Busca algo que añada una personalidad otoñal a tu hogar, pero sin perder la esencia: no sólo es poner un montón de calabazas por la casa, sino integrar cosas antiguas, colores, texturas, etc. No tienen porque ser cosas tan literales. Por ahora se me ocurren textiles en tonos cálidos, velas, algunas flores secas, una ilustración, etc./ While I would like to live out the fantasy of decorating my house for Halloween like in the American movies, there are times when you just can’t afford to spend as much on fall or Halloween decor. Look for something that adds an autumnal personality to your home, but without losing its essence: it’s not just putting a bunch of pumpkins around the house, but integrating old things, colors, textures, etc. They don’t have to be such literal things. For now I can think of textiles in warm tones, candles, some dried flowers, an illustration, etc.


Las velas aportan candor y crean un ambiente, esto independientemente de la temporada, pero tal vez otoño-invierno sean las mejores épocas para admirar esas luces mientas haces planes en interior. Hablando de la decoración del detalle infiltrado, éste puede ser precisamente un candelabro que es un centro de mesa perfecto o un buen accesorio para una mesa de café./ Candles bring warmth and they can create an atmosphere, this regardless of the season, but perhaps autumn-winter are the best times to admire those lights while you make indoor plans. Speaking of the decoration of the infiltrated detail, this can be precisely a candle holder, the perfect centerpiece of a table setting or to decorate a sideboard or coffee table. Autumnal details for cozy interiors are also in the smallest things.


Una bebida caliente mientras disfrutas de un libro o de una película es la definición de comfort por excelencia. Mi wishlist siempre está llena de piezas de cerámica, desde platos y tazas hasta jarrones. Me gusta que son piezas coleccionables, pero que también cumplen una función./ A hot drink while enjoying a book or a movie is the quintessential definition of comfort. My wishlist is always full of ceramic pieces, from plates and cups to vases. I like that they are collectible pieces, but that they also fulfill a function.

Hacer del hogar un refugio en tiempos de crisis, donde refugiarse con un libro, una película, galletas y una vela sea todo un plan en si mismo. ¿Cuáles son tus tips para hacer un espacio otoñal acogedor?/ Make the home a refuge in times of crisis, where taking refuge with a book, a movie, cookies and a candle is a plan in itself. What are your tips for making a cozy autumn space?

ITEMS in this post: 

1. Hey Fungi Prints & Scarf + 2. HAY Candle Holder & Candle + 3. Portable Flower Pot V9 + 4. H&M Home Glass Green Vase + 5. Diptyque Vanille Candle, Maison Margiela Replica Candle, Byredo Bibliothèque Candle + 6. Triptych Ceramic Bowl & OhyoCeramics Funky Maggie Cup + 7. Arket Blanket + 8. Zara Home Wood Stool + 9. Bordallo Pinheiro Bowl + 10.Ferm Living Verso Terracotta Table Vase + 11. Marimekko Flower Vase

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  • Oh I hear you I am soooooooo glad it is finally fall. It has gotten cold here or fall cold. I love this time of year and this kind of weather. I too was SO OVER the heat and humidity of summer. Paris was super cold, I slept better there then I do at home lol. I know I bought a bunch of candles this summer but have yet to use them I need to burn them too! I bought a few nice things and looking forward to decorating for the holidays!

    Allie of

    • Thanks for stopping by Allie!

      Same as you I love to buy candles but I have to control myself.

      I was also super tired of the humidity and heat of summer!

  • Hola Pablo! How’s going there in Barcelona?
    From the news I’ve got from you I think that the weather is very similar to here in Rome: still very warm (today was 30°C) during the day and chillier in the morning and evening… maybe it’s too warm even for the “Ottobrate Romane” (it means the typical October in Rome, that is very wary warm and sunny), but it’s ok: I don’t like very much the cold, so better wear a tank top than a sweater to me!^^

    Anyway I’m always happy when I read about your habit to tryin to romanticizise everything: I’m totally the same! Livin a bit between fantasy and reality is much more better, don’t you think?^^
    I love too to follow the changes of the seasons even if it’s not something necessary, so as I said goodbye to summer I jumped into this orange/golden/ yellow mood welcoming autumn!
    To be honest, even if the weather is still pretty warm, the fall light here says just one thing: be lazy!
    After, the hectic and craziness of summer now, everything seems to talking about taking your time, enjoying the warm, sunny days and the little pleasures of life.
    So I’ve started too, first thing first, to light my fav vanilla scented candles and collectiong new yellow pillows and pots for my indoor plants, and indulging in my beauty rituals again.

    But your ideas are all so intriguing that I’m gonna to follow many of them for sure!
    Plus, your illustrations are a drem (I totally need a pink sofa in my life)!
    Baci! XO

    • Hello dear Slivia,

      I hope you’re doing well! I have to say weather is pretty weird here (thanks global warming), mid of November and we still have a lot of “hot” days and I really want to wear my sweater and coats again haha.

      Anway thank you so much for your lovely feedback, as you well said I also like to follow a certain moodboard depending on the season, even tho the weather is kinda crazy right now.

      I am also obsessed with a pink sofa, definitely want to find one in the future *_*


  • Hola Pablo! Like you, the transitional seasons when it’s neither too warm or cold. are my ideal as well but sadly that period of time often feels too short especially more recently. The warm weather has lingered in NYC past summer this year and it hasn’t even really started to get cold yet. Even though it’s not normal, I don’t really mind since I’m not a fan of cold weather and we’re supposed to be in for a cold and snowy winter. Your ideas for a cozy interiors are so tasteful and cozy. I think making our homes more comfortable is especially important during the winter months since we tend to spend more time at home. I find light and scent to be crucial as well. While I won’t be adding any new light fixtures, I will be switching on my floor lamp which went unused for months more often now. And I have also started using my candles again as well. I’m currently really loving Otherland candles and am burning their Berkshire Granola candle with notes of creamy oat milk, granola and pumpkin seed. It’s as delicious as it sounds. I don’t know if the brand is available in Spain but you should check it out. I think the range of scents and their aesthetic would appeal to you. I also got a hone vanilla and plum reed diffuser and a new mug which I love and will share soon. One of favorite ways to ease into a cozy home space is to cook our favorite comfort foods. It’s soup and stew season in our house now.

    Thank you Pablo for sharing your thoughts and experience with me in regards to habits. It’s amazing how making some shifts to our habits can make real differences right? Good for you for cutting down on sugar and only reserving it for special occasions. Besides the health benefits you have gained from this, I bet that those sweet treats feel even more special since you’re not having them so often. And I’m glad to hear you are a fellow lover of miso soup. It’s such a simple soup that is so satisfying no? I like the classic soup with tofu and seaweed but I also like to add greens to get in some vegetables. Spinach is good and I find it’s also delicious and so comforting when I make it with roasted garlic, kale and just a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for brightness. And if you’re looking to make it more hearty, udon noodles are a wonderful addition. Do let me know what you think if you try it these ways.

    • Hey Rowena, I hope you’re having a lovely autumn season so far. How you doing?

      Thank you very much for your lovely feedback in this blog post. Same over here, we are in the middle of November and the weather is not precisely cold, it feels strange and I can wait to have more “autumn days” in the upcoming weeks.

      Thank you very much for your extense feedback and for the recommendations! I tried to look for Otherland candles over here (I am obsessed with their image and branding) but they are difficult to find in Europe.

      And thanks for the extra recommendation. It is so amazing to visit blogs like yours where the recommendations feel so real!


  • Hey Fungi! How was your Halloween? I saw your amazing make-up on your Instagram stories!!
    You are talented, and this article about autumn interior is inspiring me!

    All of illustrations of interior items and decorations are so stylish and luxurious, and there are a lot of things which I am a big fan of<3 deep green, woody colors and smokey colors are so autumn…I would love to get Marimekko flower vase and your prints!!
    Thank you for sharing great ideas always<3


    • Hey Akiko, thank you very much for your lovely comment!

      Halloween was so fun, I am excited for the new spooky season already!

      So glad that you found some inspiration in this decoration blog post 🙂

  • Hi Pablo,
    I´m always amazed, at how beautiful your blog posts look.
    So many great design inspirations. You really created an amazing little guide for how to make your living room (or any other spot in your home) more cosy and give in more atmosphere.
    have an awesome day,

  • Hey Fungi!

    Beautiful autumn post. I love fall candles smells the most during this time. I have one burning in every room. Also, I’ve kind of skipped fall decorations and already have started putting up the Christmas decorations. hahaha So ready for Santa to come! 🙂

    Looking forward to your next post. Happy autumn!

    • Thanks for your sweet words Radi!

      I was super excited to see that you dedicated a post to candle making!

      See you soon dear 🙂

  • Hola Pablo! estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo en añadir algunos toques de color a la paleta otoñal. Muchas veces se peca de usar colores demasiado neutros y se acaban creando espacios demasiado aburridos. Las velas son fantásticas para esta época, es genial sentarte a leer durante una tarde lluviosa y encender una velita para ambientar. No sabía que te gustase tanto la cerámica, ¿alguna recomendación de tienda barata pero con piezas interesantes? Como dices tú, está bien comprar piezas decorativas, pero también que tengan una función para que no se conviertan en un trasto más al que sacar el polvo 😉
    Un beso enorme, me ha encantado el post, tomo nota para redecorar mi habitación

    • Gracias por echarle un ojo al post, Sofía!

      Y sí, yo también estuve en la misma situación porque es lo que muchas revistas o sitios recomiendan, todo neutral pero al final también hacen falta algunos acentos de color para hacer destacar esos rincones especiales 🙂

      Y me encanta la cerámica, sé que en Madrid hay varios sitios donde puedes encontrar cerámica al peso. Yo compré algunas cosas en La Oficial en La Latina y he escuchado que A Mercadoira también tiene muchas cosas interesantes y súper económicas *_*

  • <3! Totalmente de acuerdo: Nuestro hogar es nuestro refugio Que bueno es poder usar de excusa el cambio de estación para ajustar nuestro hogar a nuestro estado de animo y vibra! Aquí en Colombia no tenemos estaciones :(. Pero justo el fin de semana pasado hice cambios en mi habitación. Ahora me falta un nuevo corcho y vision board!!! Besos ps: yo tambien soy de romantizar la vida!!!

    • Muchas gracias por echarle un vistazo al post, Camila 😀

      Y sí, en México tampoco hay estaciones tan marcadas, aunque he escuchado que en Colombia es más bien el mismo clima todo el año no?

      Y sí, siempre hay que romantizar un poquito la vida para hacer todo más llevadero 🙂

  • Pablo hi! Reading this post is already putting me in the mood for Autumn even though we do not have four seasons here! As usual, your art is captivating and very full of personality. I really enjoyed looking at every detail of your cosy autumnal space. I like the bit you said about like a soundtrack to a movie. I never quite think about pastel and ochre green shades until I took a dive into your illustration with my eyes.. Those colors are quite soothing! I will have to get something along the shades. I am partial to mint and turquoise as far as I have observed but ochre, hmm, that’s an interesting shade! It’s nice that the weather there has cooled down a bit. We are having a lot of rain here in Malaysia but today’s evening was a sunny one and I got to do my brisk walking while absorbing the good old sun rays. To be honest, I’m such a tropical creature that prolonged rain has actually put me under the weather lol. I hope you will continue to enjoy the cooler months and I can’t wait to see winter through your perspective 🙂

  • I always love your interior design posts Pablo! My favorite seasons are spring and fall too. Summers are just getting too hot with climate change. I absolutely love fall candles. I burn candles year round, but fall candles truly hit different lol. I need to add more lamps around my place, I hate the overhead lights. I’ve also been seeing a lot of battery powered/remote controlled sconces on Tiktok that I am highly intrigued by!


    • Thanks for checking it out Jijll!

      Same over here about candles, they are perfect during this time of the year, even tho I tend to burn them during all the year 🙂