El otoño en Barcelona es algo que me gusta porque el frío es lo suficientemente soportable a comparación de otras ciudades de Europa. Digamos que es un clima bastante agradable para quienes amamos los términos medios: se pueden hacer combinaciones raras de ropa, hay sol pero puedes ir con suéter y la paisaje se llena de hojas./ I really like autumn in Barcelona because cold is bearable enough compared to other cities in Europe. Let’s say that it is a pleasant enough climate for those of us who love middle terms: you can make strange combinations of clothes, there is sun but you can go with a sweater and the landscape get covered of leaves. And this is an illustrated autumn edit for 2021 I was excited to share!


El 25 de Octubre compartí en Instagram mis básicos de otoño y me encantó ver como varias personas también son fans de esta temporada. El Edit de Otoño 2021 en el blog tenía que replicar ese sentimiento: el amor por los pequeños placeres de la vida como ponerse un suéter cuando da el viento, una buena taza de café y la elección de entretenimiento perfecta./ On October 25, I shared my fall basics on Instagram and I was delighted to see how many people are also fans of this season. This Autumn Edit on the blog had to replicate that feeling: a love for life’s little pleasures like putting on a sweater when the wind blows, a good cup of coffee, and the perfect entertainment choice.


Akiko de KimonoSnack Blog me inspiró para crear estas ilustraciones con mis looks ilustrados. De ahora en adelante podré vestir cosas de diseñador porque las podré dibujar, jaja. Como lo dije en el post de las tendencias de las BRUJAS, no creo que los colores vibrantes sean exclusivos del verano y este otoño quiero usar prendas radiantes. ¿Mi búsqueda actual? El verde rana René./ Akiko from KimonoSnack Blog inspired me to create these illustrations with my illustrated looks for this autumn edit. From now on I will be able to wear designer things because I will be able to draw them, haha. As I said in the WITCHES trends post, I don’t think vibrant colors are exclusive to summer and this fall I want to wear glowing garments. My current search? The Kermit The Frog Green.

In this illustration: Loewe Scarf + Bershka Track Boots + Akiko Latte

In this illustration: Drunk Elephant Marula Oil + Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance + Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash + Avène Eau Thermale 


Cuidarse por fuera es una extensión de cuidar de nuestro yo interior, desde la limpieza facial hasta una fragancia que resulte estimulante . Esta temporada quiero ser más consciente con mis compras de skincare y comprar aquello que realmente nutra mi rostro. El blog de Jill siempre me da buenas y detalladas recomendaciones./ Of course I had to include some beauty picks in this autumn edit. Taking care of yourself on the outside is an extension of taking care of your inner self, from facial cleansing to a stimulating fragrance. This season I want to be more conscious with my skincare purchases and buy what really nourishes my face. Jill’s blog always gives me good, detailed recommendations.

In this illustration: Diptyque Pomander Candle + Arket Blanket + HAY Twisted Candle + The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett


Probablemente la temporada más bonita para quedarse más horas en casa. Creo que si hay algo en lo que me gusta gastar mi dinero es en el nesting: plantas, textiles, flores, velas, etc. Paso tantas horas en este piso (que es mi casa, gimnasio, lugar de descanso y estudio) que hacer de las estancias algo acogedor es fundamental./ Probably the most beautiful season to stay home longer. I think if there is something I like to spend my money on, it is nesting: plants, textiles, flowers, candles, etc. I spend so many hours in this apartment (which is my home, gym, resting place and working place) that making rooms cozy is essential. I wanted to include textiles, plants and essences in this autumn edit.

Tampoco hay que gastar demasiado: una planta que ilumine ese rincón vacío e identificar puntos de luz estratégicos./ Nor do you have to spend too much: a plant that illuminates that empty corner and identify strategic points of light.

¿Has identificado algún favorito en este edit ilustrado de otoño? ¿Qué otra cosa añadirías?/ Have you identified any favorites in this illustrated fall edit? What else would you add?

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  • You are making me miss cooler weather! It has been so stormy here but so humid still – none of the storms seem to have brought cooler weather with them, haha! I love layering in autumn and the vanishing half is such a good book – I really enjoyed it! 🙂

    Hope that you had a great weekend 🙂 We made the most of the warm sunny days after a rainy week 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your lovely message, Mica! I hope you’re having a great Spring-Summer season 🙂

      I bet the weather in Australia is really nice and warmth during the whole year!


  • Kermit green was in my recent Fall second hand purchases. LOL! Fall is proving to be a cozy time of year here in Asheville. The days are sunny and a bit brisk, and the night time temperatures are at freezing, making it a good time to snuggle up with popcorn and a good movie. Fantastic illustrations, Pablo!


    • Hello Michelle, I hope you’re enjoying your new place!

      Here it is a bit cold too but I definitely love to wear cozy garments so this is my favorite season 🙂

  • Hola Pablo, how’s going?
    Seems that you are enjoying the Fall there in Barcelona!^^ That’s great to hear from you!

    Despite my fav season is Spring, I Love Autumn too (to be honest the only season I can’t like is winter – apart Christmas holidays and the white week there’s no much more to enjoy during that period, luckily here is pretty short…): guess that living in cities like Rome or Barcelona, where the weather is always pretty sunny and the temperatures mild, makes it easier, don’t you think?^^
    Anyway I totally loved your tips to enjoy at its max this season: fashion, home decor, lifestyle: you totally nailed my idea of enjoy autumn! Think that just this morning I’ve stocked up my fav Yankee candles!
    To me Fall can be divided in 2 parts: before Halloween (more like an introduction to autumn) and after Halloween (the real autumn) and this is the perfect recap of the essentials for this second part!
    Fun fact: as you maybe know here at my place everybody’s got green thumb and our strelitzias grown all truly giant!!! Honesly I’d never suggest that plant for someone with little place at home, they really take a lot of space!

    But my fav side of fall is definitely fashion and this unique chance to create every day fanciful outfits!
    This is the only period, along with spring, where you can really play with fashion and express your style at max!
    Unlukily Kermit green looks awful on me, the only greens I can wear are subtle or deep, but no middle ways, even if I totally liked that your idea of look! The yellow scarf and the white track boots are the perfet complements to get a flawlessly cool and stylish ensamble!

    Cool outfits, matcha latte, scented candles and another rewatch of Gilmore Girls and you can happily enjoy your fall days despite the craziness of weather ( and job)!^^

    Wishing you a great week ahead, Pablo,

    • Hola Silvia, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I love to read what you think about the topics I post on my site 🙂

      Same thing happens over here, winter is not that long and I’d say it is not that cold in comparisson to other European cities. Even Madrid has a rude winter, but here in Barcelona we barely have “bad days”, maybe some storms and wind but that’s all haha. You don’t need tools for snow or so.

      I would love to have this Streliztia in a bigger size, mine is small too but step by step. On the other side Yankee candles are so good but they are a bit difficult to get here!

      Thanks for the love again and have a nice fall-winter, xx

  • Hello Pablo! How are you? I’m a bit better. I know what you mean about Autumn in Barcelona, because here it can be pretty sunny as well- and I’m enjoying the sunny Autumn days. It’s nice when we can enjoy a mild Autumn that allows us to transition into Winter slowly. I love dressing for this season as well.
    How lovely that you included Akiko in your illustrations. I love how you illustrated the iconic Akiko latte. Your Autumn edit is fantastic. I always love your illustrations and in this post especially so. The illustrated collages you have created are fabulous, they convey so much comfort and positive vibes. Comfy blankets and socks are my fab. Scented candles help to set the mood and a pretty blanket is a nice touch as well. Watching our favourite movies and shows snugged under a nice comfy but aesthetically pleasing blanket…. What’s better than that? I also liked seeing your skincare favourites. Self-care is important.
    P.S. Your illustrated comfy green outfit is fantastic. You did such a great job with the illustration.

    • Hola Ivana, so happy to see you back over here and I am happy to read that you are a little bit better 🙂

      I hope you’re enjoying the season and thank you so much for your feedback! Akiko is fantastic and she’s probably one of my main inspirations.

      Take care and enjoy the rest of the season! ❤️

  • These illustrations are gorgeous Pablo!! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; I really love your style of illustrations. So creative, fashionable and easy to enjoy. I’m spending way too much time in my apartment too, so agreed that it’s important to make it cozy. Right now I’m grateful for my scented candles, they make every night so cozy, and they smell amazing. Another thing that gets me through fall is tea (hehe and red wine aaand chocolate!). I drink a lot of a new green tea I discovered, with a mango flavour, right now, as well a spicy ginger tea. Anyway, wishing you the best week and sending you a lot of fall love! Xx

    • Thanks for the love Mia!

      I really appreciate your compliments and I hope to do more illustrated edits just like this one.

      I don’t drink a lot of tea, but I am always in the mood for a hot beverage, so if you have recommendations of nice teas just let me know. A hot chocolate is also really nice option!

  • Yes there are certainly distinct pleasures that are unique to the Autumn season and your illustrations and yours picks are marvelous. While I adore and miss summer just a little right about now, there is something about the crisp fall air and the changing colors of nature that is wondrous about the season. I have also been burning more candles – Diptyque Figue is my choice and enjoying my comfy socks and blankets. I agree about spending money on home products that enhance our indoor experience especially as the weather keeps getting colder. How are you liking The Vanishing Half? I could not put it down and it was one of my favorite books of last year.

    • Hello again Rowena, thank you so much for stopping by!

      I loved to read your feelings about fall, I totally agree with you! Diptyque Figue is also a really nice option, both for the warm and for the cold months, the essence is something that takes me to a calm place 🙂

      And I loved The Vanishing Half, but I felt that the story stopped suddently. I would love to read even more!

  • Yes fall too is my favorite season, though all seasons are fun to a degree. But there is something extra special about fall, the inbetween weather, colorful leaves, crisp air and not too much rain, heat or snow LOL. I so want to try something from Drunk Elephant and as usual loving your illos!

    Allie of

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Allie!

      I went to New York a few years ago during autumn and I fell in love with the city!

  • Pablo! Me ha encantado el post, tus ilustraciones son fantásticas! Has pensado alguna vez en realizar un libro solo con tus sketches?
    Las track boots han sido mi artículo favorito, me paso el año esperando a que llegue el frío para poder desempolvar mis botas, las tengo de todos tipos y colores ajajaja.
    Debo admitir que prefiero usar tonos fríos y oscuros para esta época del año, así que no poseo ninguna prenda en color verde, a pesar de que esté tan de moda ahora mismo.
    Es genial que hayas incluído velas en tus bocetos, ¿también te encanta hacer tardes de relajación con un buen libro y el olor de las velas en la habitación?

    Un beso enorme, espero ver más ilustraciones tuyas en el fututo

    • Hola Sofía, siempre es un placer tenerte por aquí 🙂 Y sobre lo del libro me encantaría, es un proyecto que llevo un tiempo pensando, creo que me falta un poco de tiempo solamente (y tal vez un poquito para la inversión jaja).

      A mi también me encanta esta temporada, aunque en Barcelona el frío no es tan intenso como en Madrid. Sobre los colores en otoño-invierno yo tampoco solía usar, pero de unos años para acá me pareció buena idea para añadir más alegría a la temporada 🙂

      Pablo xx

  • I miss the fall season so much. I live somewhere tropical so we only get two seasons, but back when I lived in the US, fall was definitely my favorite season. Wearing fall clothes (not too warm, not too cold) and seeing the world in such fantastic transitional yet warm colors were some of my favorite things back then. Thanks for sharing your autumn favs, Pablo!

    • Thank you for stopping by!

      I know Australia has a warm weather during almost all the year, right? I know that feeling, wearing cozy garments when the weather is cold is definitely one of the best feelings!

  • Hey Fungi! I hope you are having a lovely November!

    Thank you so much for your fantastic illustrations with Akiko Latte!! Yesterday I saw it on you Instagram, then it puts a smile on my face for a long time:) I would love you to draw Fungi Latte, please:) Love your outfit, and Kermit The Frog green is the cute color name! I am interested in the Vans shoes, too:)

    All of your illustrations for autumn are inspiring! I am interested in Maison Margiela product and I would love to read The Vanishing Half!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful things, Fungi<3


    • Hello Akiko, I am having a good season but very busy at the moment. I hope your fall-winter season is going all well 🙂

      Thank you so much for checking out this blog post, you know you are one of my main inspirations so I am more than happy to read that you enjoyed to see the Akiko latte 🙂

      Fungi ❤️

  • Hi Fungi! i hope you are well! i saw this sneak peak on you instagram! i really love how you presented the ideas of your favourite things from to do list, fashion, beauty, to home products. It is a fresh takes on listicles and as always I really love your illustrations! I dig the beauty and home edit the most as it fits well to my liking!

  • Such an amazing article.
    It seems like fall in Barcelona feels like winter in Bahrain.
    I love the 20 degrees we’re facing right now in Bahrain. This is such a perfect weather to wear a little layer.
    And I agree this weather is always more fun to dress up.
    I love all theses cosy things you shared here. Being cosy at home is always one of my favorite haha.