Ok al final este post y este gráfico fueron utilizados usando una pantalla, así que soy la primera persona en no actuar en consecuencia con sus ideas./ Ok, so in the end this post about analog hobbies and this graphic were created using a screen, so I must start working on my priorities.

Decidí que quería volver a tener hobbies analógicos tras experimentar constantemente episodios de mirada cansada, que asumo, vienen de tanto trabajo de ordenador y de ver una pantalla hasta en mis minutos de descanso. Ahora más que nunca muchas personas buscamos una vuelta a los básicos, especialmente después de la fatiga que han supuesto la p*ndemia, las videollamadas que pudieron ser un mail y los algoritmos salvajes e indescifrables de las redes sociales./ I decided I wanted to go back to analog hobbies after constantly experiencing bouts of eye strain, which I assume comes from so much computer work and watching a screen even in my resting minutes. Now more than ever many of us are looking to go back to the basics and that includes analog hobbies, especially after the fatigue caused by the p*ndemic, video calls that could have been an email and the wild and indecipherable algorithms of social media.


Un break electrónico o un detox digital siempre apetecen, no tienen que ser episodios de 2 semanas donde te vayas a la montaña, simplemente placeres sencillos que puedas tener en tu propia casa y que no sean avalados por la tiranía del “like”. Aquí algunas ideas de hobbies analógicos que no requieren una pantalla:/ An electronic break or a digital detox are always useful, they don’t have to be 2-week episodes where you go to the mountains. Just simple pleasures that you can have in your own home and that are not endorsed by the tyranny of a certain amount of “likes”. These are some ideas for analog hobbies that don’t require a screen.

✂️ 1. COLLAGES ✂️

Recortar y hojear revistas en busca de elementos para crear collages y composiciones. Cuando hago collage a mano (no digital) me doy cuenta de que mi mente funciona muy diferente y muchas veces me sorprendo intentando hacer Control +Z. Hacer collages es una buena manera de poner a prueba la creatividad porque te obligas a utilizar los elementos que tienes en ese momento: no es lo mismo tratar de buscar un elemento en rojo en internet (sabiendo que lo vas a encontrar) a tener que improvisar./ Cut out and flick through magazines for resources to create collages and compositions. When I do collage by hand (not digital) I realize that my mind works very differently and I often find myself trying to do Control + Z. Making collages is a good way to test your creativity because you force yourself to use the elements you have at that moment: it is not the same to try to find an element in a specific color on the internet (knowing that you will find it) than to improvise .


No soy un experto en el tema, pero Margot de MGT’s Blog siempre me da buenas ideas de juegos de mesa y rompecabezas que son todo un reto, pero también una recompensa visual./ I’m not an expert on the subject, but Margot from MGT’s Blog always gives me great ideas for board games and puzzles that are challenging, but also visually rewarding.


Una buena idea para afilar las habilidades de organización y escritura, aunque no me hago responsable del dineral que te puedas dejar comprando bolígrafos de colores, washi tape y decoraciones. Hacer una agenda bonita es lo suficientemente apasionante y debería considerarse una carrera./ Good analog hobbies to hone your organization and writing skills, although I am not responsible for the fortune you can spend buying colored pens, washi tape and decorations. Making a nice schedule is exciting enough and should be considered a career.


Es un hobby que me gustaría practicar más, aunque con mi afición por el dulce tal vez resulte peligroso. El punto bueno de este hobby es que puedes controlar mucho mejor las cantidades de azúcar si optas por opciones de postres más saludable./ It is an analog hobby that I would like to practice more, although it may be dangerous if I take into account my love for sweet food. The good point of this hobby is that you can control the amounts of sugar much better if you opt for healthier dessert recipes.


Si bien presumo de mis bebés verdes en Instagram, me encanta la jardinería porque es un hábito que me ha ayudado a practicar mi paciencia, desacostumbrándome a esperar resultados de un día para otro. El siguiente paso es el cultivo de algo en concreto, como flores o un pequeño huerto, que también valen si tienes el sitio suficiente./ Okay, I usually brag about my green babies on Instagram, but it is one of those analog hobbies that has helped me practice my patience, getting me out of the habit of expecting overnight results. The next step is to grow something in particular, like flowers or a small garden, which are also worth if you have enough space.

Iba a poner ejercicio, pero soy demasiado perezoso. Mentira, hago mis rutinas de cardio y pesas. ¿Qué hobby agregarías a la lista? También se me ocurren hacer bordado o leer./ I was going to exercise, but I’m too lazy. Just kidding, I do my cardio and weight routines. More analog hobbies to add to this list? I could also recommend embroidery or read.

Collage made by Hey Fungi / Main Photos in cover collage via Mr Porter by Mr Simon Lipman

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  • Yes to this post! We all need a digital detox and the break from the screens. I loved your suggestions. Wonderful illustrations as well. Analog hobbies are wonderful in so many ways. They make us more connected with the real world, they can ease stress etc. Doing something with our hands, holding something in our hands that isn’t a phone or a laptop…can be very relaxing. A bit of change is always good, right? So I say yes to analong hobbies.
    You probably won’t be surprised to learn that that I adore journaling and making collages- great creative hobbies for visual artists and illustrators.

      • Hello dear Ivana, thanks as usual for your feedback and for sharing your thoughts with me!

        Analog hobbies can ease stress as you well said, actually they can bring a lot of healthy benefits beyond the obvious, like patience and training our problem-solving capacities 🙂

        See you soon! ❤️

  • These are good hobbies! Reading is my number one screen free activity although I do play games and do puzzles with the kids. Not challenging really, as they are just little kids, but certainly a lot of fun! 🙂 So important to have screen-free time 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend 🙂 We enjoyed the warmer weather which was good as it’s another cold spring day today!

    • Thank you Mica! I imagine having kids can lead you to a lot of possibilities to practice these kind of hobbies! I know many kids are spending a lot of time on tablets these days, but good to know that you’re providing them some screen-free time 🙂

  • ooh I love this post! Analog hobbies definitely benefit your eyes and attention span, it always seems like hours are just a blink of an eye when we’re facing a screen, but analog hobbies feel more slow and relaxing. I’m journaling, painting, and baking myself!

  • Hola Pablo, como estàs? Todo bièn en Barcelona?
    How’s going your summer?

    Just back from my summer break, and I’ve found the perfect post to resume the main reason why I needed a summer break: just wanted to stay away from screens for some time.
    Really, I didn’t went in any particular place (except for a week at my auntie’s place at Circeo, a beach no far from Rome), I just needed to stay away from pc, phone, tablet, internet and socials for some times.
    I love to stay connect but guess that at a certain point it becames overwhelming….
    In the passed years I was able to almost totally get rid of screens everytime I had a travel: it was pretty automatic since I had 1000000 things more interesting to do, but now is 2 years that I can’t travel and I was connected almost everytime: too much!

    Reading your post I realized how much is important to find “analogic” hobbies, just to stay away from screens even if just for few hours.
    Usually my fav escapes are: embroidering, photography, going to run, scrapbooking, gardening, working out, if possible even taking a stroll to do some shopping (even just to change from the usual online shopping), but I’d like to try something new like collages or puzzles (even if I fear that this one requires more pantience than I’ve got…).
    Now that I’m back to work wanna try to be more aware of the hours that I spend in front of a screen and try to “live the real” more!

    Very isteresting and brilliant article, you really made me think, Pablo!
    Have a wonderful week, and take care, dear!

    • Hola Silvia, so happy to see you back on the blog!
      Everything is going well over, but dying to have some rest off from the heat to be honest haha!

      I loved to read your experience with the topic of this blog post, it doesn’t matter if you couldn’t go further, the importance of taking a break from work and from digital and from work (which now are connected in many jobs). I also need to take a break in the upcoming months, hopefully soon 🙂

      Let me know if you try something new! I’m sure you will enjoy collages and puzzles, you could start with something simple in order to become patience with these new ones 🙂

      All the best and thanks for stopping by!

  • Hola Pablo! Me encanta la idea del post de hoy. Tengo que admitir que soy la primera que se pasa todo el tiempo pegada a la pantalla del ordenador. Ojalá hacer unos collages tan chulos como los tuyos, tu feed de instagram es precioso 🙂
    Debería probar la jardinería, ya que la repostería no es mi fuerte, y no tengo paciencia con los puzzles jajajaj
    Un beso enorme, es un gusto leerte

    • Mil gracias por pasarte Sofía! Ojalá que puedas intentar los collages, hay mil posibilidades o puzzles que son tan bonitos que vale la pena el esfuerzo extra jeje 🙂

  • Yes I absolutely love this post.
    It feels so good to find activities which can put us away from screen activities. And theses hobbies are usually the ones who make me more relax than just scrolling my feed.
    Thanks you so much for mentioning me. Just like you know I really love sewing, puzzles and board games ( just like you mention here ). Those are my favorites but I also enjoy to color from time to time. And yes for baking and gardening. I also want to work on my album photos while doing collages just like you.
    Actually the first time I purchase a puzzle It’s because I was looking for an activity to take me away from a screen but the truth is sometimes I do theses activities while watching TV at the same time.

    • Hey Margot, thank you so much for your lovely feedback!

      So happy to know that you enjoyed this blog post, I have learned a lot of little tricks and ideas from you! Now I want to get more puzzles and board games 🙂

  • Pablo, you read my mind! I’ve been thinking more and more about analog hobbies lately. I definitely need to reduce my screen time and at first I was like, I’m going to start watching more old school movies but ehrm, that’s screentime to haha. So I definitely need to find something to do that doesn’t involve a screen. I love the idea of doing puzzles, I find it so meditative. I’ve also been doing some knitting, so I should be doing more of that. I also want to try new recipes this fall and improve my cooking skills, so that should count as an analog hobby, right haha? Thank you for the inspiration, haha this will be the new start for my fall. And pssst, hope you’ve had a lovely summer, so happy to be back and connecting with you again! Xx

  • Yes, living and work permits can be tricky, I remember that. Somethimes there is so much paper work!
    On the brighter subject, at least we have some nice weather. We can feel it is summer still.

    • Oooh I know, these paperworks are driving me crazy but I am trying to remain patient and thinking with a cold mind 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

  • Oh yes we all sooooo need to do a digital detox. I remember doing a physical non computer collage was an assignment we had in design school and I loved it! Yes planting and gardening is a wonderful analog hobby. I planted a lot of flowers this summer…

    Allie of

  • Hi Pablo!

    How’s your week going?

    This post was so beautiful! (I love the little emojis you added for the 5 hobbies!)

    I totally understood what you meant when you mentioned, “constantly experiencing bouts of eye strain, which I assume comes from so much computer work and watching a screen even in my resting minutes”. This is me, as well, lol. I have schoolwork which is solely online and then focusing on the blog (online *shrug*) and then, if that wasn’t bad enough, how I spend most of my free time, is online too!! So it’s pretty scary to see your screen time ranging around 6hrs a day.

    My favorite would have to be the collage idea! I made so many collages as a kid with random pretty pictures that I liked and I would glue them to the back of my composition book for school, haha. Now, I must admit, I have collages, more like vision boards, but they’re ONLINE TOOOOO. I find it easier to access images from Pinterest and using Canva to accurately and precisely make what you had envisioned in your head. Although my vision board collages are online, I find a lot of peace when I make them and have fun designing them. I want to start making collages by hand, like you suggested! I think it forces you to become more creative and think outside the box in a way finding everything you need online can’t.

    I’ve recently started spending a lot of time in nature listening to my favorite music or podcasts and it helps me de-stress and my, the world can be so pretty. I think I may look crazy when walking outside with no work-out outfit lol.

    Best wishes!

    • Hello Sara, hope you’re doing good!

      Everything’s good over here, but fixing some paperwork which is driving me crazy! But trying to stay neutral haha.

      Thank you so much for your meaningful comment, this topic is really important to me since I’ve been trying to focus on other things beyond the computer or the phone, which is really difficult nowadays since the stimuli are everywhere! As you I got scared when I notice how much time I have been on the computer.

      Hope you can take the time to make more collages, beyond the online of course. Try to grab some old magazines (or news if you have the time to get it) and arrange the paper on a moodboard, I’m sure you’ll love the experience!


  • Thank you so much for your comments Pablo. I always enjoy reading them and not only on my blog, but on other blogs as well. You always have interesting and intelligent things to say on any subject.
    Have a great day!

  • Hey Fungi!

    I hope you are having fantastic weekend:) Your article about analog hobbies is what I have been looking for lately!

    The first collage is really so beautiful and humorous. I totally agree with you about the difference between analog collage and tech collage. I was born in 1970, so I love analog one. That reminds me of my childhood. My collages are not good, so your works are always inspiring for me! Your gardening, too! Thank you always, Fungi<3


    • Hey dear Akiko, thank you so much for checking this blog post! I am always happy when I spot your comments on my site 🙂

      Thanks also for sharing your opinions with me, I imagine you have been experiencing a lot of sensations in this transition from paper to digital, but at least your style has been there over the years !