Trópico del griego τροπικός [tropikós], que significa ‘vuelta’.
Seré sincero: la mayor parte del tiempo estoy pensando en comida, así que siempre estoy a la caza de buenos lugares donde vivir experiencias culinarias, sin tener que vaciar mi cartera. Barcelona es el lugar perfecto para los foodies empedernidos, aunque entre tantas opciones de repente es difícil elegir, por lo que suelo investigar antes de visitar un nuevo lugar y así es como encontré Trópico./ I’ll be honest: most of the time I’m thinking about food, so I’m always on the hunt for good places to live culinary experiences, without spending all my money. Barcelona is the perfect place for foodies, even tho among many options is difficult to choose, so I usually do a research before visiting a new place and this is how I found Trópico.

 Sabemos que una de las mejores cosas que existen son los fines de semana y con ello levantarse tarde para disfrutar de algo que considero uno de los mejores antídotos inventados por el ser humano: el brunch (una unión de breakfast (desayuno) y lunch (almuerzo) para recompensar las desmadrugadas). En Barcelona la escena ‘brunch’ crece cada vez más y Trópico hace su aparición en el centro de la ciudad con un concepto muy peculiar./ One of the best things in life are weekends and thereby getting up late to enjoy something I consider one of the best antidotes invented by humans: brunch (a mix of breakfast and lunch to reward our weekends). The brunch scene in Barcelona is growing little by little and Trópico makes it appearance in the city center with a very peculiar concept.

 Trópico nace en el barrio del Raval como el proyecto de unos amigos de Latinoamérica en donde es posible tener un viaje gastronómico a través de la comida de todas las latitudes cálidas del planeta: arepas colombianas, huevos rancheros a la mexicana y un jugoso ceviche. Y para los de diente dulce está la opción de los coloridos zumos y smoothies que son preciosos por fuera y deliciosos por dentro (¡material instagrameable, definitivamente!)./ Trópico is located in El Raval and it started as the project of a group of friends from Latin America where it is possible to have a gastronomic journey through the warm food from all latitudes of the planet: Colombian arepas, Mexican rancheros eggs and a juicy ceviche. And for the sweet tooth you can find amazing options like colorful juices and smoothies that are beautiful and delicious (definitely fresh material for Instagrammers!).



 Trópico Barcelona es la opción perfecta para cuando es imposible abandonar la ciudad para una escapada veraniega, o por si eres forastero tropical y te apetece disfrutar de viejos sabores o nuevas recetas en un ambiente muy chulo e inspirador. ¡Buen provecho!/ Trópico Barcelona is the perfect option when it’s impossible to leave the city for a summer break, or you will love if you’re a tropical foreigner and want to enjoy old flavors and new recipes in a very cool and inspiring atmosphere. Bon Appetite!

TASTE IT! Carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 24, El Raval, Barcelona, Spain.
Precio/ Price: 15-20 €

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  • Wow! that's a really wonderful place and again, I am dumbfounded by your talent in editing!!!! so much love for you! We would really get along since I think of food almost of the time too haha

    love lots,

  • Hahahaha! Most of the time you are thinking about food, very funny dear! Tropico Barcelona has amazing and delicious food from what I can see and I definitely trust your taste darling! Thank you for answering the question I asked dear, that was so touching and amazing! You are the best!

    • Thanks for trusting my taste, promise this option is absolutely tasty, especially the Colombian arepas! And hope you enjoyed the interview, lots of love! :3

  • Hola Pablo!
    Que delicioso se ve todo yummi 😀 Una vez probé huevos rancheros (sin tocino) y estaban demasiado ricos olala. El lugar también se ve muy lindo y me encanta como combinaste el background asociado al nombre 😀

  • Hola Pablo! I see that we're similar – I'm thinking about food a lot too, but luckily I have fast metabolism ;D Looking at your photos I have to admit that I'll adore that place, if I'll have opportunity to see it in person – it has great decorations and the food looks do delicious (and yes, so Instagram-worthy!). What's more, the mix of Latin cuisines makes that place even better – I'd love to try ceviche out! Hope you're having lovely evening, dear!

    • Hey Ivonne, you're so lucky to have a fast metabolism, actually I have to walk and drink water after a heavy meal, but we both agree that food is one of the most amazing things in this life, so let's enjoy it!

      Hope you can come one day to taste Trópico, we can go for some juicy ceviche!

      Hope you're having a great day!
      Kisses from Barcelona 😀

    • Hola Stacey, ahora que lo dices, qué mal que no hayamos coincidido en Barcelona! Espero vuelvas pronto y así te muestro algunas opciones veganas que he encontrado por aquí y que son bastante buenas en mi opinión. Prometo probar el Cat Bar pronto 🙂

      Gracias por lo de las fotos, muchos besos a Toronto!

    • Hola, Tijana! Sí, hay tantos sitios para comer en Barcelona que lo más difícil del proceso es decidir, y lo bueno es que hay de muchos rangos y bastante oferta.

      Ya me dirás si te pasas por Trópico 🙂

  • Hola Pablo!
    This sounds like my dream place, not only because of the name, but the food looks amazing and those smoothies are just what I need right now. When I visit Barcelona (hopefully sooner than I expect), I'm going to have to check it out.
    Enjoy your day and see you next time!

  • ¡Pero qué chulada de sitio y fotos! Todo tiene súper buena pinta, especialmente el smoothie, mmmm! Me lo apunto para cuando visite Barcelona 🙂

    Un besito Pablo ❤
    Melania |

  • to be honest, I'm thinking about food often too! Sometimes I get tired of eating out, mainly because I love to cook (and I think I'm a pretty decent cook) and actually my husband is the type that likes to dine and eat out a lot….That being said, there is nothing quite fun as discovering some new place/restraurant to eat.

    I think eating out can be a great way to relax. Sometimes it is not just about food (even for us foodie), it is also about taking some time for ourselves. It is about staff and atmosphere of the place as well! In some places we just feel a lot more comfortable! So thank you for sharing this because we never know where we'll end up together. I loved hearing about places to dine! Probably because I love to eat so much:) but also because food and dining is an interesting subject for me. I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I often watch documentaries about travel and food:)! Food is really so much more than food, by learning about food and cuisine of certain places, we're also learning about culture and sometimes even politics.

    When I was a student, I usually didn't have the time to head back home between lectures, so eating out was the only way to eat, but you know when you find a nice place where you can be comfortable in, then it is as good as enjoying your meal at home. I remember how great it was to go and have a decent meal in some nice restaurant of even a sandwich bar, it was a great way to relax a little. You know just as Pavarotti said, one of the best things about life is that we HAVE TO take some time to eat every day. For me eating is usually always a happy activity:) and I try to eat without rushing….when we actually focus on food while we eat, we can experience it much better and naturally also enjoy it more. What do you think? As a foodie do you agree with that?

    My husband always makes fun of me because I tend to get really concentrated on my food while I'm eating and it is not possible to have a decent conversation with me during meal time:) ha ha ha…but hey I love to enjoy my food.

    • Hello dear Ivana! First of all thanks for all your meaningful opinions in the blog! I really enjoy to read your comments because they're all so refreshing and help me to improve on my daily content 😉

      I'm a foodie too and I can really understand the thing you say about the new atmosphere and environment, it's not only about the food for me, it also involves the social act of going out and interact with people in one of the most significant human activity: EATING, haha. It is something similar to the act of seeing movies, I love Netflix but going to the movies at the cinema is something I will never reject! I also think that learning about different food and cuisine of certain places is another way of travel! Possibilities are endless when it comes to food!