Desde hace algunos años Septiembre representa para mí una especie de año nuevo, un nuevo comienzo después del descanso de verano: durante el mes de Agosto muchas cosas paran en Europa y puedes hacer una pausa para disfrutar de alguna escapada a la playa o al campo, de los helados (mis planes siempre incluyen comida, por supuesto) o de algún viaje si es que las aglomeraciones de turistas no te importan mucho./ For some years,  September represents for me a kind of new year, a new beginning after the summer break: during August many things stop in Europe and you can pause to enjoy some getaway to the beach or the countryside, to have some ice cream (my plans always include food, of course) or a trip if tourist crowds don’t matter much to you.

Este verano no he hecho ningún viaje demasiado ambicioso y tampoco he tenido muchas tardes de playa, sin embargo he podido descansar unos días y cada vez más me convenzo más de que las pausas en las que no-se-hace-absolutamente-NADA deberían permitirse más a menudo. En un mundo que te dice que es importante no parar nunca, el tedio representa una muy buena oportunidad no sólo para relajarse, sino también para hacer una hacer un par de reflexiones y volver a activar el cerebro./ I haven’t had an ambitious trip or too many beach escapades this summer, however I’ve been able to rest for a few days and now I am more convinced that a break to DO-ABSOLUTELY-NOTHING should be allowed more often. In a world that tells you that it is important to never stop, boredom represents a very good opportunity not only to relax, but also to make some reflections and re-activate my brain before September.


Tanto mi blog como mi Instagram han estado abandonados por unos meses *inserte sonido de grillos aquí*. Podría excusar mi ausencia digital con más palabras, pero mejor me concentraré en publicar contenido e ilustraciones de forma periódica y en priorizar proyectos que han estado en el cajón por unos meses./ Both my blog and my Instagram have been abandoned for a few months * insert cricket sound here *. I could excuse my digital absence with more words, but September is here and I better concentrate on publishing content and illustrations periodically and prioritizing projects that have been in the drawer for a few months.

¿Alguna motivación para sobrevivir a la vuelta al mundo real? Películas, las últimas tardes de verano y alguno que otro esencial de la temporada:/ Any motivation to survive the return to the real world? Movies, the last summer evenings and some late summer essentials.

1. Una prenda de lino para esas últimas tardes de verano./ Some linen for the last summer evenings.

2. Algo de la línea de té verde de Tony Moly, ultra hidratante y calmante, pero ligera./ Something from Tony Moly’s green tea line, ultra moisturizing and soothing, but light.

In these illustrations COS Cotton Linen Shorts + The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Mist by Tony Moly


3. Un bolso de paja para el picnic, excesivamente caro, pero miren… ¡es hermoso!/ An overpriced but super cool straw bag to have some picnic… but look how pretty!

In this illustration Loewe Basket Bag


4. Unas gafas lo suficientemente grandes como para evitar el contacto visual./ Sunglasses large enough to avoid eye contact.

5. Unos shorts como los que solía usar tu papá en las barbacoas de domingo, pero mucho más cool./ Shorts like your dad used to wear on a Sunday bbq, but cooler.

6. Tie Dye en un intento de recuperar a tu niño interno de los 90 y evadir responsabilidades./ Tie Dye in an attempt to recover your inner child of the 90s evade responsibilities.

In these illustrations Prada Disguise Eyewear + Kenzo High-Waisted Shorts + Double Rainbow Hawaiian Shirt 


7. Un estampado lo suficientemente llamativo para llevar tu outfit al siguiente nivel por si solo./ A jazzy print that can take your outfit to the next level.

In this illustration Paloma Wool Casting Shirt

8. Detalles del fondo del mar por si te fue imposible ir a la playa, pero aún así quieres proyectar a tu sirena interna en el tráfico de la ciudad./ Details of the seabed in case you were unable to go to the beach, but you still want to project your inner mermaid in the city traffic.

9. Un perfume bonito./ A pretty perfume.

10. Nací en los 90 y ver que los bucket hats están de vuelta me hacen preguntarme si soy tan viejo./ I was born in the 90’s and seeing that bucket hats are back makes me wonder if I’m that old.

In these illustrations And Other Stories Adjustable Shell Bracelet + Byredo Sundazed Eau de Parfum + Acne Studios Bucket Hat Moss Green 

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  • Your illustrations always amaze me, they’re so fresh. Sunglasses large enough to avoid eye contact- that made me laugh. I know that feeling well. When you just want to hide away from glances …That tie die illustration is fabulous too. Reviving the nineties childhood….That made me smile. Yes, this trend was so hot back then, wasn’t it? Love the jazzy print item too. So many fab illustration.

    I can understand your absence from social networks. I abandoned Instagram entirely and decided to focus just on my blog. It is hard being present all the time. A digital break once in a while is a must!

    As an educator, September always feels like a start of a new year with me. The start of the new school year and the arrival of the autumn/winter season…. always an exciting time.

    • Dear Ivana, thanks for your warm welcome 🙂

      Hahaha I’m glad you had fun reading this post, in the end humor is the best antidote to fight stressful days right?

      Yes! I noticed you left Instagram, it could burden us if we don’t set some limits so the best way for me to fight that noise for a while is a digital break and thats what I needed for a few month in order to establish some priorities 🙂

      Have a wonderful week ahead dear!

  • Ah yes we all need to do nothing and recharge, I try to do this once a week on Sunday. And love your illos here. So lovely. I hope you do this professionally if you don’t you should! I will be in Paris from the 20th to the 28th if you happen to be going for FW.

    Allie Mackin

  • Hey Fungi!!

    What a great article, and I am so excited I see your blog again!
    Your selection looks so relaxing and cool.
    I would love those trendy sunglasses!
    I really love those fashion illustrations, and they inspire me.
    Perfect composition and lovely feeling <3

    Your September after digital detox seems so happy 🙂
    So, I am happy, too!!

    Anyway, thank you for your question on my blog!
    My friend, Knock-chan live in Granada.
    I would love to visit there someday…


  • Welcome back Pablo! Such a fun idea for a post, doing your own september issue. Love your inspirational illustrations as always. So chic with the white/brown/blue colors together too. Agree that September in many ways feels like a fresh start. I definitely feel like I’ve been making the most out of the two first weeks of the month, been getting a lot of fun stuff done! Have a lovely weekend! Xx

    • Hi Mia, thanks for your lovely comment and for your compliment!

      And September is also the fashion month so it comes with a lot of surprises 😉

  • Hola Pablo!

    Definitivamente extrañaba leer tus entradas tan frescas y llenas de color.

    La verdad es que a veces vivimos tan a las carreras que se nos olvida que hay días que deberíamos darle pausa a nuestro ritmo tan acelerado y simplemente disfrutar, existir o permitirte no hacer nada. Se nos inculcó el pensamiento de que tienes que hacer algo, tienes que lograr toda esta larga lista de pendientes para sentirte productivo y que no se te fue un día desperdiciado pero la verdad, también quedarse en casa o caminar sin prisa por el parque es sumamente gratificante. Tal vez no digno de una promoción o no produce un imperio pero sí la energía para luego regresar a tu día a día y darle con todo a los proyectos.

    ¡Te mando un abrazo!

    • Ay Bibi, gracias por tu comentario ❤️ No sabes el gusto que me dio leerlo y saber que también vuelves a estar por aquí creando contenido tan especial 🙂

  • We all need a break from time to time, from internet, from work, from blogging… And a moment doing absolutely nothing is even better than a travel, in my opinion, to recharge batteries!
    Really I love to travel: it is very fun, interesting and break the routine, but often is even pretty tiring and somehow stressful, so when you come back home still need some rest….
    September was always been the real start of the New year for me ( at the end of december it really has no sense…) and summer is the perfect seaon to refresh your energy!

    Amazing illustrationd, my friend they look so fresh and modern, love them a lot!!!! You should do it professionally!


  • Welcome back!! Deberas que te extrañe! La verdad no tienes porque disculparte con todos–solamente discúlpate conmigo–jaja ntc!! 😀 Me encanta tus ilustrations. Quisiera poder imprimir algo tuyo para decorar mi sala–aún no la he decorado (oops). Las gafas son geniales y la bucket hat no te debería hacer sentir viejo…porque yo también nací en los 90s! Gracias por compartir un buen post!
    Enjoy your week!
    PerlaGiselle |
    ♥ |

    • Qué lindo tu comentario, Perlita 🙂 Me hiciste reír con este welcome back!

      Pronto tendré prints, te aviso por si quieres alguno :D!

  • Welcome back Fungi!

    You’ve made a great choice for taking a bit of a break. It really is needed when everything is always go-go-go. I can’t wait for your future posts.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog and have a wonderful September month.

    • Thanks for your nice message, Radi! And a cyber break was what I really needed…. I’ll keep posting content, pinky promise! 🙂