Llego tarde con el post de año nuevo, pero hey… seguimos en Enero. Mis listas de propósitos de año nuevo comenzó a hacerse más corta con los años, poco a poco comencé de trazarme metas irreales a enlistar objetivos más sensatos que pueda alimentar a lo largo del tiempo. Admito que aún quiero cosas como una casa Mid Century en las laderas de California, viajar por el mundo con presupuesto ilimitado o un walking closet, pero vamos por partes./ I’m late with the New Year’s post, but hey … we’re still in January, right? My lists of New Year’s resolutions started to get shorter over all these years, little by little I switched unrealistic goals to more feasible resolutions that I can cultivate over time. I must admit I still want things like a Mid Century house in California, travel the world with unlimited budget or a walking closet, but let’s start small.

Lo que me gusta de esta serie de propósitos es que pueden empezarse en cualquier época del año: en enero, mayo o septiembre y cualquiera de ellos puede ayudar a construir un hábito que después traiga una ganancia superior. Se trata de retos pequeños que ayudan a empezar, que es lo que más cuesta y es que  todo parece una tarea titánica hasta que se hace./ What I like about this series of resolutions is that you can start whether in January, May or September and any of them can help you to build a habit that could bring a higher profit in the future. These are small challenges that help you get started, which sometimes is the most difficult step and everything seems like a titanic task until it is done.

Pick a resolution you can complete in one day


1. Planear tus compras o la ley de las 24 horas 🤔/ Plan your purchases or the 24-hour method

El objetivo es ahorrar y este principio es ideal para terminar el año con un poco más de dinero en la cuenta, que si bien no permita una mansión en Beverly Hills, si que puede ayudar a tener un viaje o esos zapatos de diseñador que tanto quieres./ The goal is to save and this principle is ideal to end the year with a little more money in your bank account, it won’t allow you a mansion in Beverly Hills, but this quantity could help you to have a nice trip or to buy those designer shoes that you wanted for so long.

Intenta frenar los impulsos por una semana o confiar en la ley de dejar enfriar el deseo de compra por 24 horas… ¡Funciona! A menos que veas en SALE algo como el blazer de tus sueños… then go for it./ Try to stop the impulses for a week or rely on the method to let your desire rest for 24 hours… It works! Unless you see the blazer of your dreams on SALE…. then go for it!

2. Hacer un decluttering ✨/ Do a decluttering

Hacer un reset cada cierto tiempo (a mí me gusta los domingos) como preparación para una semana productiva: limpiando el escritorio donde trabajamos, hacer las cuentas tras cada pago para llegar a fin de mes o donar la ropa que ya no utilizamos./ Make a reset as much as you want (I like Sundays) in preparation for a productive week: you can start by cleaning the desk where you work, plan your expenses after each payment to survive at the end of the month or by donate those clothes that you no longer use.

3. Hacer algo por el placer de hacerlo 🌸/ Do something for the pleasure of doing it

¿No sienten que cada vez hacemos menos cosas por el puro placer de hacerlas? Cada vez hay menos personas con hobbies por falta de tiempo o por temor a no obtener dinero de ello. Dejar de lado el miedo a ser malos en algo y cancelar la idea de que toda actividad tiene que traer un beneficio económico./ Don’t you feel we are doing less and less for the pure pleasure of doing a recreation activity? There are fewer and fewer people with hobbies due to the lack of time or fear of not getting money from it. Put aside the fear of being bad at something and cancel the idea that all activity has to bring an economic benefit.

El hecho de son ser un pro en algo, no debería de privarnos del placer de hacer algo sólo por disfrutarlo y desconectar. Si te gusta correr hacerlo y no por ser un runner profesional o pintar un mándala por el puro placer de hacerlo y sin la presión de ser un artista reconocido./ If you like to run, do it and forget the pressure of being a professional runner. If you like to paint go and draw a mandala just for the pleasure of doing it and not for the aim of being a recognized artist. The fact of being a pro in something shouldn’t deprive us of the pleasure of doing something just to enjoy it.

4. Ahorrar primero 💰/ Save first

Ahorrar un porcentaje de lo que ganas cada mes, incluso antes de comenzar a gastar. Normalmente se dice que es un 10% pero soy un fiel creyente de los pequeños pasos, así que empezar por un 2% o un 5% no es mala idea./ Save a percentage of what you earn each month, even before you start spending. Financial advisors say you have to save 10% of your income, but I am a faithful believer of small steps, so starting with 2% or 5% is not a bad idea.

Normalmente gastamos en todo lo que necesitamos y si nos sobra ahorramos, pero seamos honestos…. nunca sobra, pues tendemos a gastar tanto como tenemos, de hecho cuanto más ganamos más gastamos./ Normally we spend on everything we need and we save the rest, but let’s be honest…. the rest never comes, because we tend to spend as much as we have, in fact the more we earn the more we spend.

5. Celebrar las pequeñas victorias/ Celebrate small victories

Cada logro, por pequeño que sea, debe ser anotado y celebrado de alguna forma. A medida nos olvidamos que las pequeñas celebraciones y las pausas pueden ser tan importantes como las fechas grandes e impuestas por el calendario./ Each achievement, however small, must be noted and celebrated in some way. We tend to forget about small celebrations and breaks, but they can be as important as the important dates marked in the calendar.

Es difícil seguir consiguiendo cosas y seguir con la energía y motivación si no te has parado por un pequeño momento a dar las gracias o a celebrarlo: desde anotarlo y reconocerlo hasta invitarte a una cena especial, una pizza, un café, etc./ It’s hard to keep up the energy and motivation if you haven’t stopped for a little while to say thank you or celebrate it: from writing it down and recognizing the victory to inviting yourself to a special dinner, a pizza, a coffee, etc.

¿Cuál es ese propósito pequeño que te ha ayudado a conseguir otros más grandes?/ What are those small resolutions that has helped you achieve bigger ones?

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  • I like your advice on manageable NY decisions. Saving 2% or 5% percent is a great way to start. My priority is always to avoid debt of any kind. Spending below our means is one of the best ways to save some money. Spending less than we earn seems like an obvious thing to do but many people don’t do it. The 24 hour rule sounds great too. Discipline is everything when it comes to saving money. As much as I love clothes and fashion, I always try not to spend much on it, by buying only the things I know I will wear often and so on.

    • Hey Ivana! Yes, starting small is definitely better than nothing, this works for me since sometimes I have different incomes, a tiny percentage always work 🙂

  • These are all definite doable resolutions. Not only are these resolutions doable but also smart as they are not only doable but will improve ones life as well. I am all about not having clutter and trying to be organized. And yes saving money and yes higher then 10% if one can swing it. My goals or resolutions is get better with my French, to learn more about photography and video editing and to try and eat healthier.

    Allie of

    • Very good resolutions Allie, hope you reach these (and more) goals in 2020 :D!

      As you said these are double resolutions, that’s right!

  • Hey Pablo! Wecome back!
    How was your trip? based on the pics I’ve seen on Ig it must have been a blast!
    Anyway, happy New year (if I didn’t do it before), hope this gonna be YOUR year, full of everything best! 😀
    This is a very helpful post for this period of the year, despite I’ve never did NY resolutions (usually if i wanna do a thing I just decide and start it at once), your advices are very smart and doable, especially those about savings!
    Really January for me is a pretty “poor” month after all the expenses from December and Christmas Holidays, my wallet is almost empty!^^’
    Plus, after Christmas holidays you don’t have any will to restart with work and all those stressful things, so it’s very easy (at least to me) to fall into some shopping-therapy!
    Definitely i’m gonna keep in mind your ideas, they seem even not so hard to follow! Let’s see!^^
    Best wishes, my friend!

    • Thanks for you warm welcome Silvia! The trip was very good and now I have to eat healthier in order to compensate those tacos!

      I am glad to hear you found this useful, and yes these are so easy tips and they don’t even require a lot of effort 🙂

  • Such a great article for 2020 Pablo! With stylish illustrations and thoughtful ideas as always. I like the idea of a resolution you can fix quickly, way to go to feel more efficient and create momentum. I’ve also done a lot of decluttering this month and will continue to declutter. Both when it comes to stuff but also a digital decluttering. (I have way too many pages bookmarked!). And saving money is always a good resolution, I’m gonna try and save even more this year! Xx

    • Thanks for all your nice compliments Mia 🙂

      Decluttering is so important right? Sometimes we are just keeping things in the closet and suddenly we have a mountain of clothes, xx haha!

  • Hola Pablo!

    ¡Me encantó esta publicación! Justo hace un par de semanas caí muy enferma y estoy casi segura que fue porque me entró una crisis existencial de no saber a dónde voy o que quiero hacer con mi vida y buscaba creer una lista infinita de propósitos o pasos a seguir cuando en realidad sólo se acumula como un peso extra que no nos permite avanzar.

    Definitivamente el ahorrar es un propósito que no quito del renglón al igual que implementar un poco más de la vida minimalista a mi vida.

    ¡Un abrazo!

    • Ay Bibi a todos nos han entrado estas crisis, así que me alegró de que esto te haya iluminado un poquito y que poco a poco puedas ir encaminando tus actividades a tus propósitos 😉

  • I never really make new year resolutions but theses tips are amazing.
    Just like you I love to keep one day in a week to make me ready to get organized to the next week.
    Saving a little bit every month is also a great way to be able to have the money for theses new shoes or this next trip.
    And I love your last point to celebrate every small victories. It’s so important.
    Your article are always so inspiring.

  • Hey Fungi,

    I usually make goals along the way and these here tips you’ve mention are something I try to stick to. I can’t say it’s always a success but you know that’s part of life. LOL!

    I most definitely try to stick to things that I really enjoy like drinking hahaha! I promise I have more hobbies! haha

    Have a great new week!

  • Hey Fungi!

    You always post great article which I just need it!
    This time, your advice to make a reset the plan help me:)
    I am not good at making reset, but I feel I can do it !!

    My small resolution is shopping budget cut for taking care of my dog and saving money for my future life. Recently I enjoy to make customized clothes from old clothes.
    Sometimes I can’t put up with budget cut, so I ordered a new clothe online shop.
    This month, I ordered Acne Studios items two times, but both of them were canceled because of sold out!
    I was saved, hahaha

    Anyway, I always love your comments on my blog!
    Thank you, Fungi!

    • Dear Akiko,

      Thank you for stopping by and I am happy to know these resolutions sounds like a good idea for you! You can do it and hopefully your 2020 will be brighter than last year.

      PS: Acne Studios is one of my favorite brands, let me know if you get something new soon! I’ll definitely try to buy a Musubi bag this year!


  • This year is all about decluttering for me! I finish university and then I have to move all of my stuff back home – resulting in a large boot sale so I can sell all of the junk that I have accumulated over the past three years. I also need to learn more about doing stuff merely for the pleasure of doing it. A lot of what I do is because I need to get it done to stick to assignment deadlines and the like, but it’d be nice to do it just because it would bring me joy.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

    • Yes! Decluttering is definitely a good way to start every season! After each decluttering I always end with peace of mind 🙂