Tenía 21 años la primera vez que viví fuera de la casa de mis padres y desde ese momento la vida me puso un puntapié, ya que en mi inocencia alguna vez creí que conseguir un piso/apartamento bonito en la ciudad no debía ser tan complicado. Las películas de Hollywood siempre me mostraron como el chico de un pueblo de Missouri se marchaba de casa para probar suerte en Nueva York, y conseguir casa nunca fue la prueba más difícil, incluso lograba alquilar un espacio luminoso con vistas a Central Park y su único problema era lidiar con el amor y sus demonios internos./ I was 21 years old the first time I lived outside of my family house and from that moment life surprised me,  I once believed that getting a nice millennial apartment in the city wouldn’t be so complicated. Hollywood movies always showed me how the small town guy from Missouri left home to start something new in New York, and getting an apartment was never the hardest test, he even managed to rent a bright space overlooking Central Park and its only problem was dealing with love and his internal demons.


En la vida real no sólo tenemos que lidiar con el amor y los demonios internos, sino buscar una vivienda que sea acogedora y esté bien localizada, todo eso sin hacer temblar nuestra cuenta bancaria./ In real life we have to deal not only with love and with internal demons, but also with looking for a cozy and well located home, but taking care of our bank account.

Las ciudades contemporáneas plantean un panorama desolador que ninguna serie de Netflix ha contado, pero por lo pronto mi tercer apartamento millennial en Barcelona promete ser un lugar un poco más acogedor y mis tableros de Pinterest ya rebosan de ideas nuevas para decorar un pequeño espacio en el que me gustaría tener un sofá color verde (update: ya lo he conseguido), acentos dorados y muchas plantas capaz de generar no sólo aire puro, sino también contenido… hashtag green./ Modern cities pose a bleak picture that no Netflix series has told us, but for now my third millennial apartment in Barcelona promises to be a little more welcoming and my Pinterest boards are already filled with new ideas to decorate a small space: I would like to have a green sofa (update: I got one), golden accents and many plants capable of generating not only pure air, but also content … hashtag green.

In this illustration: 1) Sass & Bell Flamingo Cup + 2) Marble Coffee Table + 3) Diptyque Mimosa + 4) Eames Chair + 5) A Cactus of your choice + 6) An Ikea Frakta Shopping Bag + 7) Pink Pantone + 8) Octaevo Paper Vase + 9) H&M Home Cushion Cover + 10) DOIY Cyclop Eye Mirror + 11) Urban Outfitters Neon Sign + 12) A big plant + 13) Urban Outfitters Rug + 14) A sofa

¿Y tú, cuál de los siguiente elementos tienes en casa? Yo aún estoy en la búsqueda de muchas cosas, pero amo el proceso de decorar mi pequeño apartamento millennial que debe funcionar como casa, estudio creativo y espacio para descansar./ Which of the following elements do you have at home? I am still in search of many things, but I love the process of decorating my small millennial apartment that should function as a house, creative studio and space to rest.

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  • I don’t have a flamingo mug (how cute!!!), a marble table or green sofa but I do have a nice rug and some lovely plants. I’m pretty happy with my home, I don’t like the brutal mortgage credit we had to take in order to have it, but that’s life. They don’t tell you about that in films, do they? They always have the most amazing apartments in the movies, but getting a place in any metropolis is going to be pricey. Decorating can be pretty expensive too, but at least there we can save some money with being creative and DIY projects. Unfortunately, we can’t get creative with our rent or credit rates, lol.

    I absolutely love your illustrations. You illustrate furniture and plants so well. Your millennial apartment list looks pretty amazing. Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ivana! Yes, mortgage can be brutal and condemn us for many years, I’m currently renting and not considering the chance of buying an apartment (as many people of my generation) but never say never….

      Yes! There a lot of DIY projects, second hand markets and creative hacks that can save us a little money when it comes to decorate.

      Thanks again ❤️

  • Congrats on moving to a new place Fungi. I would love to see the way you’ve decorated it and made it your own once it’s done.
    Moving takes so much time which is why I totally understand not being able to blog, but am so glad you’re back.

    Thank you for all your lovely comments. Happy week!


    • Thank you Radi! I’m starting to put all the pieces together and I’m slowly sharing pictures of the space on social media 🙂

  • Tengo las plantas, tazas (muchas como si bebieran 10 personas café el mismo día) no puedo parar de comprar, las sillas y estoy empezando a tener un pequeño ataque de locura por los accesorios de macramé, 😛

    Amé este blog .


    • JAJAJAJA yo también tengo muchas tazas, y siempre le ando echando el ojo a una nueva pero ya me contengo más 🙂

      Gracias siempre por tu apoyo en el blog

  • Llevo 2 años viviendo con mi novio y no tenemos sala! Jajaja no nos terminamos de decidir por un sillón principal, luego cuando ya, vamos por el y ya no nos encanta jajaja.
    Lo que sí es que tenemos varias cosillas pequeñas que vamos coleccionando y con eso vamos decorando. Algún día tendremos una estancia para recibir visitas jajaja.

    • Ay te entiendo, en mi anterior apartamento tampoco había una sala como tal, las casas en las ciudades cada vez son más enanas así que hay que ponerse creativos 😉

  • Hey Fungi!!

    I love seeing your article about interior!
    Your illustration board is so great, and and I am interested in that neon sign 🙂
    I bet they goes well with your millennial apartment!

    In Japan, there are not millennial apartment although millennial temples.
    I also think like you about Hollywood movies , but I really love only the apartment of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
    Her bed is so small and the kitchen isn’t really big, so I can decorate like it!

    I’m looking forward to see your next post!
    Have a lovely weekend <3


    • Hey dear Akiko, thank you so much as usual for your lovely compliments.

      I’ve seen many videos from apartments in Japan haha, actually a friend of mine is living in Kyoto and I’ve seen some pictures….

      Have a great week ahead!

    • At the end I got the green couch from Maisons du monde 🙂

      And yes, decorating is a process and it takes time, so little by little you’ll find those pieces that really fulfill the style you want for your place.

  • Hey Pablo, welcome back!!!How are you?
    I’d looooove to have the chance to get a nice apartment, bright and well located to totally renovate and furnishing just following my ideas!
    And since my parents home is all old-style (you know, those houses with big paintings into giant baroque frames, bronze statuettes, parquet, carpets everywhere and curtain valances…) I’d totally love to live in minimal, pinterest-bright-pastellish rooms!
    Your ideas are just fab and totally my style (except the eye-mirror, really)!^^
    Wishing you to get the perfect aprtment asap, my dear friend!

    • Hey Silvia, I’m doing well and hope you too!

      Thanks for the motivation and for the good vibes 😉 Yes, I remember those more classic houses, I feel like nowadays we’re moving into more minimalist spaces since apartments in contemporary cities are not that big. Hope you find the perfect space for you soon!


  • I can only imagine how lovely your #millennial apartment is amigo. Sure it looks cool and artsy like you. Love the #green. I was also 21 when I first moved out of my parents’ house to work for a differnt city. I want to have my own aprtment too, but it won’t be the smartest move for me since I now work much nearer to our house. Back to the city I love most lol. I spot some Ikea and H&M items. So perfect! I really adore the Eye Mirror the most. P.S I am still looking forward to your apartment tour! haha
    So happy your back in blogging and hey, congratulations on your succesfu moving process into your new home. I hope it brings you more positive energy, love, blesings, and worthwhile memories above anything else. <3

    love lots,

    • Hey dear Tin, thank you so much for stopping by. I promise to share more pictures on my social media or here 🙂

      Don’t worry, I feel like it is a process that is different in many situations, but i’m sure one day you’ll have that place of your own 🙂

      PS: I’m obsessed about that eye mirror haha