¿Qué es lo que hace a una casa acogedora? Seguramente hay revistas de decoración que han enumerado mandamientos a cumplir, pero la respuesta admite muchas posibilidades. Creo que cada quien vive su espacio de manera diferente, por ejemplo, mientras yo lo uso para trabajo, ejercicio y ocio, hay personas que sólo pisan esa casa por las noches y durante los fines de semana, por lo que las características de ese espacio serán muy diferentes. Sin embargo creo que si hay pequeños gestos para hacer la casa feliz, te comparto los míos (que son muy personales), pero seguro que encuentras alguno que te guste./ How to make your home a happier place? Surely there are decoration magazines that have listed commandments to comply with, but the answer admits many possibilities. I think that everyone experiences their space differently. For example, while I use it for work, exercise and leisure, there are people who only visit that house at night and on weekends, so the characteristics of that space they will be very different. However, I think that if there are small gestures to make your home a happier place, I will share mine (which are very personal), but surely you will find something useful.


🌲 1.Oda a los materiales naturales / Ode to natural materials 🌲

Madera, cerámica y lino. Una apuesta para tener un ambiente siempre acogedor./ Wood, ceramic and linen. These materials can make your home a happier place and are a bet for a welcoming atmosphere.

⌛️ 2. Objetos con un uso que también son una escultura / Useful objects that are also a sculpture ⌛️

Aunque también me gustan muchos objetos que son simplemente decoración, intento encontrar algo que cumpla con ambas características. Ejemplo: un florero o un candelabro con una forma tan peculiar que cumple tanto como con la función como con la forma./ I do like many objects that are simply decoration, but I try to find something that fulfills both characteristics. Example: a vase or a candle holder with such a peculiar shape that it fulfills both the function and the form.

🎨 3. La paleta de colores / The color palette 🎨

Una forma rápida de darle la vuelta al interiorismo en cualquier proyecto (casa, oficina, etc.). No es necesario pintar las paredes para establecer esa paleta de colores, puedes empezar incorporando una pieza en esos colores e ir añadiendo complementos como cojines, cerámica, ilustraciones y otros detalles en el resto del espacio./ A quick way to make your home a happier place. It is not necessary to paint the walls to establish that color palette, you can start by incorporating a piece in those colors and add accessories such as cushions, ceramics, illustrations and other details in the rest of the space.

👾 4. El toque extraño / The strange touch 👾

Para mí los jarrones son una forma sencilla y segura de añadir ese toque peculiar en casa. Otra opción pueden ser los candelabros o algún macetero o soporte para plantas en un color y/o forma peculiar./ For me, vases are a simple and safe way to add that quirky touch at home. Another option can be candlesticks or a flowerpot or support for plants in a peculiar color and/or shape.

💐 5. Flores por todas partes / Flowers everywhere 💐

Bueno tal vez no por todas partes, pero no subestimes la magia de los elementos naturales./ Well maybe not everywhere, but don’t underestimate the magic of natural elements.

💡 6. La iluminación en los puntos correctos / Lighting at the right points 💡

Una vez te das cuenta de la manera en que una bombilla puede modificar un entorno tu mundo entero cambia: es la forma más sencilla de alcanzar esa sensación de calidez y comodidad. Pasar de una bombilla fría a una cálida es todo una modificación para nuestros sentidos y para nuestro espacio. / Once you realize how a light bulb can change an environment, your whole world changes: it’s the easiest way to achieve that feeling of warmth and comfort. Going from a cold bulb to a warm one is all a change for our senses and for our space.


👀 7. Las paredes / The walls 👀

Una pared blanca y vacía siempre transmite paz (y a mí me viene bien para hacer fotos de producto), pero no olvides vestir algunas de tus paredes para tener ese punto acogedor. Cuadros, marcos (incluso vacíos), textiles, papel de pared, etc. / An empty white wall is always peaceful (and it works well for me to take product photos), but don’t forget to dress up some of your walls to have that cozy point. Pictures, frames (even empty), textiles, wallpaper, etc.

🕯 8. Las velas / The candles 🕯

Los aromas también pueden configurar la personalidad e una estancia. Las velas no son solamente para ocasiones especiales, además de ser un elemento decorativo aluden al punto número 6 de este post (iluminación)./ Scents can also shape the personality of a room. Candles are not only for special occasions, in addition to being a decorative element they allude to point number 6 of this post (lighting).

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  • These are all such great tips and advice for creating a space you like. It is also a lot trial and error and working things out. I like a balance of rustic, with more modern touches for an eclectic feel. Would love to see more from your space!

    Allie of

    • Thank you very much for stopping by, Ally!

      Balance of rustic + modern touches is definitely the best trick for contemporary houses!

      Take care ❤️

  • Hola Pablo, how you doin?
    I’ve just came out from a week of C*vid with all my family: it wasn’t terrible at all to be honest but with this temperatures it was pretty annoying…
    Hope that you are not suffering very much the heat: here we are under the 2nd heat wave of the season and its bloody hot… Luckily I’ve got the swimming pool at home. so I can deal with it pretty good (well, at least now that I’m healed)!^^
    I hope that you can hit the beach to refresh and relax yourself from time to time.

    But let’s pass to the topic of the day: an article about homedecor is always welcomed to me!^^
    To be honest, I’ve never really was deeply interested in home decor until this p*ndemic forced me to spend more time at home and to look at it with new eyes.
    And I couldn’t be happier of this: now I love much more to spend time at my lovely place and try to make it more and more confortable and enjoyable.

    Your tips are all very smart and useful.
    I especially agree with plants, linen anf ceramics: they can really change the whole mood of the home!
    I’d love to really fill every inch with flowers and plants!
    And mirrors! I love mirrors and living in very light environments, especially during summer!
    And of course, scented candles: I’ve discovered the importance to give a specific scented imprints to my spaces ( love vanilla scent in particular) and totally feel it when I came back from outfside!
    In general I have to say that I’m still far from the perfection I have in my mind but I’m loving even the process.
    I’d like to get a very light, bright and delicate mood for my home, with some vintage vibes and some modern touches. Let’s see what time will bring! ^^

    Your home is definitely a vey cool example of how you can get great esults even without a millionaire bugdet, anyway! Love to see its pics form time to time!
    Enjoy the good season as much as you can, my friend!

    • Hola Silvia, thank you so much for your wonderful comment in this special blog post! You know I love a good interior design content so I decided to do this one 🙂 Oooh good to hear that you didn’t experience a super bad C*vid situation, Silvia!

      And I just agree with you! I have been loving decor for years, but since lockdown I started to do more research and now it is probably one of those topics that really interest me!

      Thank you so much for your compliments! I hope I can make more improvements to my home! I wish I had a longer space, hopefully soon!


  • Excellent post, Pablo! For me, my home is my sanctuary, so it’s important that it be a happy place. I rely on color a lot. And artwork. I love your photo of the setting with the beautiful pink lily in the vase. You have such a good eye for design. It could be artwork for a wall.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thank you Michelle!

      Exactly, a home is a sanctuary and our safe place, so must take care of it 🙂

  • Great tips. Decorating walls is one of my favourite things to do. I also enjoy playing with lights and placing flowers at carefully selected spots. Plants also add life to any space.
    Your tip about adding accent colours is wonderful.

  • Pablo, I really like how your advice is practical while also taking into account the whole environment as well as how people spend time in their space and utilize it in different ways. Someone who spends limited time at home won’t have the same needs as someone who also uses their home as a workspace. Like you, I use my home for work, exercise and leisure and because of that I’m very much about function and comfort along with style. A well organized space fulfills that and also gives me sense of satisfaction and calm. Storage is crucial and I like multifunctional decorative storage pieces that look artful and hold a lot. I agree with you about color and how you don’t have to render an entire room in certain colors but using color strategically can make a difference. One of my favorite elements is our kitchen cabinet doors which I had changed out from white to a pale shade of blue. It brightens up the whole area and cheers me up as I’m cooking which I don’t always enjoy haha ;p And we have a Kate Spade area rug in our living room which is shades of pink, cream and blue that adds a sense of warmth and joy. I’m very grateful to my husband being confident in his masculinity and agreeing to a rug that skews a touch feminine. Scent is important to me too. Since it’s summer I’ve been running the diffuser more that using candles. Lavender, bergamot, grapefruit and chamomile are fragrances we particularly enjoy as they are also soothing. The photo of your beautifully decorated space does a perfect job of demonstrating just about all of your tips. You have lovely taste! I especially adore that little pink catchall tray.

    Thank you for always leaving me such lovely and meaningful comments . I also appreciate your kind words of encouragement. Stay cool and enjoy your summer !

    • Hey Rowena, thank you so much for your lovely comment in this decoration / interior blog post 🙂

      Yes, we do! As freelancers (in case you don’t rent an office or a separeted place) we tend to spend even more time so the priorities are really different. As you, a well organized space really helps me to see things with another perspective and probably the most difficult part is storage. But well we keep learning and finding new thricks right.

      Happy for you that your husband agrees to have this more “delicate” touches!

      Thanks again for your lovely feedback!

  • Your tips for home decorating are very helpful! It’s true what you mentioned about the choice of light bulb! A warm one sets a cozy tone, I truly believe that as I’ve experienced it myself. I love how lighting can set the mood and create an utterly different ambiance.

    Your art, by the way, is amazing! I absolutely adore the illustration of you (I believe) carrying the flowers and coffee. Please do more of these. It’s always nice to see how an artist expresses his/her creativity. I hope you’re having a great week and am looking forward to more fun posts from you 🙂

    • Hey Shanaz, thank you so much for stopping by!

      And sometimes I feel that picking the right lighting is undestimated by many people.

      And thanks for the compliments. I think the guy of the illustration is not me… but maybe I drew myself without noticing

      Keep enjoying the summer ❤️

  • Hey Fungi!

    I love this so much because right now I’m really into home stuff. I have been making lots of changes and trying out different things to make it more homey like adding candles, cute vases and pants. Lots more work to be done but it’s looking good so far. How’s your summer? Hope it’s a sunny one!

    • Hey Radi!

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Currently having another heatwave but safe and sound.

      Take care :)!

  • Ahhh, all of these ideas are fabulous Pablo! Couldn’t agree more with all the points you’re making. Even if you have a tiny space, you can definitely make it feel cozy and chic by focusing on details such as colors, lights and scent. I love how encouraging this post is also, because it shows and tells people that on a tight budget you can make it work. Maybe it’s easy for us though because except fashion we share a love for interior too, so details like matching cushions and a vase in a statement shape is exciting haha. Anyways, hope you’re surviving well in this crazy heat and that you’re enjoying summer! Sending love! Xx

    • Thanks for your comment, Mia! 🙂

      Exactly, a tiny space could trigger a lot of ideas since you have to get a better use of storage right?

      Sending you love!