Aunque me encantaría publicar un post (o un libro de 700 páginas en este caso), sobre que hacer para sobrevivir a la vida de freelancer, me temo que no tengo la respuesta. Bueno, no la tengo yo ni nadie, y quien intente venderte una serie de pasos para triunfar como freelancer, probablemente esté omitiendo algo./ Although I’d love to publish a post (or a 700 page book in this case), on what to do to survive to the freelancer life, I’m afraid I don’t have the answer. Well, I don’t have it or anyone else, and whoever tries to sell you a series of steps to succeed as a freelancer is probably missing something.

Freelancer….. Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? 👀

No soy un freelancer nuevo, aunque cada día aprendo algo del tema. Hace 4 años antes de hacerme oficialmente freelancer estaba asustadísimo (las aventuras también están sujetas a términos burrocráticos, ugh). Pensaba: ¿Llegaré a final de mes con comida en la nevera?, ¿podré permitirme ese capricho que me hace tan feliz?, ¿ajustar las cuentas me provocará calvicie?. Si bien no ha sido un camino de rosas, he sobrevivido y he recopilado una serie de aprendizajes que me gusta compartir con otros freelancers. Desde la parte creativa hasta temas como finanzas o trámites, así como la gestión de tiempo…. sobre esto sigo aprendiendo, cada día avanzo un poco más aunque a veces intento hacer planes y la vida no me deja./ I am not a new freelancer, although every day I learn something about it. 4 years ago before I officially became a freelancer I was frightened (adventures are also subject to burrocratic terms, ugh). I thought: Will I make it to the end of the month with food in my fridge? Will I be able to afford that little treat that makes me so happy? I was afraid of going bald from stress. While it has not been a bed of roses, I have survived and have compiled a series of learnings that I enjoy sharing with other freelancers. From the creative part to topics such as finance or paperwork, as well as time management…. I keep learning about this, every day I advance a little more although sometimes I try to make plans and life says “no you can’t”.

Muchas personas me han felicitado, otras me han dicho “yo no podría” (yo ahora no podría estar en una oficina, pero hay perfiles para todxs) y otras me han desmotivado haciéndome creer que hay una solo configuración laboral, cuando en realidad hay miles de perfiles que podemos explorar./ Many people have congratulated me, others have told me “I couldn’t work as a freelancer” (I could not be in an office now, but there are profiles for everyone) and others have demotivated me by making me believe that there is only one job configuration, when in reality there are thousands of profiles that we can explore.

He tenido comentarios en el blog y en Instagram que me preguntan sobre como transformarse en un freelancer tiempo completo. Como ya he mencionado no tengo la fórmula exacta, si la tuviera ya me hubiera forrado de dinero y viviría en un chalet./ I’ve had comments on the blog and on Instagram asking me about becoming a full-time freelancer. As I have already mentioned, I do not have the exact formula, if I had it I would be rich by now and would live in a chalet.

Por eso he creado esta nueva serie de posts con consejos, anécdotas graciosas y alguna que otra desgracia. Y no serán sólo para freelancers, sino también para personas que estén trabajando en proyectos creativos o que busquen renunciar a su trabajo de oficina, incluso para aquellos que tengan un trabajo estable y que busquen maneras de potenciar su productividad./ That’s why I have created this new series of posts with tips, funny anecdotes and occasional misfortunes. And this won’t be only for freelancers, but also for people who are working on creative projects or looking to quit their office job, even for those who have a stable job and are looking for ways to boost their productivity.

A menudo se nos dice la frase “trabaja de lo que te guste y no tendrás que trabajar un solo día de tu vida”. No hay frase que odie más, de hecho la detesto y estoy en desacuerdo. Convertirte en freelancer o tener tu propia empresa viene con un montón de responsabilidades: ser una bala administrando tus finanzas, ser tu marketing manager y aprender a gestionar tu tiempo de la mejor manera, además de aprender unas cuantas gestiones que la vida te ira enseñando a golpes y tropezones. Todos los trabajos vienen con un poco de m*erda, así que prepárate./ We are often told the phrase “do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”. There is no phrase that I hate more, in fact I detest it and I disagree. Becoming a freelancer or having your own company comes with a lot of responsibilities: finance administration, full-time marketing planner and learning to manage your time in the best way, as well as learning a few steps that life will teach you in rude ways. Every job comes with its sh*t, so be prepared.

Prometo traer el siguiente post de la serie el próximo mes, pero antes un test rápido para saber si puedes ser un freelancer a tiempo completo: / I promise to bring the next post from the series next month, but first a quick test to see if you can be a full-time freelancer:

– ¿Tienes una buena cafetera en casa? / – Do you have a good coffee machine at home?

– ¿Eres bueno organizando tus finanzas? Puedes mentir en ésta, mi cuenta bancaria ha vivido al límite en algunos períodos de mi vida y aquí sigo. / – Are you good at organizing your finances? You can lie on this one, my bank account has lived on the edge in some periods of my life and I still alive.

– ¿Tu trabajo actual está impactando de manera negativa tu vida y paz mental?/ – Is your current job negatively impacting your life and peace of mind?

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  • What a great idea for a post. Given the chance, I would prefer a ‘stable’ teaching jobs like the ones I have had in the past but life had other plans and I never got a full time teacher, so I turned into a freelancer by chance, you might say. I’ve done so many different jobs since I graduated University, and many of them freelance- and I survived somehow. I alternate between ‘regular’ and ‘freelance’ jobs and I too still have a feeling like I have a lot to learn. You made me laugh with your coffee machine comment. I was just heading off to make myself coffee. You know I hate that saying too- if you do what you love, you won’t work a day- that’s the most stupid saying ever. Better to say: You’ll work everyday of your life to be able to do what you love. That is more close to the truth.

    There are many myths about being a freelancer- similar to being an artist. People imagine either the idealized version or the worst. Real life of an influencer is often something in between- not starving to death, but not getting super rich either. At the end of the day, freelancing is working too. Financial responsibility and good work ethics are the things that help the most, I think. Freelance comes with its uncertainties but it also leads to new projects and ideas.

    I cannot wait to see where you will take us with this series. I love your art, especially the Queen quote (love that group) and the laptop on fire illustration.

  • Yes being a freelancer is a lot of hustling and it is not for everyone. I can understand why you hate this saying. First off not sure if I buy in to the do what you love thing. It can very stressful and take the joy out of “what you love” in addition the pay is often not so hot. Sometimes I think it is better to do something that pays better and what you love is a hobby I guess it depends. In French there is a saying Qu’est ce que tu fais dans la vie which means what do you do in life? This is what French people say and this is what they want to know. When translated to “American” it is translated to “What do you do for a living” IE: How do you earn a paycheck. If you asked this question in France it is considered gouche. So you should not be defined by how you earn a paycheck…

    Allie of

  • Hey Pablo, how’s going this February there in Barcelona?
    Here, after a start of the month pretty warm and mild now is freezing and it’s snowing in many cities!
    But I know that this wont last and Spring (my fav season) is around the corner!^^

    To start, let me thanx you for you constant support and your nice and fun comments, I really appreciate a lot!!!
    As usual, your posts are very interesting and informative and make me think about things I often had never considered before!
    Being a freelance… good issue! Really I guess that basically is all a matter of personality: the major part of my friends for ex. want would prefer a stable work even if it could be not so rewarding and stimulating, personally I can’t see myself doing the same thing every day lifelong, it would be too much stressful and boring to me!
    I’ve changed and tried lots of works, even in very different fields, and always want to try new thing.

    On the other side being a frelance has many bad sides (and I know well since my father is a freelance as well), starting from the fact that your work is present literally every day and every moment in your life.
    I cant agree more your hate for that phrase “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”: omG is so semplicistic and superficial ( and clearly said by someone that never experienced being a freelance…)!
    As you rightly said, there are alot of unpleaseant sides of the work as freelance that have nothing to do with the core of the work (that probably is what you love to do) to constantly deal with!
    Not to mention that, in my opinion, even the thing that you absolutely prefer to do, if you have to do every day by force, with time slowly become more and more less nice to approach…
    But basically I think that if you want to work as freelance you have to got at least 3 qualities: strong responìsability sense, a very good organization and pretty good foresight, especially in order to manage money.

    I’m very curious to know more about your experience as freelance, can’t wait for new posts!
    Stay safe and take care, dear!

  • Love this idea! You always create the most fun and entertaining series. Can’t wait to hear more about your experiences and your perspectives. It’s surely not easy to freelance, but so much freedom comes with it indeed. Haha love the questions too. I don’t really drink coffee, so I guess I don’t qualify – but I drink a lot of tea so I guess I can be an honorary member, lol. Hope everything is well with your Pablo and that you’re having a great week! Xx

  • I totally enjoyed this honest and humorous post. I did freelancing for a year in my life. Actually I worked for a company for commission only. Responsible for everything like a freelancer, but tied to one company. It was the worst of both worlds! LOL!

    I will look forward to more posts in this series. Hope your week is going well, Pablo!

  • Hey Fungi,

    I love the idea of this new series and can’t wait to read more of your own personal journey. I want to know everything (not in a creepy way, I promise).

    Totally agree with you. So many people don’t know just how much work goes into freelancing because you’re mostly doing everything yourself. It’s a huge responsibility.

    Have a great one and see you in the next post.

  • It’s great that this career has not only worked for you but that you are able to provide advice and assistance to others as well! Freelancing isn’t for me! I did some contracting work when I was younger as it’s higher pay but no holidays and things and I much prefer my regular office job. I admire those who have the drive and passion to freelance though – as you said it’s not for everyone but it’s good to give it a go!

    Hope that you are having a good weekend!

  • Pablo! Me encanta esta nueva serie de posts que has comenzado. Los freelancers sois realmente admirables, no creo que yo tuviera la suficiente valentía para convertirme en autónoma.
    Totalmente de acuerdo con la frase que has dicho al final sobre trabajar en lo que realmente te gusta. Es una lástima que en esta sociedad, se inculque a los niños que deben dejar sus pasiones de lado y estudiar una carrera con la que “puedan asegurarse el pan el día de mañana”
    Un abrazo enorme desde